Managing Deductions


“The greater the deduction volume, the greater the profit dilution.  Effective deduction management adds to your bottom line!” Source:  Best Practices Today – Deductions by David Schmidt

  • Have you seen an increase in the amount of incoming deductions your company is receiving?
  • Do you find yourself challenged to find time and/or resources to deal with these tasks?
  • Are you finding yourself dealing with the same issues over and over again?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, CMA has a solution!  We have partnered with IAB Solutions, the industry’s leading service provider in Deduction and A/R Management to bring you access to this value added service.


  • Cleaner receivables and reduced Days Deductions Outstanding (DDO)
  • Increased collections and recoveries
  • Root cause analysis provides valuable trending information to prevent future claims
  • Ability to reallocate internal resources for maximum effectiveness
  • Access to a highly developed network of industry information
  • Productivity Based Pricing – PAY ONLY FOR RESULTS!

With over 27 years of experience in a variety of industries, their experienced analysts provide you with a focused, professional, and transparent approach to manage the more time and labor intensive deduction tasks.

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Tim Powell
Manager, Business Development
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