Member Services Directory

CMA’s preferred partners offer services that are useful to CMA members. Browse the directory below to view CMA’s preferred vendor list:


Consultants/Education Services


ERS Consulting

Contact: Eddy Sumar, 909-481-9869,

Consulting services ranging from a wide range of international business strategies, identifying income statement and balance-sheet deficiencies, cash flow solutions training, and more.

International Credit Reports



C3 Business Information, Inc. dba Skyminder 

Contact: John Zderko, 877-586-0981 ext. 239,

Provider of global company and domestic credit reports.

Software Services



Esker Inc. 

Contact: Casey Thompson, 800-368-5283,

TermSync, an Esker company, currently connects over 350,000 companies through our intuitive, cloud-based platform. Our technology operates in tandem with existing workflows and systems, can be up and running in less than a week, and receives rave reviews from our clients and their customers. Through TermSync, clients are able to improve customer relations, reduce administrative costs and get paid faster. We are committed to finally bringing AR into the 21st century! TermSync is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Learn more at

UCC Filing Assistance



C&S Associates, Inc. dba NCS

Contact: Jerry Bailey, 800-826-5256,

A leading provider of UCC filings, offering proactive solutions to secure your receivables, minimize credit risk and improve profitability.



CMA has several Association partners that offer our services to their members. These partners are actively fulfilling the needs of their members by offering CMA services that help to increase cash flow.

CMA offers our Association partners member access to:

  • Credit Education
  • Commercial Collections
  • Business Credit Reports
  • Construction Forms Filing Services
  • anscers RFI Service
  • Specialized Credit Networks

If you would like to become an association partner, please contact Alan Dicker at 818-972-5348.

Current Association Partners

Pac-West Fasteners
Association of Woodworking & Furnishings Suppliers