Notice & Mechanic's Liens

The National Lien Digest

The National Lien Digest is an easy-to-use guide to mechanic’s lien laws in the U.S. and Canada.

In most states, a mechanic’s lien will not be effective without a preliminary notice being sent within a specified timeframe. But, the laws that deal with mechanic’s liens in the construction industry are often complex and confusing.

The National Lien Digest © simplifies the complicated process of filing notices, mechanic’s liens and bond claims in an easy-to-understand reference guide. For each state, province and territory, we researched and compiled the statutes to concisely lay out the timetables for action. Included in the The National Lien Digest© is everything you need to get started: time requirements, information requirements, threshold requirements for payment bonds, a glossary, job information sheets and periodic updates. The National Lien Digest© is available in U.S., Canadian or custom editions via the internet.

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