Upcoming Credit Group Meetings

A CMA Industry Credit Group offers your company a unique opportunity to network with other credit professionals in your industry to gather valuable trade data and experience about existing and prospective accounts.

CMA specializes in Industry Credit Groups in California and Nevada, and has been in business since 1883, servicing the risk management credit community.

The following calendar represents upcoming Industry Credit Group meetings. If you would like further information regarding any group, the member companies and the type of accounts discussed, contact Scott McLaughlin, smclaughlin@emailcma.org.

  • July 9:  Prosthetic Bracing & Support; Aluminum Group; Door & Window Network; IV Coachella Seeds & Fertilizer; Associated Produce; Las Vegas Commercial Credit
  • July 10: Nevada Construction Suppliers; Wholesale Roofing; Northern California Food and Beverage; Western Regional Steel
  • July 11: National Floor Covering; Outdoor/Indoor Living; SoCal Food and Beverage; Metals Supply; SoCal Building Materials and Equipment
  • July 12: Wine and Spirits
  • July 16: Electric; Drug & Pharmaceutical; National Wholesale Floral
  • July 17: HVAC/Plumbing Southern California; Building Materials Manufacturers
  • July 18: Underwater Sports Equipment; Chemical Credit; Steel Warehouse; Northern California Roofing; Modesto/Merced
  • July 19: Solar Suppliers; NorCal Electric
  • July 23: Northern Nevada Construction
  • July 24: Fresno/Tulare
  • July 25: Fresno Agribusiness & Transportation; Central Valley Feed & Grain