Data Contribution

Positively affect your good paying customers by showing
their payment history while reporting your delinquent accounts

What is Data Contribution?

Data contribution is the reporting of your company’s full accounts receivable information, which is reflected on the business credit reports of your customers.

Why should you contribute?

Are you looking for an additional incentive to get your slower-paying customers to pay faster? Here’s one more: by submitting your accounts receivable data to Credit Management Association, you can positively (or negatively) affect your customer’s payment history, as the information is aggregated safely and securely.

In your busy workplace, credit requests are constantly coming in, and it takes time to do the research to fill them out. By submitting your A/R to CMA electronically, your credit department operations will be more efficient and you will benefit from the collective results of other like companies.

“We are an avid supporter of the CMA/Anscers community! We report electronically to CMA. Being connected electronically to others in our industry provides a quick and easy way to notify others if an account goes bad. Sending our data electronically each month is absolutely the quickest and most efficient way to share information with our group members. If others would do the same, we would have a much more clear picture of mutual clients. I would really like to see more in our industry, and more members in general, start reporting on a local and national level. It just makes good sense. We use the CMA reports on a regular basis it is a part of our new account review process and is often a critical component due to the fact that we know we see roofing industry trades that we know are simply not reported to the other big bureaus. Identifying the best and worst clients is not that difficult for us, our biggest challenge is the mid-risk range customers, and having access to industry specific data can really help shed some light on these folks, saving us time and headaches. Participating in the industry group is vital to our process and the more members that join, the better off we all will be.”
Jeff Wood
Regional Credit Manager – West, SRS Distribution, Inc

Within your vertical market, the more information you submit, the more complete the reporting, and in turn, the better equipped you’ll be to make business decisions based on extending trade credit. But to give you further incentive to submit your full A/R (other than creating an additional collections technique and saving time), here are some additional benefits.

  • Data submission is done over a safe and secure server, so you can be sure that your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.
  • Thousands of companies like yours nationally contribute data to the database, accounting for more than 12 million lines of trade data, creating a greater likelihood you’ll find information about the companies you’re looking for.
  • Your actions can help reduce fraud in your vertical market.
  • Contributors receive 10 free CMA Credit Reports.
  • Your actions support the CMA Credit Community.

We appreciate your support, as CMA aims to provide the most complete data to help guide your business decisions.

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If you are currently contributing your accounts receivable information to another credit reporting agency, CMA may be able to load the same file to our database.

For more information about our Data Contribution program, please contact us at (818) 972-5300.