If you are a current Equifax user, click here to access reports.

CMA is a reseller of Equifax, which provides business credit reports and gives you unique banking data on your customers that can’t be found anywhere.

Featured Product: 

Business Credit Industry Report  – Download a sample BCIR Report (1751)

Click to view sample report
  • Trade data
  • Average Days Beyond Terms
  • Public Records
  • Banking data

Additional enhancements available:

  • Commercial Risk Score
  • Business Failure Risk Score

For more information about acquiring Equifax products through CMA
contact your CMA representative at 818-972-5300 or info@emailcma.org.

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  1. We work directly with consumers to help them resolve their debt and are interested in a partnership that would allow us to retrieve an Equifax credit report on behalf of out clients via an API integration. Is this something you are capable of supporting?

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