Industry Credit Groups

Our credit groups allow members to network and exchange valuable information

Industry Credit Groups offer companies servicing the same customer base, regardless of industry or trade, the opportunity to compare information on collection history and payment habits to help separate fact from fiction in payment practices. The purpose of Industry Credit Groups is to help group members make competent and realistic credit decisions based on the facts.

• Groups offer members the “real-time full story” about their customers and best practices from others in their industry niche that can’t be obtained from just looking at a credit report.

• Instant alerts: who’s passing NSF checks, who’s been placed for collection, slow pays, changed ownership or filed bankruptcy.

• Professionally facilitated meetings for member protection.

On this page you will find a list of CMA’s current groups, networks, and professional groups.

• Credit Groups have physical meetings and specific reports for those meetings. They also share data online through

• Networks share data online through and generally require full accounts receivable submission.

• Professional Groups meet monthly or quarterly for educational topics and networking.

Current Credit Groups

Aluminum Suppliers & Extruders
Associated Produce Dealers
Building Materials & Manufacturers
CA Petroleum
Central Valley Feed & Grain
Door & Window
Drug & Pharmaceutical
Electric Group
Food, Hotel & Restaurant
HVAC and Plumbing Suppliers
IV-Coachella Seeds Fertilizer
Lumber Suppliers
LV Commercial Credit
Metals Supply
Mid-Valley Ag and Transportation
National Chemical Credit Group-NTWK
National Gaming Supply Group
National Irrigation
National Wholesale Floral
Nor. Cal. Electric
Nor. Cal. Food & Beverage Network
Prosthetic Bracing and Support
So. Ca. Building Materials & Equipment
Steel Warehouse
Tile & Flooring
Underwater Sports
West Coast Construction Suppliers
Wine & Spirits
Wine Producers
Drywall & Stucco Suppliers
Roofing Suppliers
Northern Arizona Construction Suppliers
Landscape Suppliers
Tucson Material Suppliers
Concrete Suppliers
Fuel & Trucking Suppliers
Equipment Rental Suppliers
Golden State Agricultural Suppliers
Southwest Media Credit Group
Farm Suppliers
Electrical Suppliers
Food Wholesale Suppliers
Plumbing Suppliers
Construction & Sub Contractors Suppliers
HVAC Suppliers