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AG Adjustments  (AGA) is CMA’s chosen partner for Commercial Debt Collections.

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AGA is a commercial debt collection agency based in Melville, New York. AGA is a charter member of the Collection Agency Association of the Commercial Law League of America and a Platinum Partner to the Credit Research Foundation. Its professional debt recovery team works diligently to turn past due receivables into cash flow that can be reinvested toward your business growth.

AGA’s unwavering commitment to the task at hand ensures that AGA clients ― from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies ― have the highest possible business debt collection rates on delinquent business accounts. Above all, AGA is dedicated to getting the job done while protecting your brand name and your highly valued business-to-business relationships.

Thousands of leading manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and finance companies rely on AGA to help sustain a healthy balance sheet while adding profits to the bottom line. The company specializes in debt collecting from those business accounts that have passed beyond the point of no return.

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AGA Collection Rates
  • 25% on the first $3,000
  • 20% on the excess
  • 50% on claims over 1 year old or second placements
  • Return of Merchandise 50% of published fee
  • International Claims 33 1/3%
  • Forwarding Fees – When necessary, claims will be forwarded to attorneys for collection. A 25% fee will be charged on monies recovered.

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