Creditors Adjustment Bureau (CAB) is CMA’s chosen partner for Commercial Debt Collections

Collection & Legal Fees

Rates are contingent upon collection and are on a per claim basis.


  • 18% for Domestic commercial claims under 1 year old. Non-Legal.
  • 35% for Domestic commercial claims over 1 year old. Non-Legal.
  • 35% for International Claims.

Special fee arrangements may be negotiated for large dollar claims or volume placements.

No Lawsuit will be filed, nor settlement of principle made without client’s approval.


If a client elects to accept a return of merchandise, one-half of the applicable rates will be charged on the value of the returned product.


  • 35% on domestic legal accounts less than 1-year-old at the time of assignment, plus court costs and/or nominal suit fee.
  • International accounts are subject to the attorney charges and costs that prevail in the country where the suit is being filed.
  • 50% on assigned judgments, plus court costs and/or nominal suit fee.
  • The contingency fee is increased to 50% if the matter goes to trial.

About CAB

Since 1954, Creditors Adjustment Bureau has been helping companies increase cash flow and reduce bad debt. As both an agency and a law firm specializing in commercial collections, our unique combination enables us to maximize recovery, while providing exceptional customer service. From amicable resolution to legal action, the team at CAB has developed the most comprehensive recovery services available. CAB’s collection professionals and attorneys work diligently behind the scene to investigate a debtor’s credit worthiness, assets, outstanding judgments, bank accounts, existing tax liens and business owner’s financial involvement.

A unique advantage in:

  • Commercial Collections
  • Litigations
  • International Collections
  • Bankruptcy Recovery
  • First Party Outsourcing
  • Seminars & Workshops

Please contact Ann Westpy for more information at or (818) 972-5340.