Enhance your professional qualifications with these
credit certifications offered by CMA​

CMA, in collaboration with the American Society of Credit & Collection Professionals, is proud to offer this series of courses that were developed to provide comprehensive training for individuals in credit and collection in order to prepare them for their roles in this ever-changing field. Through completion of these courses, the individual will be eligible to apply for the Certified Professional Collector (CPC) and/or the Certified Credit Professional (CCP) certifications. These certifications will show that you are the consummate professional in your field.

Certified Professional Collector and Certified Credit Professional Courses

We offer a total of 32 courses that can be taken within two modules for accreditation or individually for educational purposes.

Broadly Experienced Credit & Collection Professionals

Do you have 5+ years of business credit or business collection experience OR do you have another award/designation and 3+ years of practice in credit and/or collections? If so, learn more about becoming a Broadly Experienced Credit & Collection Professional (BECCP)! 

Intern Development Program

If you have worked in credit & collections for less than 5 years and have aspirations of becoming certified in the near future, our IDP method of certification may be right for you.


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