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My Comfort Zone


Every time I go to the Olive Garden Restaurant, I order Chicken Parmesan. I don’t even look at the other choices on the menu. It’s Chicken Parmesan and bring me the bread sticks and salad.

I mention this because I find that many of you go directly to your group page (which I certainly encourage) but fail to look at the rest of the menu on Like bread sticks and salad, there are other free items on the site that are just as informative and group members should be reminded about them. They add Value to your membership.

Encyclopedia of Credit-recently updated, easily searchable and written and edited by working credit people, not technical writers. As an example, click on Financial Analysis, then “Examining the Balance Sheet” How many credit people can make more informed decisions after reading this page?

Community Bulletin Board-With credit people wearing many hats these days, being up to date on best practices is time consuming. By posting your question on the Bulletin Board, you get the knowledge and experiences of thousands of your peers. Look over the current topics being discussed and see if you can assist.

Michael Dennis Weekly Blog-Every Thursday, this credit “guru” shares his years of experience on topics of importance to the commercial credit grantor.

anscers Credit Report-Only available to group members, trade data from over 50 Industry groups, this report should be your first stop when opening a new account. There is no limit to the number of reports you can access.

CMA News and Twitter-both provide free information on subjects that pertain to your profession including Michael Dennis blog, new products and services

So the next time you are “hungry” for knowledge, step out of your comfort zone and investigate these resources of information. You might be surprised how tasty some of the other dishes are.

Have a great August.


Larry Convoy

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