CMA Member of the Month, January 2016: Ross Cirrincione, Ganahl Lumber

Ross Cirrincione, Ganahl Lumber
Ross Cirrincione, Ganahl Lumber

The dictionary definition of a mentor is someone who teaches or gives help and advice to a less experienced and often younger person, someone who is a trusted counselor or guide in developing a career path. The January CMA Member of the Month is someone who defines the word “MENTOR,” whose personal leadership and knowledge of the credit profession has led others to take the next step in their careers.

Ross Cirrincione has had the opportunity to mentor many over the years. An active Credit Management Association volunteer, he is really a person who is willing to share his knowledge with others to help them as individuals grow into careers. Two of his mentees rose to be corporate credit managers.

If that wasn’t enough, he volunteered to work with an individual to help her learn to manage her time better. He drove from San Diego to Irvine every Monday for a month to help her become more organized, helping her immensely.

Among his volunteer work, he spent time as a member of a panel on construction law last year at the Western Region Credit Conference and will participate as a panelist at the upcoming CreditScape Summit in March and the Credit Executive Symposium.

Despite all of this, he is one of the most humble and approachable credit professionals in the industry (as long as you don’t owe his company any money!)

For those who attend any of the Industry Credit Group meetings that he’s involved with, Ross is not shy about speaking up to give his opinion and frequently stays after meetings to clarify points and give advice to credit managers on the techniques he uses.

On behalf of the Credit Management profession, thanks for all you do Ross!
Members of the Month are nominated by CMA members, Group members, volunteers and CMA staff to highlight those members (or member companies) whose engagement with CMA has helped improve the overall credit profession for others.

For more information on how you can participate in any of the areas mentioned within this article, or to nominate any members for this honor, contact Diana Escobar at or 818-972-5300.

CMA Annual Meeting 2015 Recap

For those who attended the 2015 CMA Annual Meeting, you already know that the panel discussion on securing transactions, keynote on Moving Beyond Business as Usual, and presentation on Understanding Your Communications Style, as well as the networking event with the theme of finding your credit paradise were among the highest rated events that we’ve put on. Additionally, several worthy credit managers, including Michael Fenner, Kimberly Wagenman, Ross Cirrincione and Darrell Horton received prestigious awards at the event.

Whether you attended the event or you didn’t, here are some editorial, pictorial and video highlights of what went on at the event.

Ross Cirrincione Named 2015 CMA Mentor of the Year

Ross Cirrincione of Ganahl Lumber was named 2015 CMA Mentor of the Year

Ross Cirrincione of Ganahl Lumber, the 2015 CMA Mentor of the Year, has been involved in credit for over 35 years. He has been active in numerous Industry Credit Groups serving as Chairman and Vice Chairman. His expertise in the construction industry has been a resource to many credit professionals new to the industry.

The award was announced at the recent 2015 CMA Annual Meeting.