Alvin Moreno Named 2016 CMA Mentor of the Year

2016 CMA Mentor of the Year Alvin Moreno, MBA, of Nestle USA
2016 CMA Mentor of the Year Alvin Moreno, MBA, of Nestle USA


CMA Mentor of the Year Alvin Moreno, MBA, of Nestle USA, has 30 years of extensive experience in the credit industry.  He has three masters degrees and a six sigma green belt.  He is passionate about using sound credit and risk management principals to reduce risk.  He is always willing to guide his team and those around him to grow and recognize their potential.  Under his leadership, CMA created the Supplier Risk Management Industry Credit Group over the past year, and the group has been successful as the first best-practices group CMA has ever offered.

Congratulations again to our winner, and we appreciate all that you do for CMA and its members.

CMA’s Supplier Risk Credit Group to Establish Procedures for Vetting Vendors

Last year, under the leadership of Alvin Moreno of Nestle Inc., CMA launched the Supplier Risk Credit Group, a Best Practices industry exchange group for those who have been assigned the task of vetting their vendors or for those credit managers who wished to enhance their position at their company by learning this job. Who better than a credit manager to evaluate RISK from the vendor side of the chain?

The Group has had four informative discussions and has attracted members such as PepsiCo to the meetings.

On Wednesday, January 27, we are taking the information gathered at these meetings and beginning to build the platform establishing policies and procedures for those assigned this task.

If you have an interest in this or would like to pass it on to the appropriate person at your company, we would be delighted to have them join us in person in Burbank or through web conferencing.

Here is a partial agenda for the meeting:

1. Members describe any enhancements they have made to their vetting process or roadblocks encountered
2. Groundwork and Decisions Required Prior to Establishing Process (including 80/20 Rule-Which vendors will you include in your process?, Has a budget been discussed and approved?, Has Staffing been arranged?, Identify critical vendors, single, sole source vendors outside of 80/20 rule, Has an acceptable chain of command been established?, Has a workable timeline to roll out, review and assess been established?)

1. Receive request for NEW vendor investigation
2. Vendor fills out company questionnaire (Provide quality, safety and financial information)
3. Initiate Vendor Qualification process
4. Vendor Financial Information uploaded
5. Evaluation Process Begins (Credit investigation; Relationship: Critical, single, sole; Demographic, government, industry)
6. Vendor Approval, review schedule set
7. Q & A

Please let us know if you would like to be a guest at this meeting by contacting Larry Convoy at