HR Assistance

CMA has established relationships with the following outstanding business-to-business HR assistance provider in the credit and finance community. This service is aimed towards small to medium-sized businesses but can be scaled for large businesses as well.

The Virtual HR Director

The Virtual HR Director HR Assistance

Most small to medium sized companies cannot afford to hire a full-time HR Director, even though they have the same need and suffer the same issues as the large organizations. CMA understands this and now offers Human Resource Management Support and Outsourcing, through “The Virtual HR Director.”


  • Part-time HR Director
  • On-site Training and Facilitation
  • HR Compliance & Comprehensive Assessment
  • Small Business Subscription Service
  • Custom HR Projects, such as
    • updating job descriptions
    • conducting a compensation analysis
    • creating an employee retention strategy & process
    • implementing an employee career development process
    • creating a diversity, culture & inclusion strategy
    • and more

Note: Going through this CMA partner will save between 5%-10% off their standard pricing.

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