Business Insolvency

When a business is failing, it faces many options to either turnaround or wind down. Often, principals will decide to accomplish those goals in a bankruptcy while not knowing there are alternatives that could save time and money. CMA’s Business Insolvency Services has a staff dedicated accomplishing the same ends as bankruptcy but with less publicity, cost and time. They handle business insolvency through the Adjustment Bureau and the Asset Liquidation Division.

Assignments for the Benefit of Creditors
CMA Adjustments is the largest entity in the United States specializing in neutral administration of out-of-court workouts and liquidations of insolvent businesses. In performing these services, failing businesses will find no entity with a longer history and more experience professionals. As a neutral party, CMA can accomplish many objectives that the more adversarial bankruptcy context can not. CMA regularly serves as an Assignee for the Benefit of Creditors, a facilitator for out-of-court workouts, a disbursing agent, and as a receiver.

CMA’s Asset Liquidation Division maximizes creditors’ recoveries by 1) handling matters quickly and 2) with a long history in a niche field. When an asset needs to be sold, time is often of the essence. To accomplish a quick sale in bankruptcy, legal fees can be quite high and, even then, it’s very difficult to accomplish right away. CMA is able to provide answers and action in a matter of hours if need be. The Asset Liquidation Division can also help bankruptcy attorneys understand the assets involved in many cases, and we are regularly hired by court personnel due to our reputation as impartial professionals.

Your Bankruptcy Consultants
By having a team on hand with varying types of expertise (legal, financial, accounting, auctions, etc.), CMA is able to answer any question your company may have regarding business insolvency. Credit professionals know the importance of understanding all insolvency proceedings and having an ally in the process is an invaluable tool for maximizing recovery.