Other Services

Before your company spends money acquiring and converting prospects into customers, find out if they have the ability to pay using anscers RFI, Reports and Groups. Your sales force will waste less time on weak leads and spend more time closing solid new business.

Periodically review credit limits and payment experience using information from anscers RFI, Reports and Groups so your sales force knows which customers to target for more profitable sales.

Use Construction Forms Filing and Commercial Collection services to encourage slow-paying customers to accelerate payments, which will increase cash flow and profitability.

Credit Education will help you retain customers longer. Proper negotiation skills, alternative payment options and enhanced credit techniques all help improve your relationship with your most valued customers.

CMA’s services help you manage risk, increase revenue and reduce losses.

Manage Risk:

  • Open and evaluate credit extensions using Credit Reports
  • Track changes and trends in customer payment habits through Industry Credit Groups
  • Network with Credit Professionals in your industry and exchange credit data

Increase Revenue:

  • Clear trade references faster with instant Requests for Information (RFI)
  • Identify accounts with greater credit potential using Credit Reports
  • Improve financial performance using 15-day Free Demand Collection Service

Reduce Losses:

  • Use online Credit Alerts as an early warning system to prevent potential losses
  • Focus on maintaining good customer relationships and turn problem accounts over to CMA Commercial Collections
  • Protect your rights to payment through our bonded Construction Forms Filing