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Membership in CMA


Are you doing everything you can to help your company increase sales and mitigate the risk of selling on promises to pay? We can help!

CMA is THE association for credit and finance professionals like you who are responsible for managing credit risk and collecting your receivables. If your job responsibilities include determining the credit worthiness of your business-to-business customers, CMA can help your company!

Your annual membership along with an Industry Credit Group commitment helps you and your company manage credit risk.

CMA helps your company by providing:

  • Real-time information about your customers from businesses in your industry from your CMA Credit Group. Credit Groups are the number one reason companies join CMA.
  • Unlimited access to the experience of companies who sell to your common customers.
  • The ability to automate credit rating requests.
  • Unlimited access to sample forms, definitions and examples through CMA’s Encyclopedia of Credit.
  • Discounts on third-party collections, bureau credit reports, construction lien filing, and other services that credit professionals need.

CMA helps you:

  • Grow professionally through educational webinars, programs and events.
  • Master your profession by providing access to continuing education classes and webinars.
  • Network with those in your market niche in your CMA Industry Credit Group.


CMA membership includes access to CMA services at discount prices, members-only offerings, knowledge and networking only available through CMA.

Additional membership packages available. Contact 818-972-5300 for more information, or click here to fill out our contact form and a representative will call you as soon as possible.

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12 Replies to “Benefits of Membership”

  1. Hello, I’m interested in becoming a member but would like to know the cost for the owner so he can approve. I can’t find it on your site.

  2. I may be interested in joining. Could you please send me additional information on costs, any additional costs associated with pulling reports, and attending meetings etc. Thank you

  3. Hi. My company interested to join the membership. Can u further email me the application form together with the terms and conditions. Thanks.

  4. Hello. Is the membership of CMA restricted to Canadian Citizens? I am a Non-Canadian citizen with almost 10 years of credit experience. Is there an opportunity to obtain membership?

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