Credit Groups

How are your competitors aware of “risky” accounts months before your company is?

Credit Management Association’s Industry credit groups and networks* offer unique opportunities to network with leading credit professionals in a specific industry. Group/Network members gather valuable trade data and experience about existing and prospective accounts.

From January 2017 to January 2018, CMA industry credit groups exchanged information on transactions in excess of $11B, covering 1.2M+ different companies. More than 47,000 companies were reported with balances greater than 91 days past due. Groups reported 846 alerts for NSF Checks, and 142 Bankruptcy Alerts. More numbers like these can be found here.

CMA offers more than 50 industry credit groups and networks at the local and national level; including food and beverage, construction, health care equipment and more. Active participation in these groups is rated as a top benefit that Credit Management Association offers.

Groups and networks offer members:


  • Instant alerts: who’s passing NSF checks, who’s been placed for collection, changed ownership or filed bankruptcy
  • One-click UNLIMITED account clearances through CMA’s interactive website,
  • Best practices discussions and credit-related speakers
  • Professionally facilitated meetings for your protection.
  • Access to Credit Alerts to find out immediately when accounts are slowing, are placed for collection, or have filed for bankruptcy.
  • Past-due report on delinquent accounts from participating group members.
  • Group Credit Reports.
  • Ability to clear references for new accounts quickly and conveniently
  • Full accounts receivable data contributors receive valuable trade information on good and poor paying customers. Find out more about data contribution.


How can you afford NOT to be in an Industry Group? Contact CMA about joining a group or network today!

* CMA professionals moderate all meetings for strict compliance with antitrust laws. If a group does not exist for a particular industry, CMA will work with interested parties to form a new one. See our list of Current Groups. Industry Credit Groups give you the proprietary information you need to make fast, accurate credit decisions.   Your company must be a member of CMA to join a group.