CreditScape Spring Summit ‘Letter to Your Boss’

Do you need to convince your boss about the benefits of attending the CreditScape Spring Summit?

We realize that every penny counts and sometimes it’s difficult to convince upper management to invest in your future. That’s why we’ve created a letter for you to download and use to explain to your boss why you must attend this event.

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Dear [Name of Your Boss],

I would like to attend the upcoming CreditScape Spring Summit on April 4-5, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Garden Grove, CA. This two-day conference provides a look into change management by creating efficiency and reducing costs in the credit department. This conference features sessions conducted by industry experts and my peers who have implemented changes in their companies, and their personal stories and experiences. I feel attending the conference will provide valuable, relevant  training to help me do my job better.

The lineup of sessions includes a wide array of topics that are affecting our credit department, including what happens when our customers change their own terms, the legalities of credit card payment acceptance, skills we need to make sure we have in the credit department to be relevant in the future, customer service skills related to credit, and much more. I feel that I would really like to learn from these experiences.

As a member of Credit Management Association (CMA), we qualify for a discount of $100 off the registration fee of $599. Based on hotel accommodations, travel and per diem, I estimate my total expenses to be less than $1100 (one hotel night-$175, airfare-$250, transportation from the airport-$50, conference registration fee-$499, plus misc. expenses). Most meals are included in the conference registration fee. Additionally, I will submit a post-conference report that will include key takeaways and a set of recommended actions to maximize our credit department operations.

Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.

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