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CMA is a reseller of Experian, which provides business credit reports and services utilizing its database of over 27 million active U.S. businesses. Business credit information is available on individual credit reports (transactional purchase), and through its Web-based software platform BIQ (subscription purchase).

Featured Products: 

Premier Profile – Download a sample Premier Profile (1092)

Click for Sample Report
  • Intelliscore Plus
  • Company DBT
  • Business Alerts
  • Credit Limit Recommendation
  • Trade Payment Info
  • Legal Filings
  • Public Records

Business Owner/Personal Guarantor Profile – Download a sample BOP (901)

  • ScorexPLUS Score
  • Trade payment summary
  • Deliquency detail
  • Legal and Public Record Filings

Additional Products and Services available from Experian:

  • Business Profile Report
  • Intelliscore Report
  • Business Summary Report
  • Business Owner Background Report
  • Monitoring/Alerts
  • Portfolio Scoring
  • Automated Decisioning
  • Credit Application Processing
For more information about acquiring Experian products through CMA
contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361 or tcampos@emailcma.org.

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