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All the key factors available about your customers’ payment habits from the world’s leading business credit report providers at a cost you can control – that’s anscersX Commercial Credit Report and it’s available now on

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How to access anscersX Commercial Credit Reports:

Members and non-members can log in or register (for free) on anscers.comClick on the Reports tab, enter the company information, then click “Search anscersX.”

An integrated solution from industry experts.

Putting their years of business credit knowledge together, Credit Management Association (CMA) and Cutting Edge Business Resources (CEBRS) have produced the anscersX Commercial Credit Report, a single report that contains key elements about your customers’ paying habits needed to make most credit decisions.

The anscersX multi-bureau report combines data from the largest trade credit reporting agencies (D&B, Experian, Equifax and Ansonia), giving credit managers the most complete payment story available.

The report ranges in price from $12.95 to $97.35, depending on how many reporting agencies the user requests. Users control which reporting agencies are accessed for the report. anscersX Reports are available to CMA Members and non-members on a transactional basis – no contracts, no minimums, no hassles!

Download a sample report: demo anscersX_report 04132018

“We spent time reviewing all the elements on each provider’s business credit report to determine what would give anscersX clients the best insight into their customers’ creditworthiness,” says Robert Shultz, Managing Partner of CEBRS. “By using an anscersX report, you have covered the necessary bases at a much better cost and a tremendous time savings. The anscersX report provides a quick review of the information needed for most trade credit decisions.”

“The anscersX report offers some real advantages to anyone making a credit evaluation,” said CMA president Kim Lamberty. “Single-source Business Credit Reports are made up of accounts receivable data that has been contributed by companies, public record data and scores generated from each bureau. Since many companies that contribute accounts receivable data only send it to one provider (D&B, Experian, Equifax or Ansonia), using one report may only provide a piece of the payment habit story.”

What type of data can you expect:

From Equifax:

  • SBCR Score
  • Trade Experience
  • Public Record Data (Legal & Tax)
From D&B:
  • Paydex Score
  • Payment Analysis by Industry (trade experience)
  • Firmographics
From Experian:
  • Company Information
  • Summary Trade
  • IntelliScore Plus
 From Ansonia:
  • Payment History
  • High Balance
  • Risk Score
  • Average Days to Pay
  • Bankruptcy
  • …and more!
Download a sample report: anscersX_report_sample04132018


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