What is LienFinder ™?

LienFinder ™ is an online database that captures construction project data nationwide, from hundreds of recording offices daily. Locate essential project information and avoid potential payment risks through the review of Notices of Commencement, Notices of Completion, Mechanic’s Liens, Releases of Lien, Payment Bonds, and more!

Why You Need LienFinder ™ – Because Not Having it, is a Risk You Can’t Take

  • Obtain or confirm project information
  • Locate party information for the ladder of supply
  • Uncover potential payment risks on current and future projects
  • Monitor future lien activity on projects and parties

Credit reports, bank statements & credit applications assist with your credit decisions, but how can you truly assess your customer’s cash flow and working capital if you don’t know what funds may be tied up in other projects and contracts? You can’t. What you don’t know can increase your risk and cost you money!

Reduce Your Risk

  • Research project and party information – know your customer
  • Review mechanic’s lien activity for potential payment issues
  • React to red flags timely, through automated project and party activity alerts

A Search with No Results is Still a Result

Breathe easier with no results. If a search for a party or project yields no lien results, it is likely that party or project is not in any financial distress. But don’t look once and never look back! Set that search on docuLERT™ to be notified as soon as liens are filed.

Bank statements and credit reports provide dollars & cents. LienFinder ™ provides insight.

What You Can Do With LienFinder™

Search Flexibility: Search by as much or as little criteria as desired. There is immense search flexibility within LienFinder ™. Virtually every field from party name to document type is searchable, with the ability to cross reference party and project fields.

Document Images: View copies of the recorded documents in real time, for free. When document images are available you have access to a level of great detail, which could even include the full legal description of a property. If a document image is not available, you can easily request NCS to obtain a copy for you for a small fee.

65% of the projects in LienFinder™ include a free image of the actual recorded document.

Unlimited Saved Searches: Save time by saving your common, or even uncommon, searches – as many as you want for as long as you want. Why waste your most valuable resource, time, by entering search parameters every time you log in to LienFinder™? Automate the overwhelming task of monitoring mechanic’s lien risks associated with your contractual chain.

Mechanic’s Lien Alert: When managing your projects through NCS Online Services within Account Management, the Mechanic’s Lien Alert button will alert you to potential risks. You can easily view additional projects with the same debtor, to better calculate the potential impact on your claims. There could be other lien filings on your project or your debtor could be involved in lien filings that tie up money that belongs to you! Learn more

My Debtor Alert: When viewing the project detail for a specific LienFinder™ entry, the My Debtor Alert button may appear. The button appears when a party within the ladder of supply of the LienFinder™ entry reasonably matches a debtor in the user’s active Construction Services Group projects in NCS Online Services. The button will appear as long as the user has an active project, with a debtor matching a document filing in LienFinder ™. Learn more

docuLERT™: Create and save an unlimited number of queries at no cost! Add your queries to docuLERT™ with a quick click and LienFinder™ will begin monitoring and notifying you with daily alerts of new filing activity. Each day, if new results are available, you will receive a docuLERT™ – an email with convenient links to the newly added information. Learn more

docuLERT Manager™: Track your projects’ parties within NCS Online Services against the national LienFinder ™ database; if there is a match, we notify you via docuLERT Manager™! Every week, if new results are available, you will receive a docuLERT Manager™ – an email with convenient links to the newly added information. Learn more

Your time is your most valuable asset. Let us deliver search results so you can make a better informed credit decision.

To learn more about our service, please call 800-841-5793 for more information.

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