New AnscersX Enhancements Give Credit Managers a Better Understanding of Their Customers, by Teresa Campos

anscersxIt’s been more than a year since the launch of the anscersX multibureau trade credit report, which offers credit managers a one-click look at credit scores of their customers from the three major credit reporting bureaus. Since the report was launched, we’ve listened to our users and are proud to announce some valuable additions to the report aimed at helping you make quick and well-informed credit decisions.

The improved report includes more flexibility for you to choose the data you need and the price you will pay. It is now up to you to select data from one, two, or all three of the bureaus included in the anscersX Report (Dun and Bradstreet, Equifax and Experian).

We have added valuable information from Equifax including:

  • The Ultimate Parent
  • Headquarters Site information
  • Alternate Company Names & DBA’s
  • Owner/Guarantor
  • An easy to read Average Days Beyond Terms graph
  • Additional Report Highlights (# of accounts, # of delinquencies, charge offs and more

We have added valuable information from Experian including:

  • Years in File
  • The Date of Incorporation
  • SIC Code
  • An Industry Risk Comparison

anscersX pricing, which ranges from $32.35 to $69.95 depending on the combination of bureaus you choose, is a truly unique product that paints a true picture of your customers to help you better manage risk.

For those who would like to learn more about anscersX, I invite you to participate in an upcoming webinar exploring the anscersX report citing specific examples from the report. You can register here.

To download a sample report, visit or contact me directly if you have any questions at 818-972-5361.

Announcing The Construction Credit Report: One Report Does It All

One Report Does It All

The Construction Credit Report is a new single-source report providing critical construction related data


Yesterday, industry leaders in business credit data exchange on the West Coast– Credit Management Association® (CMA), Ansonia Credit Data and Southwest Business Credit Services– released THE Construction Credit Report, providing companies in the construction industry all the critical information they need to facilitate sales to their customers.

The Construction Credit Report makes data available to construction companies immediately via the internet, including title search (with live links to actual documents) on mechanics lien filing/release; notice of completion; notice of Lis Pendens (action/discharge); public records search on bankruptcy; tax lien or judgment; active trade lines; credit analysis and score; collection agency and factoring company activities; and links to state Registrars Of Contractors. Each report is available for $29.95.

“The report gives someone in the construction industry all of the data they need to know about the amount of risk associated with a construction project in one place,” said CMA President and CEO Mike Mitchell. “There’s nothing else like it on the market to my knowledge. In the more than 30 years of experience that CMA has in the Construction Forms Filing business, our customers have asked us for this type of report, but we previously didn’t have the technology to allow us to provide it. With the help of our partners, we believe the report will save our customers countless hours searching for this type of data in multiple places, some of which is exclusive to this report. The information gained from the report can potentially save our customers tens of thousands of dollars by helping them avoid over-extending credit to risky companies.”

Rich Adams, President and CEO of Southwest Business Credit Services, concurred. “The data contained within the report helps material suppliers, general contractors and project lenders perform due diligence on their customer as well as the projects they will be supplying materials, labor or financing for. The ability to confirm that a contractor is licensed to execute the work they’re going to do, pays their bills on time, is free of liens, judgments and the like all in one report is previously unheard of in my 35 years in business credit,” he said. “This report will help you determine the maximum dollar value your company should risk for any project that your customer is bidding on or that you plan to supply materials for.”

Bill Weiss, Vice President of Sales for Ansonia Credit Data, agreed: “The depth of the credit-related information available on this report, coupled with technology that not only captures mechanic lien and title detail but can also download the actual documents, makes this offering unique. There is so much useful information available – it really makes the credit department’s job much easier to have all of that information in one place without having to search for it.”

To use the Construction Credit Report, log in to, or

View a Sample Construction Report

The Construction Credit Report is one of many services available to material suppliers, construction companies, bonding companies and lenders from CMA, Ansonia Credit Data or Southwest Business Credit Services including assistance in filing mechanics liens and preliminary notices, lien warning notices, bond claims and stop notices. For more information, visit,, or

Announcing the New anscersX Report that combines key data from D&B, Experian and Equifax into one Business Credit Report

The anscersX multi-bureau trade credit report combines key factors from the three largest trade credit reporting agencies (D&B, Experian and Equifax), giving credit managers the most complete payment story available. “We spent time reviewing all the elements on each provider’s business credit report to determine what would give anscersX clients the best insight into their customers’ credit worthiness,” says Robert Shultz, Managing Partner of Trade Information Exchange. “By using an anscersX Report, you have covered the necessary bases at a much better cost and a tremendous time savings.   The anscersX Report provides a quick review of the information needed for most trade credit decisions.”

Credit Management Association® and Trade Information Exchange are proud to announce that they have produced the anscersX Report, a single report that contains all the key elements about your customers’ paying habits needed to make most credit decisions.
Credit Management Association® and Trade Information Exchange are proud to announce that they have produced the anscersX Report, a single report that contains all the key elements about your customers’ paying habits needed to make most credit decisions.

The report, which is available now at, ranges in price from $29.95 to $64.95, depending on the number of reporting agencies the user requests. Users control which reporting agencies are accessed for the report.

“The anscersX report offers some real advantages to anyone making a credit evaluation,” said CMA president Kim Lamberty. “Single-source Business Credit Reports are made up of accounts receivable data that has been contributed by companies, public record data and scores generated from the combination of this data. Since most companies that contribute accounts receivable data only send it to one provider (D&B, Experian or Equifax), using one report may only provide a piece of the payment habit story.”

The anscersX Reports are available through CMA’s web-based platform “The anscersX Report is a significant proprietary credit offering to our customers,” Lamberty added. “A key feature is the summary section that displays scores from all three providers, plus other key data. This makes the anscersX Report easy to read and comprehend so users can make faster credit decisions. There are other advantages as well. This is a web-accessed report that can easily be ordered and received at the user’s workstation in seconds, all at a low cost. There are no minimum purchase or contract requirements. The users order what they want, when they need it and only pay for the reported results.”

Several CMA Members have already used the anscersX Report and have had positive experiences with it. “We got an answer in minutes as opposed to calling all the trade references on the credit application,” said Mary Donaldson, Office Manager, Worthen Equipment Inc. Grating Pacific Inc.’s Stacy Henry added: “The enhanced anscersX Report is very intuitive and easy to read. The “Summary” section at the top of the report included all the information I needed to make my decision whether to extend credit. That saved me a lot of time.”

To learn more about the program, visit or call 800-541-2622.

“Your Reminders” for Lien Service Users

New to anscers this morning – Construction Forms Filing Service users now have the ability to set up reminders for any project.

double click any image to enlarge

On a project screen, click the “Set A Reminder” button on the right hand side to add a reminder to a project.

Set A Reminder on a project
Set A Reminder on a project

Choose the due date, add a description and select if you want the reminder to be added to your personal calendar.

Select the Date
Select the Date
Add description and send to your calendar
Add description and send to your calendar

On the main Lien page and project pages -you can click on the text “Your Reminders” on the right to display all your reminders. Reminders have three timing filters – Current, Overdue and Complete.

Your Reminders on the main screen
Your Reminders on the main screen
See all Your Reminders
See all Your Reminders

Mark a reminder complete on the Your Reminders page by clicking the box to the left of the reminder. Edit a reminder to change the due date or description.

anscers RFI Enhancements

Several new enhancements were added to anscers RFI this weekend.

The first enhancement – My RFI – can be found on the RFI Main page. My RFI is a new display filter that when clicked will display all the RFI’s entered by your company in the last 30 days. This feature was requested several times in the past few months by anscers users.


The next enhancement occurs in the RFI Reference area. We are now requiring a phone number for all RFI References added and those that currently exist on your Reference List.

Phone entry on new references
Phone entry on new references

The phone is necessary for two purposes. First we are trying to increase the reply ratio for references added to RFI’s. Currently 38% of all references added to RFI’s reply with either a tradeline or no experience. CMA will be making phone contact with all references added to RFI’s to double check the information provided, answer any questions about anscers RFI and obtain their permission to fax (and in the future email) the RFI reference to them. Which leads to the second purpose for requiring the phone number – obtaining their permission to fax will make them aware of the coming fax increasing the reply percentage.

Phone required for current References
Phone required for current References

If you have any questions or suggestions for anscers RFI please call our Customer Support line at 800-541-2622 option 6.


anscers Advanced Search – RFI, Alerts, & anscers Reports

Advanced searching is now available in the RFI, Alert and anscers Report area. Advanced search gives you access to 4 more search variables:

  • anscers ID – (the number on the anscers Reports, RFI Reports and Meeting Reports)
  • DBA
  • Principal
  • Phone

To use the Advanced search click on the text link in the search window – Advanced Search.

Advanced Search Link

This will lengthen the search area and display the four new variables.

New search variables

Being able to search by Principal and phone number was a highly rated request from anscers users. We hope these new features help you find the subjects your looking for in anscers.

New anscers web pages for Construction Services 11/01/11

On November 1, 2011 CMA’s Construction Services Department will offer new anscers® web pages for our service users.

Our goal is to make the pages easier to read, easier to use and provide additional features.

You will still access the pages by clicking on the Liens tab in anscers®.

Liens tab on anscers


Your main Forms Filing Requests page will display all requests with the most recent request at the top of the page.

Sort, Filter & Search:
You will be able to sort the display of your requests using the column headings, filter the display of your requests using the status filters at the top of the screen or search for specific requests using the search to the right. (see screenshot below)

Click to enlarge - Main Liens Page

New – Usage Details:
A new feature on this page – Usage Details – will not be made available until the end of November. Once the November 2011 link displays clicking this link will show you the entire usage and billing for the month of November. This is the billing breakdown for the statement sent to you from CMA. Usage Details will be populated at the end of every monthly billing cycle and 12 months of billing data will eventually be available – starting with November 2011.

To see the project details and notices on any project, click on the Project Name.


On the Project Details page you will see all the details of the project, starting with what you supplied and adding what CMA has verified.

Status and History:
If your project has an active notice request in process, the first item you will see on the page is the status of that current request.

Status of a notice

This status will be updated as things change. Once the notice is completed it will move to the History section of the page. All completed notices will be linked to a PDF version of the final notice for your records. This is a new feature, and a popular request among our current customers.

Click to enlarge - Project Details Page

As CMA staff enter comments on your project (verification updates, problems, re-mails etc.) they will be visible at the top of the project details page – including the date and who is commenting.

Request Action:
Throughout the payment cycle of a project you may need to request more than one type of notice. Once your project is in anscers requesting a new notice is as simple as clicking the requested action and supplying any further information required. Your new notice request will be trackable on the project page in the Status and History area.

Print Progress Release Forms (FREE):
As payments are remitted on your project, use one of the four Progress Release forms provided to update your customer. Each time you create a progress release a PDF version of the final form will be available in the History section.


CMA has added several new features to the entry screens for notice requests. Now that we can file Mechanics Liens in all 50 states you have the ability to choose any available notice when submitting your request.

Types of forms filings - click to enlarge

On the customer and contractor fields an automatic search starts once you enter the name.

Auto search in action - click to enlarge

On all address fields we ask the zip code first, then the city and state, because anscers will automatically add the city and state with data provided by the US Postal Service. This is for your convenience, but you can easily overwrite this data if you do not believe it is correct.

The new entry screen also gives you the ability to add multiple contractors, owners and bonding companies to a project.

Very important: The new anscers® web pages have undergone significant testing before being made available to our customers, however, we acknowledge that you may temporarily encounter usability issues that were unanticipated. If you have any difficulty using the new anscers®  CFFS web pages, or you just have some suggestions, please call CMA’s Construction Services Department at 800-841-5793 and we will be happy to assist you.

We appreciate your business and your support of our efforts to continually improve your experience with CMA.

anscers Searching for companies with & in their name

Searching for companies with & in their name has been a weak area on anscers for some time.

Last night we made some updates and changes to our searching logic that results in nice and clean search results for companies using & in their name.

anscers search using & - click to enlarge

A search for R & G – will result in those entered as R&G (close together) and those as R & G (spaced apart), see screen shot below.

R & G Demo - click to enlarge

We hope these upgrades to our search make it easier for you to submit RFI’s and Alerts on the proper companies without having to add them into anscers.

New anscers RFI feature – X Days Ago

New anscers feature

New RFI feature on anscers – under the green check mark see how many days ago you responded. Great for members who contribute full AR and may want to update a response.

You receive a green check mark on an RFI if you respond to it directly – or if you have a previous tradeline in anscers, on the requested subject, that is less than 30 days old.

Please give us some feedback on this idea in the comments section on the CMA Blog.

Group Report Evolves On May 2, 2011

Increased adoption of the anscers RFI process has changed the way groups use their Group Report.

To support this evolution, CMA has simplified the Group Report using a 99% RFI solution. If you understand the RFI process (submitting and responding to RFIs) you will easily adapt to the new Group Report process – now called Meeting Review.

Flow Chart - Click to Enlarge


Here is how it will work (see Meeting Review Process Chart above):

  • Group members submit RFI’s as they need the information.
  • Once you make a reservation for the upcoming meeting you will be able to select any RFI submitted (since the last meeting) for meeting review. Selecting an RFI adds it to the Meeting Review Report.
  • If you have been submitting and responding to RFI’s as they happen then you are set for the Meeting Review. View the Meeting Review RFI’s from the RFI tab to add/edit your RFI responses.

On May 2, 2011 the evolution of the Group Report into the Meeting Review will be live on This change comes with some new rules:

  • All accounts selected for meeting review must start as an RFI.
  • Make your meeting reservation on anscers on the Group tab. CMA will no longer send fax or email reservation forms.
  • Only members who reserve for the meeting will be allowed to select RFIs for meeting review.

The evolution into Meeting Review relies on group members use of the anscers RFI process. For many group members this will not be a big change since they use the RFI process on a daily or weekly basis. For others it will take time to adapt and we ask for your patience and encouragement to help the whole group benefit from these changes.

CMA will be sponsoring training webinars on the Meeting Review process throughout the month of May. Watch for further information on training times. You can also contact Customer Support during business hours at 800-541-2622 option 6 for a personal training.


Group Home Page Will Change May 2, 2011

We have some exciting changes coming to for Groups on May 2, 2011. Group and Network members will be able to see all the changes on their Group Home Page.

New Group Home Page - Click to Enlarge

The following enhancements will be made to the Group Home Page:

1. The ability to make and track your meeting reservation on the Group Home Page.

2. See how active your Group is with the last three months of stats on RFIs, Alerts, Tradelines and Subjects entered by Group Members.

3. Access report archives from the Group Home Page.

It is our goal to make group functions easier to complete on As more group members use anscers we reduce the use of email and faxes and increase the quality of information in the group.

Watch for these changes on May 2, 2011.

anscers Search Results enhanced

Today we launched an enhancement suggested by anscers user Alan Schlachter of Graybar Electric.

Alan was having trouble finding the proper company to use because anscers was only displaying the top 10 search results. He knew the company was in the database but it was not displaying in the results.

Using Alan’s input we implemented a “more” link at the bottom of the search result set and display the count of results so you know how many matches anscers finds.

Bottom of search results window

Once you know how many results anscers finds you can either add more data to the search to reduce the results or scroll through the results using the “more” link.

Thanks again to Alan for this great idea. If you have an idea for anscers please contact CMA by using the “help” tab on any anscers page.

Comment code Bankruptcy creates an Alert automatically

In our updates to anscers on August 21, 2010, we added the automatic creation of an Alert when a tradeline comment code of Bankruptcy is chosen.

If you enter tradelines in the RFI or Past Due Report process and you select the comment code Bankruptcy from the drop down list anscers will ask you for a Bankruptcy number. To abide by Anti-Trust regulations you must have report this number when you report a Bankruptcy.

Tradeline entry screen for RFI

When the tradeline is submitted an Alert on the Bankruptcy will be created. This Alert will automatically be sent to the Industry Credit Groups and Networks you belong too.

Alert Main Page with new Alert

The Alert will appear, along with your tradeline, on the anscers Business Credit Report for that company.

anscers Business Credit Report with Alert

Click on any of the images to see the large version.

Company Profile on

My Account Link

CMA is preparing for networking and service enhancements with the launch on Monday May 24, 2010 of Company Profile and My Profile on anscers (under My Account).

How does filing out your Company Profile benefit your company?

Knowing more about your company allows CMA to increase data sharing opportunities between your company and others in the same industry, others selling in the same region, others with the same size credit departments and much more.

We picture a future where you can search for companies, to exchange information with, based on the elements in these profiles.

As we learn more about your company, CMA can also become more intelligent in our communications. Sending you only those communications you will benefit from, reducing the clutter in you email, fax and mail.

Company Profile

How does completing My Profile benefit you?

Questions in My Profile are personal and optional. Completing your My Profile data allows CMA to market to you more intelligently.

CMA can also share, with members, the overall tally of this data. What is the male/female ratio of Credit Managers, average age and corresponding titles, creating career benchmarks you can use to evaluate your success.

In the future, we could also make elements of My Profile viewable to other members (right now only you and CMA see My Profile) you exchange data with, so you can learn more about the people at the companies that are in your network.

My Profile

Increase your networking and data exchange power on anscers. Log into anscers on Monday and complete 100% of your Company Profile.

New Help Button on

New Help button

Today we launched a new Help feature on driven by SnapABug.

The help button will be displayed on the anscers site, at the top of the window – before Log Off.

When you click on Help a small window opens on top of what you are viewing on anscers.

Enter your email and what you need help with – then submit. SnapABug – then takes a screenshot of your screen, records information about your web browser and operating system – then emails this information to CMA (note – SnapABug may have to ask you for permission to install java code to make the screen capture happen – takes two clicks and no download time.)

Help Window

You will receive a confirmation email that we received your help request, and Customer Support will contact you by email or phone to help resolve the issue.

What CMA sees

FREE Recorded Webinar – anscers Group Training

Recorded Webinar Screen

Larry Convoy, Supervisor of Industry Credit Groups at CMA, put together a 50 minute webinar on how to use as a Group Member.

Larry focuses on how to make your group work for you everyday of the month, not just meeting day. Watching this training can increase your Group ROI (return on investment) by radical amounts.

Click here to watch the recorded webinar:

My Account Update on

My Account Screen on anscers

The My Account area on has been updated. It now displays important information about your CMA Membership and usage of free member benefits.

My Account also updates you on your service usage and anscers activity.

The My Account updates are the first step in keeping you informed of the value you are receiving from your CMA Membership and usage.

Log into anscers today and click the My Account link in the upper right corner.

Create Your Own RFI Reference List

Today, anscers has re-launched a simplified version of our original anscers Network concept called RFI Reference List. We have removed the Network invitation and acceptance portions – and now simply allow every company using anscers to maintain their own RFI Reference List for the easy submission of RFI’s.

References come from many sources: trade references on credit applications, known competitors you currently rate with, companies you would like to rate with – all of these companies and more can be added to your RFI Reference List for easy use during the RFI process. In addition, anscers know tracks how many requests you have made of these references and how many they have responded too.

RFI Reference List and Response/Request Tracking

If you have used the anscers RFI Reference feature in the past it will be very easy to start your RFI Reference List by importing previously used references. Click on the RFI Reference List link at the top right of any anscers page – then click Import RFI References.

Import RFI References screen

To build your RFI Reference List you can add companies on the RFI Reference List page or during Step 3 of the RFI process when you are adding a reference to a specific RFI.

Adding a reference during Step 3

Find out more about the anscers RFI Service and the pricing for the service here.

anscers Continuous Address Updating & Company Merging

Today we added a new feature to the database of the system that will help to eliminate the entry of duplicate companies; continuous address updating and company merging.


Using a US Postal Service software anscers will standardize the addresses of all new companies added to the database. After the address is standardized anscers will look for any current records of that company at that address and if found merge those companies together. The process takes about a minute to complete for each added company.


For example if you are entering an RFI on a company that is new to the anscers system, after you add the new company and move to the next step in the RFI process anscers will be standardizing the address and looking to duplicates in the background. You might see the updates when you are completing the RFI process or on the RFI report in development.


This feature will make it harder for duplicate companies to be created in anscers, and will give all users the latest US Postal Service addresses for companies in the system.

Three updates to

CMA has made some significant updates to anscers this weekend that will benefit users in several ways and prepare you for new anscers services we have planned.

Update #1

We have been soliciting full accounts receivable from anscers users and as a result of analyzing that data, updates had to be made to how we import trade lines. Many companies in Construction, Media and other industries track more than one account with a customer as a separate AR line with it's own account number. This could be because of different construction jobs, different advertisers, or tracking different product lines. Talking with anscers users we found it was important to see each account separately on a report. The updates we made this weekend allow this to happen using the account number on a tradeline.

As a result of this update you will now see multiple tradelines from the same company on certain subjects. These represent the multiple accounts that company has with the subject.

Entering your account number in anscers when you enter a tradeline is more important than ever. It will prepare you for services that are coming in the future and allow you to report the full relationship with a subject.

Please note: You may see true duplicates of tradelines if the account numbers were entered incorrectly. Account numbers are NOT required fields except for full AR imports. If you see duplications of the same tradeline please contact Customer Support and we will clean the data.

Update # 2

If you submit your full AR to anscers for import we are now cleansing all the address data using the USPS address guidelines before an import. This results in much better subject matching when data is imported.

Previous to this update AR imports would create many duplicate subjects because the addresses did not match. Now we cleanse all the anscers subject data and the addresses on the AR we import resulting in better matches.

Imported AR data must also meet validity requirements before it is entered into the database. Those are:

  • Full subject address data – address, city, state, zip
  • Account Balance and aging must total +-$5 for rounding
  • If there is no account balance then the tradeline must have 2 or more of the following: Year Open, Last Sold (within 18 months), Terms, High Credit, or Comment Code

Tradelines that do not meet this criteria are not imported into anscers. If you are a full AR contributor you don't need to worry about filtering your AR for validity, anscers will do that for you.

Update # 3

CMA has automated a great portion of the AR import procedure making it very easy for us to take on new AR contributors.

If you would like to become a full AR contributor please contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361. There are many benefits to contributing your full AR:

  • Matching RFI's will be answered automatically with your data
  • Matching Group Report requests will be answered automatically with your data
  • We can filter data to submit to Group Past Due Reports
  • You are building better anscers Business Credit Reports
  • You are prepared to take full benefit of future services to be announced

Please contact me direct if you have any questions or ideas for the anscers system, Dina Amadril 562-432-4807. Thank you for using anscers.

Upgrades made to CFFS on

Several upgrades to the Construction Forms Filing Service (CFFS) are available on starting today.

The upgrades are:

1. A confirmation page for each project submitted where the you can make
changes to the elements of the project before submission.

2. Progress Release forms that have been requested are now saved
into History on the project detail page. Clicking on the link in History will
open the form you created.

3. A different screen flow after project submission. Instead of sending you
to the project summary page after submission – you will now see the project detail page
for the project you submitted. This confirms that we received the project and allows you to print Progress Releases right away.

If you are interested in learning more about CMA’s CFFS service please contact our Nevada office at 702-259-2622 and ask for Amber or Elise.

Plan for removing duplicate subjects on

One of the greatest challenges on anscers is identifying duplicate subjects. Since anscers accepts data from many sources (the online user, A/R contributions, fax contributions) duplicate subjects are easily created using different spelling of a company name, street abbreviation, or missing suite numbers. Too many duplicates create confusing search results and the need to view multiple anscers Business Credit Reports to see the full payment history.

Here is our plan to remove the duplicates in the next few weeks:

We have invested in US Postal Service (USPS) software that standardizes all addresses in our database. This week, we processed over 710,000 subjects through the address standardization program. Using address standardization alone we identified over 300,000 duplicate subjects.

Our next steps are:

•    Updating all subject records with the USPS standardized addresses. Since all addresses will be standardized there may appear to be more duplicates on anscers because all the addresses will be the same. At this point we will not have run the match and merge process, but that is next.
•    Match and Merge all duplicate subjects. This means all contacts, tradelines, Alerts, RFI’s etc. that existed on duplicate subjects will be merged into a single subject.

This process will result in a great reduction of duplicate subjects in anscers. Look forward to super clean search results and data packed anscers Business Credit Reports once we are done.

As always, we thank you for your patience during this process.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact Dina Amadril at 562-432-4807 or email

Average Days to Pay – New Tradeline Measurement on

CMA launched with the tradeline measurement Days Beyond Terms (DBT) as an option on each tradeline. A DBT measurement tells you, on average, how many days beyond terms a customer pays.

The DBT measurement sparked conversation among anscers users, some claiming this measurement was the best to use, others suggested the use of Average Days to Pay (ADP). We surveyed users and found the split about 50/50 at the time.

Now that anscers is accepting full accounts receivable contributions we find a lot more customers using the ADP measurement and the data in the DBT field is misleading. ADP measures how many days to pay from the date of the invoice, DBT measurement starts on the invoice due date.

Since full accounts receivable contributions are the focus of anscers and key to building a substantial database, CMA has made a decision to change the tradeline measurement from DBT to ADP on

To accomplish this:

1.    All data that currently exists in the DBT fields will be removed from the anscers database.
2.    The DBT field will be changed to ADP on all anscers screens and group worksheets.
3.    Starting in May 2008 full accounts receivable contributors that include ADP or DSO (a similar measurement) will be added to the anscers database.

Our goal is to have this completed by April 28, 2008, and we will keep anscers users informed of our progress.

For those who prefer to view DBT calculation, there is still a way to make the new ADP data work for you. Simply take the ADP on a company subtract your terms and that will give you a DBT estimate according to your terms (ADP 54 minus your terms of 30 = 24 Days Beyond Terms).

If you would like to contribute your full accounts receivable to please contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361 or

For any concerns or questions please contact Customer Service at 818-972-5332.

Thank you for using!

anscers Testing New Search in Reports

anscers is testing a new company search in the anscers Business Credit Reports area. To try the new search log into, click the Reports tab, then click on anscers Business Credit Reports.

For a great comparison of the old search and new search – try a search today in anscers Business Credit Reports (new) – then click on the RFI tab, click Start RFI button and search for the same company (old).

We would love to hear what you think about the new search. To give us your feedback:

FREE anscers RFI Tutorial Webinars

anscers RFI Reference service, comes out of BETA on 9/1/07. As we officially start charging for anscers RFI (outside of a group) and anscers Business Credit Reports we want to make sure you get the most for your money by learning how to use anscers. For more info about the services Download anscers_rfi_and_report.pdf

Register for one of the three FREE webinars in September by clicking on the anscers Events tab and selecting one of the following dates:

  • 9/5/07 8:30 to 9:30 am
  • 9/12/07 8:30 to 9:30 am
  • 9/19/07 8:30 to 9:30 am

anscers RFI – Second Notice By Fax

anscers Users who use the RFI Reference feature (sending the RFI to references outside their trade group) had requested a second notice be sent to those who had not responded.

The second notice by fax is now in place. Here is how it works. If the RFI Reference has not responded to the first fax request within 48 hours, a second fax is automatically generated and sent by anscers.

Click here to see what the fax forms look like.

The second request has already proven to increase the amount of responses received during the RFI process.

Reminder: anscers will start charging for trade responses to the RFI from outside references on 9/1/07. To find out more about this Download anscers_rfi_and_report.pdf

anscers Recorded Webinars

Training for one, or more. anscers Recorded Webinars $79 each. View as many times as you like for 60 days.

Access the training you need, when you need it. anscers recorded webinars are available 24/7 from Here are just a few ideas how you could use anscers recorded webinars:

  • Train during your lunch break
  • Arrive early and train on
  • Forget the traffic train from home
  • Reserve the conference room and train your whole staff at once
  • Throw a staff training & lunch event

Train one or more people all for the same $79 charge.

What’s available now on

  • "Lean Six Sigma" for Effective Management
  • How to Determine if You Need Credit Insurance 
  • Spotting and Avoiding Business Credit Fraud 
  • Start Down the Path of Success with the NACM Professional Designation Program FREE
  • How Letters of Credit Work (..and Why They Sometimes Don’t) 
  • Bulldog Collection Techniques 
  • Perfect Credit Applications 
  • Phone Power 
  • Results Driven Communication 
  • The Art of Credit Management: A Fundamental Checklist for the Success of Every Credit Professional

More webinars are being recorded weekly. Check the Events area of anscers for the latest recordings.

anscers Business Credit Report and RFI Information Sheet

anscers Business Credit Reports consist of tradelines and credit alerts added to the system through Groups, RFIs, and accounts receivable contributions.

Contents of the reports include:

1. The last 12 months of trade data

2. The last 12 months of credit alerts

3. Past inquiries on the subject in the last 12 months

The report price is determined by the number of tradelines on the report. For NACM Members the price is 0.99 a line, with a Cap price of $9.99. If the user is a member of a credit group, all lines from their group members are FREE. All credit alerts are FREE.
The anscers Business Credit Report price will be displayed on the Purchase Credit Report button:

anscers Request For Information (RFI) is a service that allows the user to obtain fresh information on a company. Users choose a company to RFI and then enter the references they want information from. If the user is a member of a group they can request data from their group, in addition to references. In many cases anscers will identify additional references the user can add to the RFI . The anscers references are:
• Companies who have inquired on the company in the past
• Companies who have tradelines older than 12 months

• Companies who have been identified as a reference in the past but have not responded with a tradeline

Pricing is determined by how many references respond with trade information. NACM Members are charged 0.99 a tradeline, no experience responses are FREE. Group and Network responses are FREE. For example; an anscers user submits an RFI with 6 references, 4 respond with tradelines 2 with no experience. The charge for that RFI would be $3.96 (4 x .99).

anscers User Billing Section

Click on My Account   to get to User Billing and see how many RFI’s and anscers Business Credit Reports you company has used each month.
The data is displayed on a monthly basis. RFI’s do not display in User Billing until they are expired.
The following image is a User Billing display. You can track your billing, review reports, and view RFI confirmation pages.


anscers Database stats:

• In the last 12 months anscers has collected over 673,000 tradelines and credit alerts on more than 172,000 companies.

• anscers has more than 500,000 subjects in our database.

• anscers has processed over 19,500 RFIs since June 2005.

• There are over 13,100 tradeline comments in the anscers system.

anscers Business Credit Report Pricing – starts 9/1/07

Credit Reports are still in Beta and are free until September
1, 2007

To offer your company the best value for anscers
Business Credit Reports, you only pay for the number of tradelines that appear
on a given credit report, up to a maximum amount per report (see pricing below):

NACM Members – 0.99 per
tradeline, up to a maximum of 9.99 per report.

Non-members – 1.99 per
tradeline, up to a maximum of 19.99 per

For information about how your company can become an NACM
member, contact Customer Support at (800) 541-2622 Option 6.

anscers Metals Credit Network expands regionally

Participation in the new anscers Metals Credit Network has increased to 26 members, which now includes representatives from the Steel Warehouse and the Aluminum Suppliers/Extruders Groups in Southern CA, the Metals Supply Group in Northern CA, the Las Vegas Materialman’s Group, and the Northern Nevada Construction Group.

If you are interested in joining the anscers Metals Credit Network please contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361.

You can now buy recorded Webinars!


Now you can purchase recordings of selected Webinar programs. When you purchase
a recorded Webinar, you will be provided with an Internet link to the recording,
which you can view as many times as you like for 60 days. To view and hear the
recorded program, you will need to have Internet access and speakers connected
to your computer. See (and hear) what you’ve been missing!

To access Recorded Webinars, log into and click on the Events tab.

Note: If you purchase a Webinar you also get access to the Webinar recording for 60 days.

RFI Reference Instructions & Info

anscers RFI Reference feature which started its Beta on April 16, 2007 has resulted in lots of great feedback, and a few questions about how to properly use the feature.

This information document will explain all the choices available with the RFI Reference feature. The focus will be on what happens when a Group Member uses the new feature.

Download rfi_reference_doc.pdf

New feature – Order an Experian


A new feature was added to last night. We have integrated the ability for you to easily order an Experian report in 7 areas on

  • anscers Business Credit Report
  • RFI Report
  • Group Credit Report
  • Group Report
  • Submitting an RFI
  • Submitting an Alert
  • Submitting a Group Report Request

In any of these areas if you want to know more about the subject, click the "order an experian" icon on the page.

A small window will open where you can make your Experian Report selection and tell us how you want it sent to you; email or fax.

CMA Staff will pull the reports and fax or email them to you within the hour. All report usage will be billed at month end on your statement from CMA.

Special Note: If you have an Experian Report Contract through CMA you will be charged your contract price for reports, which will save you money on each report. To find out more about securing a Experian Report Contract through CMA contact Terry Campos at 818-972-5361 or

The Experian Credit Reports that we offer through are:

  • Business Profile $38.00  Full detail report, trade payment, company background, public record, financials and payment trends. Most comprehensive report. Use for new accounts, key accounts or high balances.
  • Commercial Intelliscore  $20.25  One page scoring report includes risk score, trade payment summary, public record data, and company background. Use in high-volume, quick turnaround situations.
  • Business Summary  $13.00  Credit snapshot on the current trade experiences. Summary data provided on trade lines, public record and collection data, officers, and employees. Use for low balance accounts, prescreening accounts and updating credit files.

Gather as much data as you can on your customers by using and Experian together.