CMA New Member- Meridian Nut Growers

From their website:

Meridian Nut Growers is the sales and marketing arm for a group of  California growers and processors of almonds, walnuts, pistachios as well as a variety of other nuts and dried fruits. In addition, we work with South African growers and processors to supply the highest quality Macadamia nuts in the world.

We supply large volumes of high quality nuts and dried fruit products to customers worldwide for use in the snacking, baking, confectionery and manufacturing industries. We understand the needs of customers and match that need with the right product and the right supplier. No matter what the customer’s needs; from Hong Kong to Hamburg, Meridian Nut Growers is here to serve them.

Our primary focus is on users that need the services of a major nut producer but like a more personal touch. We also specialize in high quality specifications and use every tool at our disposal to give the customer the product they desire.

We strive to be the bridge between growers and users of dried fruits and nuts. While we are customer oriented, we never forget that without growers, we would not exist. We believe that while looking out for our customers, we can look out for our growers best interests as well.

CMA New Member- Geobrugg North America LLC

From their website:

Geobrugg Netting Solutions

Geobrugg AG develops and produces netting and mesh made from high-tensile steel wire for technologically mature geohazard solutions, for ground support and open pit mining and security applications which are installed worldwide. Geobrugg AG employs 120 people in Romanshorn.

Geobrugg concentrates on the following two business areas:

Geobrugg Geohazard Solutions

Systems with steel wire netting and mesh protecting from natural hazards, such as rockfall, unstable slopes, landslides, mudflow and snow avalanches.High-tensile steel wire mesh for rockfall protection and rock stabilization in open pit mines as well as ground support in underground mining.

Geobrugg Security Engineering

Special steel wire net and mesh as escape and intrusion protection for penitentiaries, boat barriers for harbor as well as offshore oil and gas production facilities, protection fences for motorsports race circuits, rocket propelled grenades protection for armored vehicles and ships.Special architecture mesh for sports stadiums and parking garages as building facades, stairwells and fall protection. Ball catch fence for sports stadiums. Rollaway fence system for sports stadiums and major events.

CMA New Member- Rugby ABP

From their website:

Rugby Architectural Building Products is an FSC certified, leading nationwide distributor of architectural interior building products including the following surfacing products: Wilsonart, Nevamar and Pionite brands of decorative laminate, Staron Solid Surfacing manufactured by Samsung, and Wilsonart Brand Solid Surfacing.

Rugby markets and distributes a detailed line of specialty plywood and composite panel products servicing the residential and commercial cabinet, countertop, store fixture, RV and furniture industries, along with numerous other product segments including lumber, moulding, cabinet hardware, doors, millwork, adhesives and stainless steel sinks and faucets.

Rugby is committed to fulfilling its promise to supply high quality products, competitively priced and delivered in a timely manner by industry professionals who know the value of exceptional service.


CMA New Member- CAPCO Tile & Stone

From their website:

CAPCO Tile & Stone imports and distributes the finest in ceramic tile, stone tile, and stone slab from Italy and around the globe. Established in Colorado Springs in 1977, CAPCO moved its main warehouse and showroom to Denver in 1978. In the late 1980’s, CAPCO opened branches in Las Vegas, Nevada, Fort Collins and Carbondale, Colorado. Each branch location had its own showroom, showcasing tile and stone in vignettes and floor patterns. Building on the success of these branch showroom operations, the company continued its expansion into the 1990’s establishing branches in Grand Junction, Avon, and Boulder. By the mid 1990’s, CAPCO was well regarded as one of the premier tile distributors in the Rocky Mountain region.

In 1996, a new ownership group purchased CAPCO with a focus on service and reliability aimed toward further growth and expansion. Riding the explosive wave of growth in the region and promoting a “customer comes first” attitude, CAPCO’s sales multiplied threefold over the next four years. 1999 saw the addition of a new branch in Silverthorne. In 2000, CAPCO integrated stone slab into its product line, rounding out CAPCO’s standing as the one-stop leader in the tile and stone industry. CAPCO positioned slab warehouse locations in Denver, Colorado Springs, Fort Collins, and Basalt to provide flexibility for customer selection and pick-up. Finally outgrowing its original Denver location, CAPCO moved to a new, 87,000 square foot facility in 2001, combining all of its products under one roof. The most recent additions to the CAPCO family are in Fort Collins, Colorado, with the addition of a slab location next door to the existing tile branch. Today CAPCO showroom branches serve the entire Rocky Mountain region, from Montana to Colorado and west to Nevada, with the finest selection of imported tile and stone from around the world.


CMA new Member- Ceradyne Inc.

From their website:

Headquartered    in Costa Mesa, California, Ceradyne Inc. is a fully integrated developer and manufacturer    of advanced technical ceramic products and components for defense, industrial, nuclear    power, oil and gas, solar energy, electronic, automotive/transportation and medical    markets.

Founded in 1967, Ceradyne has diversified its product lines to capture opportunities    created by the growing demand for better materials performance. In late 2004, the    company added new product lines and new markets—and one of the world’s leading suppliers    of starting powders for manufacturing advanced ceramics products—by acquiring ESK    Ceramics of Kempten, Germany.

The unique characteristics of advanced technical ceramics—hardness, light weight,    ability to withstand extremely high temperatures, resistance to wear and corrosion,    low friction, and special electrical properties—offer significant advantages over    traditional materials such as metals and plastics. As a result, Ceradyne continues    to develop new uses for ceramics and offers a diversified line of high performance    ceramic products for a wide range of markets.

CMA New Member- Performance Nursery Inc.

From their website:

Performance Nursery is a family-owned business that has been serving Southern California from multiple locations for over 20 years.
We know what you’re looking for, and we’re dedicated to providing you with the absolute best quality plant material.
This means well-maintained and well sized plants, excellent variety, abundant quantity, and great availability.
Grower-direct prices help you make more money on the job and reduce your bottom line.
Because we at Performance Nursery, know that if you are doing well, we are doing well.
Knowledgeable team members, accurate quotes, timely deliveries, and outstanding service, is what we are about.
So whether you’re a landscaper, contractor, designer, architect, or homeowner, contact us and let Performance Nursery work for you.

CMA New Member- Ohio Medical Corp.

From their website:

It is the mission of Ohio Medical Corporation
to be recognized by the customer as the most progressive enterprise in the
respiratory, medical and industrial gas/vacuum delivery systems market. We will
serve our customers worldwide with innovative quality products while supporting
them with outstanding service. Ohio Medical Corporation strives to understand
the customer’s needs, their expectations and to honor our commitments with
respect and integrity.

CMA New Member- Tortillas Inc.

From their website:

Tortillas Incorporated was originally established in 1979  under the name and doing business as “Los Arcos Tortillas”. We are  the first tortilla factory to ever hit the Great State of Nevada. When at that  time with only a small tortilla machine, that produced about 200 dozen  tortillas per hour and a dream of one day making it big. With very little  capital and this big dream, Founders Mr. Jose Gutierrez and his son, Gus  Gutierrez, wanted to make this business a success. Steadily, sales increased  and business grew. With their skills and his son’s plans the business started  to blossom. When one day in 1984 it all went up in flames. Having trusted  friends and loyal family who worked hard for very little pay the business was  back within months. This time Incorporated and with a new name “Tortillas  Incorporated.”

In 1985, after the fire, we moved into a large manufacturing  plant and warehouse. This of course gave us the room we needed to grow and grew  we did. Tortillas Inc is now the leading supplier and distributor of Mexican  products to retail, foodservice, Hotels Casinos in the State of Nevada  and abroad. Manufacture hundreds of thousands of tortillas a day, and without a  doubt has become a “MEXICAN AND SPECIALTY FOOD EXPERTS.”

CMA New Member- Stallard Technologies

From their website:

Stallard Technologies (STI) is an Internet retailing company based in Overland Park, Kansas. We specialize in buying and selling quality new and used Dell servers and workstations, as well as EqualLogic and EMC storage devices and Cisco network appliances.

At Stallard Technologies, we are your personal shoppers. We work aggressively to find the best available values on business networking hardware, so you can accomplish your networking goals effectively, efficiently and under budget.

We deal strictly with reliable vendors and top quality products, and will make sure that you are getting what you expect, no surprises. We know the importance of building relationships, and are committed to providing you with the best combination of hardware value and service available anywhere!

At STI, we have our own staff of trained and qualified technicians. They manage complete diagnostic checks on all our products. Performance of products has the Stallard Technologies seal of Approval and Warranty. Our commitment to quality shows in everything we do.  That’s why we are proud to be ISO 9001 Certified.

CMA New Member- Blinkx

From their website:

blinkx is the world’s largest and most advanced video search engine.

Founded in 2004 by Suranga Chandratillake, the company completed a tremendously successful IPO on the London Stock Exchange (AIM) in May, 2007 rising in the first week of trading to a market capitalization of US$350M, with headquarters in San Francisco, CA and the UK.

blinkx has built a reputation as the Remote Control for the Video Web.  Now, with an index of over 35 million hours of searchable video and more than 800+ media partnerships, including national broadcasters, commercial media giants, and private video libraries, it has cemented its position as the premier destination for online TV.

blinkx pioneered video search on the Internet, developing an engine based on technology that was conceived at Cambridge University, enhanced by $150M in R&D over 12 years, and is now protected by 111 patents.

Unlike other multimedia search engines that attempt to re-purpose technology built for the Text Web, blinkx uses a unique combination of patented conceptual search, speech recognition and video analysis software to efficiently, automatically and accurately find and qualify online video. Today, blinkx is the world’s largest single index of rich media content on the Web, delivering more content from a broader range of sources than either Google or Yahoo!

All of this content is now available to viewers around the world with an unprecedented degree of flexibility and personalization. At, users can search for video content, create personal video playlists, or build a customized Video Wall for their blog.

blinkx continues to pioneer innovative new approaches to digital video distribution in order to ensure it offers the most advanced capabilities and delivers the highest value to its audiences and partners.

CMA New Member- Florexpo

From their website:

We are a leading importer and distributor of a wide variety of fresh cut flowers of consistent quality. Our goal is to keep ahead of the industry’s trends by updating our portfolio to include the most innovative developments in the business.

In order to meet the high standards set by our customers, FlorExpo has developed a strong bond with everyone involved in our organization. We are very excited and eager to pass along the knowledge and experience acquired at our farms through several years of hard work and dedication.

We gladly invite your company to experience a different way of conducting business, with a team of professionals that will make your job a much easier and enjoyable one.


CMA New Member- Quality Letters of Credit Inc

From their websie:

Founded in 1993, Quality Letters of Credit, Inc. (QLC) provides discrepancy-free documentation that expedites the payment process for exporters. Since its inception, QLC has evolved into the leader in the Letter of Credit outsourcing industry, eclipsing the 750 million dollar mark in processed credits in 1998 and currently handles over one billion dollars in annual processed credits.

QLC’s reputation has grown worldwide, and today, QLC is the international standard bearer for Letter of Credit outsourcing. Along the way, QLC has worked with notable global high technology entities, and provders of medical equipment and commodities.  QLC has created strong banking partnerships to enable negotiable credits in hours instead of days or weeks other firms need. QLC president David Clements heads an executive management team with more than 50 years of combined banking and freight forwarding experience – a team that recognizes the future of importing/exporting through the evolution of technology and communication.


CMA New Member- Dr. Fresh

From their website:

Dr. Fresh, one of the fastest growing oral care companies in the U.S., is a multinational company with distribution in over 35 countries worldwide with major offices in London, UK and Schenzhen, China. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, the company offers consumers over 250 quality and affordable personal care products.  Innovation in new product development has been the foundation of the company’s steady growth and success. Dr. Fresh owns more patents than any other U.S. oral care company.

Dr. Fresh’s mission is to provide innovative, high quality and affordable personal care products that exceed consumer expectations. The mission includes being the leader in the oral care category through fully understanding and addressing consumer needs.



CMA Poll Results – The Value of Monthly Statements

Monthly Statement
Monthly Statement

Rate the value of sending out monthly statements to customers? 193 Total Votes

  • Highly Valuable 43%
  • Valuable 34%
  • Not Valuable 8%
  • We do not send monthly statements 12%
  • Other 3%

Comments from the participants

  • Ben Bahadori

    How do you handle credit card Fees ?

  • Ken Zanolini,CCE, MBA

    Statements are another great collection tool if required by your customers.
    All statements should be emailed if possible in order to save mail time and cost.
    After all everything is about time and money!

  • Bill Curran

    We issue statements to all dealers, unless they specifically request to not receive a statement.
    In our 100 Distribution Centers, we have a high amount of dealers that are ‘statement payers’ and cut a check once a month.
    Our direct accounts and larger distributors accounts usually have better financial systems and pay by invoices.

  • Veronica Wooten

    We send statements monthly according to the type of customer account they are. To the remaining customers we send them out by request.

  • Tammy Adams

    We send statements and invoices to our customers on a monthly basis. Depending on our customer’s preference, their monthly billing statement and invoices are sent via fax, email or USPS. For our customers who wish to receive their invoices on a daily basis, we send those via email or fax (again, according to their preference). We do not send daily invoices via USPS mail. In addition, customers requesting copies of invoices are directed to our website where they can log into their account and print copies of invoices and/or statements.

  • Debra Davis

    We send out weekly, bi-weekly and monthly statements, depending on the type of customer and the terms of sale on the account. We find them to be a good tool for our customer’s to ensure they have not misplaced an invoice. Our invoice copies are left at the time of the delivery.


  • Manuel Gonzales

    Most of our customers pay by invoice and not by statement. My department feels that sending statements is a beneficial method of collecting past due balances and showing customers missed invoices and credits. However, our senior management feels that this is not a good investment in time or resources, even though we’ve shown our DSO has increased since we stopped sending out statements.

  • Ed Roth, CCE

    We only a send statement to our customer who request it. Most of our customers pay by invoice.

  • Tracey Beylerian

    We send statements monthly to all customers as we want them to have an accurate statement of their account including credits that they are entitled to. We generally receive calls asking for copies or clarification.


    Over time, we’ve educated our customers to look for their monthly statement. We are sending more and more invoices by email or automatic fax, but the printed Statement is send by USPS as a safety measure in case some invoices were not received, or were sent to an email address that might not be checked daily.
    When conversing with a customer about their past due balance, reminding them of our Statement is a great response to the “lost invoices” and “I didn’t know how much I owed” comments.

  • Randy Clark

    Depends on whether or not your Customer will pay off of a Statement, or only off of invoices.

  • Angie Knecht

    We do send monthly statements although I notice that many customers don’t open or use them to pay their accounts with.

  • Debbie Polson

    I don’t send statements every month. More like every other month and only to customers that I feel need one. A little reminder that the bills are still unpaid.

Quality Wins The Credit Report Battle

Quality Wins!

Quality Wins The Battle

The results are in and Quality of Info beat Quantity of Info by a wide margin – 80% to 20%.

93 participants gave us some reasoning behind their choice forming some of the best feedback on credit reports I have seen in a while.

Here is some reasoning behind choosing Quality:

“Current and up to date information is more valuable than greater quantities of information that may not represent an accurate picture of the company at the present time.”

“I am interested in the information within the same industry I work in. Quality will provide me with just the info that works for my company.”

And some arguments for Quantity:

“Historical data is just as important as current information and that was the standout reason.”

“The more the information, the more you know about the customer overall. Not just a current snapshot in time. They could have seasonal issues that could be reflected in the historical data.”

Many participants had a tough time choosing between the two:

“This was a tough one for me because I can see the merits of both. I chose quality over quantity because feel better about the information contained in the report. Quantity shows trends which is also important.”

You can download all the write in comments by clicking the link below.

Download Credit Report Battle Results (546)

The five winners on the Quality side – chosen at random for a $10 Starbucks giftcard are:

  • Susan Powers, Foxy Produce
  • Doreen Sugihto, Birkenstock, USA
  • Roger Fritzlar, Ottobock
  • Edwina Bustamante, Active Sales
  • Dawn Durbin, AV Net

Thanks to everyone who participated! Watch for our next Credit Report Battle coming soon.

How Strong is Your Group Commitment?


I am sure many of you remember Industry Credit Groups pre 2006. Plenty of money in your budget to travel around the country for meetings, enough staff that being out of the office for a few hours was never a problem, even ordering the most expensive item on the menu was not a concern.

Unfortunately, those times are gone for the foreseeable future. Out of area meetings have been replaced with conference calls, the job of Credit Manager now includes A/P, Human Resources and at times receptionist making it more difficult to leave the office. Group invoices, once automatically approved are being looked at carefully.

So what is the answer? In my opinion, it is to MAXIMIZE the resources currently available. A one hour conference call can provide updates on dozens of accounts, educate you on best practices and keep you in touch with your peers around the block or the country.

The cost: ZERO
No travel expenses, no hotel, no meals, no down time waiting in airports.


The monthly meeting: If you take a normal lunch break, the extra hour (plus some travel time) can provide more benefits than the conference call. Some of the smallest, least staffed companies never skip a meeting because they know that hearing about one troubled company can save them big money.

The cost: gas, meal 


So how committed are the members of your group?  If you have a call or meeting coming up, contact the members prior and encourage them to join in.

Larry Convoy, Supervisor-Industry Credit Groups

CMA New Member- Flyers Energy LLC

From their website:

Flyers Energy, LLC was formed in 1979 by four brothers: Tom, Walt, Steve, and David Dwelle. Their grandfather, Walter B. Allen, founded Beacon Oil Company in 1931, providing a legacy the Dwelle brothers would carry on with their purchase of seven gas stations in the greater Sacramento region. Naming the company Nella in honor of their grandfather (Allen spelled backwards), they have since created a forward-moving company with a strong, dynamic culture.
In 2011, Nella Oil Company changed its name to Flyers Energy, LLC to align with the recognizable Flyers brand, as well as reflect its expansion into alternative energy sectors.

CMA New Member- Peterbilt of Las Vegas

From their website:

Welcome to Peterbilt of Las Vegas, Inc., your complete resource for trucks, parts, service, as well as, truck rentals and leasing. We have a great team of employees who are all dedicated to serving our customers, in order to achieve your complete satisfaction.

We sell and service the full line of Peterbilt trucks – vocational trucks, over-the-road traditional and aerodynamic styles, and the J.D. Power recognized line of Peterbilt medium duty vehicles. At Peterbilt of Las Vegas we sell and service and lease every model that bears the Peterbilt red oval.



CMA New Member- Waterman Industries

From their website:

Waterman Industries started with humble beginnings in 1912, when W.A. Waterman moved his then sheet metal shop to Exeter, California to better service new irrigation in the area. Mr. Waterman’s first products were designed to help the growers.

Through the purchase of the Red Top line in the early 1930’s, business increased and the company’s focus was shifted to water management. Because of the increase in business, Mr. Waterman was able to increase staff and hire his children at his company. After his death, his son Herrick took over the company.

In 1953, Waterman Industries built its first cast iron canal gates and shortly thereafter was fabricating larger and more complex radial and slide gates for use on the increasing federal water projects in the west. In the same year, to keep up with demand, Waterman Industries opened a warehouse and sales facility, which still is in operation in Lubbock, Texas.

In 1963, Waterman was awarded its first contract for furnishing a cast iron sluice gate for use in the wastewater field. This product received such attention that shortly thereafter, to meet demand, Waterman Industries opened a new manufacturing plant in the countryside of Exeter, which is still the location of corporate offices of Waterman Industries today.

After Herrick Waterman died in 1987, his stepson Don Appling took over the company. Under Don, the company expanded to become an international company. An international division was formed to take advantage of the new global marketplace.

In 2012, Waterman Industries will be celebrating one hundred years of quality service in Water Management. In that century, the world has changed. But, here at Waterman Industries, our goals haven’t changed since W.A. Waterman first came to Exeter. Customers still come first, and we still pride ourselves on putting out quality product to both domestic and international customers, in both Agricultural and Wastewater applications

CMA New Member- Arvato Digital Services Inc.

From their website:

arvato is an international outsourcing service provider. Every day, over 68,000 arvato employees in 35 countries are at work helping our customers achieve success in the market. We design and implement solutions for a wide variety of business processes throughout integrated service chains.

Our services include everything from the preparation and distribution of printed materials and digital storage media to data management, customer care, CRM services, supply chain management, digital distribution, financial services, professional and individualized IT services and the direct marketing of media. arvato is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bertelsmann.

CMA New Member- Major Industries

From their website:

Founded in 1980, Major Industries has long been recognized as a leader in the translucent daylighting industry. Major was purchased by its current owners in 1993, and a stronger commitment to our customers and employees has increased our sales volume nearly 1000% and added significantly to the number of clients who repeatedly specify and use our skylights and translucent curtainwall.

There is only one other competitor in the world that manufactures Major’s primary type of commercial skylight and curtainwall, and since 1993 Major has captured significant market share. Because of this growth, Major Industries expanded to 75% more floor space in 1998, and then again in 2001, bringing the manufacturing facility to a total of over 52,000 square feet. This additional space, along with state-of-the-art computerized manufacturing and accounting system, allows for improved material handling capabilities, efficiency, and the ability to better serve our rapidly growing customer base.

CMA New Member- SMA Solar Technology

From their website:

Energy that Changes

SMA Solar Technology AG is a global leader in the development, production and sales of PV inverters and, as an energy management group, offers innovative key technologies for future power supply structures. SMA is represented in all important photovoltaics markets in 19 countries on four continents. The company has a staff of over 5,500 and reached a sales volume of EUR 1.7 billion in 2011.

Inverters are the heart of every PV plant Technologically, the inverter is the most important component of a PV plant. It converts the direct current generated in the photovoltaic cells into alternating current compliant with the grid requirements – for self-consumption or feed-in to the power distribution grid. As an intelligent system manager, it also monitors both the PV array and the power distribution grid. SMA inverters already perform important grid management functions, which are becoming increasingly important as electricity production from renewable sources grows. SMA has been developing leading technological solutions and pioneering trends in this area for years and is driving future-oriented topics. For instance, these include intelligent energy management at a household level, grid integration of solar power and connecting storage facilities for more effective use of renewable energy.

For all Performance Classes and Plant Sizes SMA has an extensive range of products, which offers the right inverters for all module types and plant sizes; for small residential systems as well as large scale plants, grid-connected installations as well as stand-alone and backup systems all over the world. Plant monitoring and visualization products as well as energy management solutions complete the portfolio.In addition to this, SMA customers worldwide benefit from comprehensive services: from support in installation and commissioning of PV plants to quick and uncomplicated device replacement service in Germany and worldwide, and the free SMA Service Line for technical questions. The company also provides training for plant planners, installers, electrically qualified persons and anybody interested in solar power in seminars as part of the SMA Solar Academy.

SMA has received numerous awards for its product solutions and exceptional corporate culture. In 2011 and 2012, the company achieved first place in the German “Great Place to Work®” competition in the category for companies with over 5,000 employees.

CMA New Member- G L Mezzetta Inc.

From their website:

We love food. Quality food. Delicious food. Traditional food. Flavorful food. Healthy food. Convenient food. Fresh food. Yummy food. It’s this love and passion for food that has been passed down from generation to generation within our family. And it’s why Mezzetta specialty foods has grown to become the leading producer of glass-packed peppers, olives, and specialty foods in the United States.

Family owned since 1935, the fourth generation of Mezzetta family is continuing the commitment to bring our customers the highest quality foods available. We source the finest fresh produce from the sun-drenched soils of California, Italy, Spain, France, and Greece and prepare them according to our Italian family recipes at our state-of-the-art production facility in the Napa Valley.

Whether you are looking for a quick healthy snack or gourmet ingredients for your favorite dishes—reach for a jar of Mezzetta specialty foods at your local grocery store and see the difference what a little love of food can make. Inspiration is just a twist away.

CMA New Member- Konami Digital Entertainment

From their website:

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. (KDEI), a wholly owned subsidiary of KONAMI CORPORATION (NYSE: KNM), is a leading, global developer, publisher and manufacturer of electronic entertainment properties, specializing in the home video game market.

Headquartered in Tokyo Japan, KONAMI CORPORATION first began operating in North America in 1982, and has been          publishing computer and video games as Konami of America (KOA) since 1999 from its offices in Redwood City, California          near San Francisco.

In October of 2003, KONAMI CORPORATION moved to strengthen its content planning and production by expanding its          operations to Los Angeles, California under the new name of Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc.

This bold and exciting move was designed to strengthen the company’s worldwide business, North American market share and future growth in the interactive entertainment marketplace. Located in heart of the entertainment capitol, KDEI focuses on the areas of global product brand growth strategies, business development and licensing activities.

Help Elect Michael Puccinelli, CCE to the NACM National Board

Michael Puccinelli, CCE accepts the first National O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award from NACM at the 2011 Credit Congress.

Michael Puccinelli, CCE is running for the Western Regional Director on the NACM National Board. Michael currently serves as CMA’s Chair of the Board, he has been a longtime member and supporter of CMA and NACM, and I strongly encourage all CMA members to cast your vote for Michael in the upcoming NACM National Board election. Michael is running against three candidates from other Western Region Affiliates, so it is really important that each of our members participates in the election to ensure that Michael receives enough votes to win the Western seat.

All CMA members will receive notices from NACM National on Monday, October 8th and October 15th, inviting you to cast your vote electronically. The NACM Director Election ballot also will appear in the September/October issue of Business Credit magazine with voting instructions and deadlines.

Thank you for your attention and participation in this important election.

Respectfully submitted,



Mike Mitchell, CAE
President & CEO

About Michael Puccinelli, CCE

Mike “Pooch” Puccinelli, CCE has worked in credit for over 36 years, with the last 20 in the high-tech industry. Mike is currently Director, Credit & Collection, Billing and A/R for Equinix, Inc., headquartered in Redwood City, CA. Equinix is the leading global interconnection platform providing data center services to protect and connect the information assets for the enterprises, financial services companies and content and network providers primarily in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific region. Recently, he led the implementation of Oracle Advanced Collections and Oracle Credit Management
modules, which went live in January 2012. Additionally, he is leading the finance track on Equinix’s process reengineering to implement these modules in EMEA and APAC in 2013 with an additional goal of implementing a new billing system in 2013. Mike has facilitated dozens of systemic process solutions to eliminate manual efforts over the two-plus years he has been at Equinix. Prior to joining Equinix, Mike held previous senior level credit positions with VWR Scientific, Businessland, Verisign, and ProBusiness.

Mike graduated from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley. He earned the Credit Business Associate (CBA) and the Credit Business Fellow (CBF) designations in 1994 and went on to earn NACM’s prestigious Certified Credit Executive (CCE) designation in 2006. Mike completed NACM’s Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management executive education program, conducted on the campus of Dartmouth College, earning the Executive Award in 2006.

Mike is a true advocate of the credit profession, and has served on professional panels, most recently at the 2012 NACM Credit Congress in Dallas. He’s a frequent speaker at the NACM Western Region Credit Conference and has led several sessions at Oracle World. He is a certified NACM instructor and has taught many classes since 1983 for NACM Affiliates and the University of California, Berkeley.

Throughout his career, Mike has been an advocate of continued education and pursuit of NACM professional designations. He has inspired everyone working in his department to earn a professional designation. Mike was honored in 2010 when his Affiliate, Credit Management Association (CMA), chose him as the Credit Executive of Year. Mike was again honored in 2011 when he received the first National O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction Award from NACM.

During his career in credit, Mike has been a member NACM Tampa, the Chicago Midwest Credit Management Association, NACM Southwest in Dallas and NACM Northern & Central California (NCC). Mike is currently the Chairman of the Board of NACM Affiliate CMA located in Burbank, CA. He has served on their Board of Directors for the past six years and has been a member of the CMA Executive Committee for the past three years.

Mike recently authored a white-paper about systemic process innovations entitled “Re-Engineer Your Cash Flow Cycle with Oracle Credit and Collection Suite.”

Mike believes that the most significant challenge for the NACM organization is to increase membership. At CMA, multiple membership campaigns have been undertaken to add to the membership rolls. Mike believes that there needs to be a continued effort to tell non-members what value NACM brings to the table. While challenging, it is rewarding when a new member is gained. Mike also believes that credit department staff should engage with NACM so that if one of them becomes a manager at a different company, and that company is not a member of NACM, they will join through the new company.

Mike prides himself on questioning the status quo, asking for improvement in today’s environment which requires that we look at things differently. If elected, Mike hopes to bring this philosophy with him to the NACM Board of Directors.

Mike prides himself on questioning the status quo, asking for improvement in today’s environment which requires that we look at things differently. If elected, Mike hopes to bring this philosophy with him to the NACM Board of Directors.

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CMA Revised Bylaws Proposal

CMA Bylaws

Notice to all CMA Members: On September 18, 2012, the CMA Board of Directors proposed revised bylaws and authorized actions to adopt them as prescribed in the current bylaws Article XVII, Section 1. The revised bylaws proposal will be available as a download on this page for 60 days, after which all members will receive a ballot by email to approve the bylaw revisions.

CMA Revised Bylaws Proposal (678)

Updated: 10/9/12 – Our current bylaws are available for download – Current Bylaws (517)

Mike Mitchell, CMA President has also provided and explanation of the changes that have been proposed to the bylaws – Bylaw Changes Explained (508)

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Cynthia Lynn Kinney (07/08/1967 – 08/28/2012)

Cindy Kinney

MARINA – Cynthia Kinney passed away at her residence August 28, 2012 after a two-year battle with ALS. She passed quietly and peacefully, surrounded by her family.

Cynthia was born in Monterey and spent her youth in Marina. After graduating Marina La via High School in 1985, Cindy ventured to Michigan where she resided for a few years, ultimately returning to Marina in 1988, rejoining the majority of her family. Once back in California, she attended Central Coast College studying business, and then pursued a career as an escrow officer. In 2006 Cindy switched careers and found her niche as the credit manager at Granite Rock; this being her final place of employment.

Cindy enjoyed traveling, cooking, numerous types of arts and crafts and being involved with church activities.

Cindy is survived by her two daughters, Marisa Childers with husband, Aaron and Samantha Kinney; parents, Joseph and Darla Messner; and sister, Tanya Hobbs with husband, Jason; aunts, Linda Northcutt and husband, Leon; Karen Rodrigues, Jeane Rodrigues; and cousin, Christine Deason.

Cindy was an amazing woman who gained strength from her Christian beliefs and she was an inspiration to many in her final days. Cynthia, a mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin and friend, will be missed beyond measure.

In lieu of flowers please send donations to either Central Coast Hospice or Calvary Baptist Church of Marina.

You can sign Cindy’s remembrance book here.

Published in The Monterey Herald on August 31, 2012


CMA Poll Results – Cash Application

Where does your cash application role fall within your company?

  • Accounts Receivable   69%  173 votes
  • Accounts Payable 3% 7 votes
  • Accounting 13% 34 votes
  • Finance 5% 13 votes
  • Customer Service 3% 8 votes
  • Treasury 1% 3 votes
  • Outsourced 2% 4 votes
  • Other 4% 10 votes
252 Total Votes
  • David Ingham – It is not proper Accounting and Audit Procedures for a Credit Manager to handle cash or cash application. Credit and Cash Application should be separate functions to avoid the possibility for fraud or misappropriation of cash receipts.
  • Tracey Beylerian –  Cash posting is part of the Credit & A/R function

CMA New Member- PEL Supply Company

From their website:

Today the entire staff of PEL Supply Company still adheres to the same fundamental values that Paul Leimkuehler established in 1959 – and is now our Mission Statement: “to exceed our customer’s expectations by providing quality products and quality service in a timely manner and at a fair price.”  We are eager to meet your O&P supply needs and will work hard to meet your expectations.

CMA New Member- Mainstream Energy Corp.

From their website:

Mainstream Energy Corporation is an integrated renewable energy company involved in the development of products, systems, projects and businesses that have the potential to help make photovoltaics – solar-generated electricity – a significant contributor to our total energy supply. We believe that rapid integration of solar and other renewable energy sources into the conventional electricity grid is both inevitable and absolutely vital to creating a more secure and sustainable world. We envision the day when “going solar” is as simple and commonplace as installing a heat pump or air conditioning system; and we contribute to the realization of that vision by supporting the development of cost-effective infrastructure that delivers competitively priced renewable energy to homes, businesses, government agencies and utilities across North America.

CMA New Member: Outsource Telecom LLC

From their website:

WHERE WE ARE: We are a national firm with eighteen branch locations across the country. We have an internal staff of over eighty people dedicated to servicing your account. We are headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.

WHAT WE DO: We supply personnel for all technologies that operate commercial and industrial facilities.
In 2011 we have had 7000 Placements and 1500 New Hires.
OUR CREDENTIALS: We have been in business since 1998.  We service well over 400 clients a year and currently do business with 100% of every national Systems Integrators in the nation.  We do business with every national Structured Cabling Contractor in the country.  Additionally, five of the top ten Electrical contractors in the country use our services.
FIELD TESTED TECHNICIANS: 80% of all installers deployed to our sites have been on our payroll previously for an average of 800 hours. So, 80% of the time we are supplying installers who have worked at several of our other clients before they are delivered to your sites.

CMA New Member- Freedom Innovations LLC

From their website:

Freedom Innovations is solely focused on developing world-class lower limb prosthetic solutions in close collaboration with prosthetists and amputees. After beginning operations in the United States in 2002, the company quickly became recognized for innovative product designs, excellent quality and outstanding customer support. With 25 issued patents and 20 product brands sold in over 40 countries, our prosthetic devices lead the industry in both reputation and performance.


Group Member Vacation Checklist


In our haste to begin a well deserved vacation, we sometimes miss some important tasks that need to be handled prior to our departure. You certainly do not want to return to see dead plants. By the same token, an unexpected surprise from one of your accounts can bring back the just relieved stress.

To insure that there are no “summertime surprises”, encourage your group members to make arrangements to either submit their group reports prior to leaving or have a member of their staff handle in their absence. This is also an excellent opportunity for them to introduce a staff member to the group experience by having them attend a meeting. Having a trained backup will guarantee your company will not miss any valuable information at meetings that the primary contact cannot attend, will reduce workload by having another person available to enter alerts, respond to RFI’s, and will make the transition smoother should there be any personnel changes.  To make this easier, I am available to do online training sessions for any company that wishes to get more people involved in the group process.

The Bottom Line is: Bad debt does not take a vacation, let’s make sure that the flow of information does not take time off this year.

A July Discussion topic is attached.

Enjoy your summer

Larry Convoy
Supervisor-Industry Credit Groups

National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivable – Survey

Through a special arrangement with the Credit Research Foundation, Credit Management Association is making available for the benefit of its members the opportunity to participate in the quarterly National Summary of Domestic Trade Receivable survey conducted by the Credit Research Foundation. As a participant you will receive the results free of charge as soon as they are compiled.

This quarterly survey, which has been conducted by CRF since 1960, will provide you with median performance measure results, such as DSO, Best Possible DSO, Average Day’s Delinquent, Collection Effectiveness Index, Percent Current, and Percent over 90 Days, from other businesses within your industry. It serves as a basis of comparison to see how your department stacks up in relation to businesses similar to yours.

To participate click and fill out this simple 5 minute survey by July 31st.

CMA Poll Results – Small Claims Court

CMA Member Poll: Have you personally used the Small Claims Court to help collect past due accounts? (248 responses)

  • Yes I have used the Small Claims Court: 40%
  • I have not personally, but our company does: 12%
  • No I have not: 47%
  • Other: 1%

You can participate in CMA’s monthly polls on

Poll Comments:

Sherry Raoso
I would rather just turn it over to CMA to get collected instead of using Small Claims.

Annette Morris
Yes, I have used small claims court many times but mainly for collection of NSF checks that I could not get the customer to pay up front. I use a NSF check letter that is sent out by way of certified mail for verification that the customer has been contacted which also proves to the court that they have been notified.
All such cases have been won with payment in full by customer……

Ray Ballard
When all else fails, small claims court is an option. I can’t remember the exact cost in CA, but it was less than $100.00 to file a claim. If the defendant doesn’t show, and you win your case you will still have to collect. I saw a few comments stating on this board stating how difficult it is to collect, but I disagree.

After you win your case there are a couple highly effective legal ways to collect. You can file a request to value the defendant’s assets. This requires the defendant to show up at court and divulge all of their assets. If they fail to comply with this request, a warrant for their arrest can be issued if you choose to do so for an additional $50.00. Once they are in custody the judge can force them to disclose their assets and place a lien on those assets until their debt is paid. This will also prevent them from being able to sell their assets until their debt to you has been paid.
Another option (in CA) is to have the sheriff’s department do a Till Tap. This is where the sheriff goes into the business and takes money to pay your judgment from a cash register.

I’ve found that judgment debtors tend to ignore all court orders until the day before the warrant is issued for their arrest…then they call and beg to settle.
Good Luck

Ken Zanolini,CCE,MBA
If at all possible settle, negotiate or compromise before going court!
The legal process is time & cost consuming.
However, it is a highly effective way of getting a judgment on the debtor that they can only escaped from by filing Bankruptcy! Remember, judgements are sometimes worthless.
Thanks & Good Luck!

Manuel Gonzales
We have used Small Claims Courts a few times in the last year alone and have had good success in either being paid prior to the court date or getting a default judgement due to the defendant being a no-show.

Tina Langan
I would love to use the the small claims process. Perhaps CMA could put on a webinar or seminar on it? I would love to attend.

Penny Blount
I handle the Small Claims in Las Vegas Nevada for all of our members that have Vegas accounts and I have only lost 1 in 5 years it is a good way to collect but it is time consuming. I am not sure where the person that made the comment about you have to have an attorney to handle this is you are a corp. but that is not the case. Please see (NRS 73.012 Representation of nongovernmental legal or commercial entity by its director, officer or employee. A corporation, partnership, business trust, estate, trust, association or any other nongovernmental legal or commercial entity may be represented by its director, officer or employee in an action mentioned or covered by this chapter.) Please keep in mind this is for Nevada.

F. Scott Wilson
Small Claims Court is an *excellent* way to speed up judgment and collections for small amounts. I have personally won about forty cases, all of the ones an old employer had me pursue this way. All of these cases were business to business, with about half of them against sole proprietors.
The use of an attorney is specifically and expressly not permitted by Small Claims statutes, at least in California. This is to discourage endless litigation on small matters, and to let the judge hear the matter and decide swiftly.

As far as collecting on a Small Claims judgment goes, this can be done with some care and forethought. NOLO Press has some excellent books on Small Claims procedures, including steps you can take to make good on the judgment. I have successfully collected judgments from Small Claims matters in all but one of the above forty instances, and that was because the owner (sole proprietorship) had died between the case being heard and our receiving the judgment.

The only problem is if you are a corp., technically you must have a Lawyer represent you. Then if or when you do win, try and collect…. The system is structured for degenerates and crooks, not honest people.

Cliff Nehamen
Yes, I use Small Claims, matter of fact just returned from a case on a STOP PAYMENT check. Defendant showed and arrangements were made to resolve check; including filing fees and processor fees.

I have about 50/50 luck in having defendants show up and/or settle vs no show. It’s a simple process to rubber stamp the default and as I’m dealing in construction, that gives me the avenue to attach their contractors license bond.
The one major flaw is in B to B situations, there is the cap on how many actions that can be brought annually at the $5k limit so use your quota judiciously. It may be a wiser course to drop a moderate claim amount down below the $2500. limit (unlimited for B to B).

Alan Greenberg
I would say usually the defendant try to settle it on the steps of the court house, or they do not show up.

CMA New Members

Luminance- City of Commerce, CA

Morita Produce- Los Angeles, CA

D3 Publisher of America Inc.- Los Angeles, CA

George Reed Inc.- Modesto, CA

Quantcast Corp- San Francisco, CA

Cordova Bolt Inc.- Buena Park, CA

SPS Inc.- Alpharetta, GA

Light & Motion Industries Inc.- Monterey, CA

General Petroleum Corp.- Compton, CA

CMA New Member- DB Sales & Service

From their website:

DB Sales & Service is a Manfacturers Representative, as well as a Licensed/lnsured California Service Contractor. We have supported and serviced the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration industry in the Southern California marketplace since 1977. We strive to provide a wide range of quality equipment and knowledgeable service
We will provide any type of heating or cooling system you may require. We specialize in chilled water, hot water, steam, thermal-storage and refrigeration systems. Our large base of products and experienced team members, with years of technical training and experience provide an all-around package to our customers.
DB Sales & Service is located in Garden Grove, California in a 7,200 square foot facility and has an extensive inventory to support the products we represent and service. We also have an office in Las Vegas to serve the Clark County, Nevada region.
DB Sales & Service are experts in the application of the Rotary Screw Compressor. We represent the leader and oldest manufacturer of Screw Compressors in the United States. In our machine shop we can rebuild most any Rotary Screw Compressor in a very timely fashion.
DB Sales & Service Field Technicians are factory authorized to work on Dunham-Bush, Burnham, Microtherm and Octagon Air Systems equipment. Our Technicians are certified by the E.P.A. which enables them to handle Class I & II refrigerants. We also have twenty-four hour, on-call services available.


CMA New Member- Maruichi American Corp.

From their website:

You can depend on Maruichi American Corporation (MAC) to meet your needs for delivery of quality ERW steel tubing and pipe. Maruichi American Corporation began production in 1980 with three tube and pipe mills and a slitting line to provide a superior domestic product for our customers.

Since then, we have expanded to six mills and two slitting lines which provide a range of round products from 5/8′ to 12′ and square and rectangular tubing to 10′ x 10′ x 0.500′ x 60′.

As the largest structural and ornamental tube mill on the west coast, Maruichi American Corporation (MAC) is committed to providing the best service to our customers. Maruichi Steel Tube Ltd. and  its group companies are world leaders in the welded tube industry, having offered customers dedicated services through tubemaking since our establishment in 1947.

Turn Up The Heat On Past Due Accounts

Turn Up The Heat

Studies show, debtors are more likely to pay once a third party (the heat) gets involved. After three months, the probability of collecting a delinquent account drops to 69.6%, after 6 months 52.1% and after one year 22.8%

It’s time to turn up the heat on accounts that have cooled their payments.
Let CMA collect those accounts at a special 17% collection rate
(a 3% to 8% savings on our regular rates).

17% Collection Rate


All new domestic placements over $500, placed from June 11, 2012 to July 31, 2012, will receive a rate of 17% (Attorney referral 25%, litigation and lien foreclosures 35%). Recovery fees are contingent upon collection, you don’t pay unless we collect. 

This special offer is for CMA Members only.

CMA is bonded for your protection and certified by the Commercial Law League of America.


Log into – Go to the Collection Tab

CMA New Member- Pacific Gas & Electric

From their website:

As a provider of electricity and natural gas to approximately 40 percent of Californians and 1 in 20 Americans, we recognize that the way we produce and deliver our products and serve our customers has a direct impact on the environment. We understand that environmental excellence is necessary to be a leader in our industry and to the success of our business. A healthy environment is also necessary for the well-being and vitality of our customers, employees, and the communities we serve—as well as society at large.

That’s why our environmental commitment extends beyond compliance. Our vision of becoming the nation’s leading utility requires that we raise the bar for ourselves, and that we work with others to do the same.

We are taking a lead in various parts of our business, including delivering some of the nation’s cleanest electric power, bringing more renewable energy to our customers, and supporting our customers through a robust array of customer energy solutions that include energy efficiency, demand response, and solar programs and incentives. We are also committed to sharing information about our actions, taking responsibility for our historic environmental impacts, and operating in a way that is consistent with our environmental justice principles.


CMA New Member- Omega Products International

From their website:

Omega Products provides the most complete line of exterior stucco wall systems and finishes, including ColorTek Stucco, OmegaFlex 100% Acrylic Finishes, the Diamond Wall One Coat Stucco Systems, and the AkroFlex Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS). Additionally, Omega manufactures performance enhancing ad-mixtures, bonders, elastomeric coatings, and interior finishes.


CMA Poll Results – Credit Applications

Do you offer to send credit applications to all new accounts? 

  • Yes, all new accounts are supplied with credit applications 81%
  • No, just those who will buy enough to need credit 11%
  • Other 8%

F. Scott Wilson

If someone comes in for a small amount of product, then they can pay COD. If they buy any larger amounts, all are required to have an application on file, even if they’re COD. The idea is that if we sell something and they bounce a check or something else goes wrong, we want to know who and where they are, and who we can pursue for payment if needed.

  • Kelly 

    We require an application IF the customer is requesting billing terms. However, our customer service department completes a new customer form with the customer if they are phoning in a new order and it is the first time they have ever purchased from us. Note: The entire application process is currently under review with possible updates in the future.

  • Melissa Kobus 

    We require signed terms & conditions on all accounts. The credit application is only required for those accounts requesting open terms. The app includes the T&C’s. We have seperate T&C’s document for COD, credit card, etc accounts.

  • Jeff Childress 

    Customers who want N30 request applications from us. We do not send them out on every new customer. Some customers like to pay cash and I would prefer not talking them into a N30 account

  • Laurel Matthews 

    We we require a credit application from all new customers. If they chose to fully prepay their first order we sometimes forgo the credit application.

  • Debra Davis 

    Our customers are required to complete our Credit Application or our COD Sheet before we will proceed in opening a customer number for them.

  • Deb 

    The application precedes an account in all instances.

  • Arrel E Tucker 

    I want apps on every new acocunt. Sometimes I get overruled by the owner but not very often.

Is your Credit Department still sending and receiving faxes?

Poll Results
  • Stella Chavez – Scanned to email most of my correspondence
  • Gay Bramer – If we had a scanner (which we’ve begged for), I would rarely use the fax machine and rely solely on e-mail.
  • Irene  – Most requests for credit references are faxed but other credit issues are emailed and sometimes (rarely) by phone.

  • John Goss – Typically trade reference sending and receiving is all I use the fax machine for. Scanning and e-mailing the same data reduces resources and provides a great electronic copy.

  • Cindy Garcia – We still use fax on releases and credit applications, we have seen an increase in emails but fax is still the main communication choice.

    Ken – Fax usage should cease to exist in 3 more years once email/scaning has fully saturated society. It usually takes 10 years for a product to be used by the masses in their daily routine. Smart phones are the future!

  • Arrel Tucker – I mainly use faxing for getting and giving trade credit references. Most other correspondence is done via email or phone.

CMA New Member- Karish Industries Inc.

From their website:

Karish Industries is a distributor whose primary focus is in the Street Lighting, Solar and Wind Power, and now the Fiber Optic Cable markets. Founded in 1993, Karish Industries has slowly but surely developed a strong, loyal customer base due to its product knowledge, timely delivery, fair pricing, and outstanding customer service. We work with customers all across the United States and have vendor relations in numerous product lines, enabling our customers to receive great service and pricing.

At its inception, Karish Industries strictly focused on the Wind Power market. However, today we have expanded into other markets in order to not only diversify the business, but also to be able to capture market share in as many areas as possible. Over the past 4 years, Karish Industries has grown into one of the most successful distributors of Wire & Cable, Wind Power, Traffic, Fiber Optic and Solar parts and components.


CMA New Member- American Paper and Plastics

From their website:

APP Inc. was started in 1982 by Daniel Emrani, who saw the need for a reliable, price-conscious food packaging supplier in the southern California area. From the very beginning, Daniel was very selective about his sales representatives, hiring only those who enjoy serving their clients and have a passion for packaging.
Each new sales representative at APP Inc. undergoes an extensive training process. In that process, they become acquainted with the APP Inc. tradition of flexible, customized service. They learn that the APP Inc. client relationship is based on a partnership of trust and mutual respect, and that APP Inc. is committed to going to extremes to meet our customers’ needs.
As a result, most clients of APP Inc. have enjoyed a long relationship with us. Today, APP Inc. serves many high-quality restaurants, bakeries, catering services, hospitals, hotels and supermarkets in California.
APP Inc.’s buying power allows us to pass on savings to our clients, while our close-knit family-run company allows us the flexibility to accommodate custom, last-minute requests quickly and efficiently. We carry products from only the highest quality suppliers such as Pactiv, Kimberly-Clark, International Paper, A&E Products, Dart and Wilkinson Manufacturing. You can see a complete list of our suppliers on our vendors page.
As our business has grown, so has our diversity. In order to meet our customers’ needs, APP Inc. has increased its product list to over 7,000 items, and we continue to expand our catalog as the market changes. View a complete list of our current products on the catalog page now, and if you don’t see what you need, call us and ask for it!


CMA New Member- Lotus & Windoware Inc.

From their website:

The lotus is an Asian water lily known for its remarkable ability to thrive in a variety of environments.  Opening at dawn and closing at dusk, different cultures have for centuries admired the direct relationship between the lotus and the sun.  It is this same versatility and reverence that drives us today.  Lotus & Windoware, Inc. was established in 1989 as an importer and wholesale distributor of quality window treatments in the United States.  Lotus has since expanded its product selection offering the widest selection of stock sizes in the business.

Dedicated to providing you with the very best service available, Lotus maintains two distribution centers: our West Coast facility located in City of Industry, California and our East Coast facility in Memphis, Tennessee.  This allows for quick delivery anywhere in the continental U.S.  We can also service additional markets in Central and South America from our U.S. facilities and directly from our factories in China.  Lotus excels in processing orders from a single carton to multiple containers and everything in between.  At Lotus & Windoware, Inc., we are confident that you will find the window treatment solutions to meet your needs.

CMA New Member- Balfour Beatty Infrastucture

From their website:

Established in North America in 1990, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure, Inc. is an infrastructure contractor with annual revenues of circa $400 million. We construct highways, bridges over land and water, tunnels, wastewater and potable water treatment plants, rail civils, and excel at large, complex projects.

We provide most of our services to municipal, county, state and federal agencies, particularly state Departments of Transportation and expressway authorities. In addition to many stand-alone projects, Balfour Beatty Infrastructure has worked in multiple joint ventures, including one of the largest public works projects in U.S. history: the design-build State Highway 130 project in Texas.


CMA Partners with IAB for Deduction Management Services


CMA is excited to announce our partnership with longstanding deduction management company IAB Solutions. CMA is always on the lookout for services that will assist the Credit Department through the order to cash cycle. IAB Solutions has proven themselves a favorite among our members for quality deduction management services.

“The greater the deduction volume, the greater the profit dilution.  Effective deduction management adds to your bottom line!” Source:  Best Practices Today – Deductions by David Schmidt

  • Have you seen an increase in the amount of incoming deductions your company is receiving?
  • Do you find yourself challenged to find time and/or resources to deal with these tasks?
  • Are you finding yourself dealing with the same issues over and over again?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, CMA has a solution!  We have partnered with IAB Solutions, the industry’s leading service provider in Deduction and A/R Management to bring you access to this value added service.


  • Cleaner receivables and reduced Days Deductions Outstanding (DDO)
  • Increased collections and recoveries
  • Root cause analysis provides valuable trending information to prevent future claims
  • Ability to reallocate internal resources for maximum effectiveness
  • Access to a highly developed network of industry information
  • Productivity Based Pricing – PAY ONLY FOR RESULTS!

With over 27 years of experience in a variety of industries, their experienced analysts provide you with a focused, professional, and transparent approach to manage the more time and labor intensive deduction tasks.

Want more information?

Please contact:

Diana Crowe
Manager, Business Development
(800) 742-0014 (toll free)
(630) 537-0840 (direct)

CMA Instructor of the Year – 2012

CMA’s “Instructor of the Year” award recognizes an individual who has given generously of his time and expertise in the field of credit management for the benefit of CMA, its members and the business community for over 10 years.  He has been one of our association’s most active volunteer members, having instructed dozens of seminars, webinars, and conference programs on a variety of domestic and international credit and collection topics. More than just an instructor, he has been a valuable coach and advisor to many credit professionals, which earned him CMA’s highest honor, the CMA Credit Executive of the Year Award in 2006.

CMA Instructor of the Year: Eddy Sumar, MBA, CCE, CICE, CEW

Eddy Sumar, MBA, CCE, CICE, CEW

CMA Mentor of The Year – 2012

CMA’s “Mentor of the Year” award recognizes an individual who has been a leader and trusted mentor to many Credit Professionals in our Association.  This year’s recipient has been an NACM member for over 18 years, and during that time he has been instrumental in fostering member participation and growth by inspiring his peers with his knowledge and passion for credit.

CMA Mentor of the Year: Gent Culver – IGT

Gent Culver, IGT

CMA Designation of Excellence Awards

CMA’s “Designation of Excellence” awards recognize those individuals who have not only achieved their NACM designations, but also have shown a commitment to continuing education.

CBA Designation of Excellence:

Michelle York CBA – Foster Farms

CBF Designation of Excellence:

Hector Benitez CBF – Equinix Inc.

Hector Benitez, CBF

CCE Designation of Excellence:

Melissa Kobus CCE – Anixter

Melissa Kobus, CCE

CMA Credit Executive of the Year 2012

Mike Mitchell, Kathy Tomlin, CCE and Mike Puccinelli, CCE

CMA’s Credit Executive of the Year recognizes an individual who demonstrates outstanding performance in the field of business credit management. Nominees for the award are considered on the basis of professional experience, education, leadership ability and participation in CMA committees and activities. The winner is carefully selected by a group of your peers who are former recipients of the award.

The nominees considered for this year’s award are:

  • Darrell Horton
  • Gerry Gilbert , CCE
  • Melissa Kobus, CCE
  • Michael Mino, CCE
  • Robert Simmons, CCE
  • Patrick Spargur, ICCE
  • Kathleen Tomlin,  CCE

We feel that is a great accomplishment just to be nominated for the award, and so each of the nominees will receive a plaque in appreciation for professionalism and dedication to the association.

This year’s recipient has over 26 years of experience in the credit profession, and has volunteered countless hours:

  • Serving on many CMA committees and work groups
  • Mentoring new credit professionals, and is considered a construction industry expert
  • Serving on the CMA Board as Director, Treasurer, Vice Chairman and Chairman and currently holds the position of “Advisor”.
  • This person has been a speaker at Western Region Credit Conference, Credit Professionals groups and a presenter for many CMA sponsored Webinars.
  • This person has been interviewed for NACM Business Credit Magazine and CFO Magazine and is a “Certified Expert Witness”.
  • She has served on the NACM board of directors and most recently served as the NACM Chairman of the Board.

Quote:  As the 2011 Chair of NACM I traveled extensively to conferences and meetings nationally and internationally.  CMA is a premier affiliate and I was proud to have been nurtured and mentored by CMA staff and members.  CMA has made a huge difference in my career; giving back to the credit community is an honor.

Please help me recognize CMA’s Credit Executive of the Year – Kathleen Tomlin CCE

CMA New Member- AMEC Environment & Infrastructive Inc.

From their website:

AMEC is one of the world’s leading engineering, project management and consultancy companies

Our goal is to deliver profitable, safe and sustainable projects and services for our customers in the oil and gas, minerals and metals, clean energy, environment  and infrastructure markets, including sectors that play a vital role in the global and national economies and in people’s everyday lives

We design, deliver and maintain strategic assets for our customers, offering services which extend from environmental and front end engineering design before the start of a project to decommissioning at the end of an asset’s life.


Refer a New Member to CMA – Win a FREE WRCC Registration

CMA Members

CMA has an exciting offer for our members. To complement NACM Nationals current “Take Your Pick” new member promotion, CMA has created a promotion for our current members. If a current member refers a new member to CMA by June 1, 2012 they will be eligible for a FREE registration to the NACM Western Region Credit Conference (WRCC).

Budgets are tighter than ever for many members. Taking the time to refer the company on your next trade reference request or a company you feel would fit into your Credit Group – could secure your attendance at the WRCC even in a tight budget year.

Click here to Refer a Member to CMA and read the rules of the program.

You can refer multiple companies to increase your chances. We have the most success with referrals that you talk to about CMA. Tell them that CMA supports business credit, tell them about the value of the Take Your Pick promotion they will receive and share with them why you are a member.

CMA New Member- Breg Inc.

From their website:

Founded in 1989, Breg offers cold therapy, knee, shoulder, spine, elbow/wrist, foot/ankle bracing and orthopedic practice solutions. The Company’s products are sold through more than 100 distributors in 36 countries. Breg is based in Carlsbad, CA, with approximately 500 employees in the U.S. and Mexico.
For two decades, Breg has transformed orthopedic care with industry-leading products. Breg is the leader in motorized cold therapy, selling over two million Polar Care® units. In 2005, Breg launched the Fusion® family of functional knee braces, combining sleek, lightweight design with exceptional comfort and fit. Introduced in 2010 on select Fusion braces, AirTech is an innovative system of AirMesh® and pad channels that move heat and moisture away from the skin.
Introduced in 2011, Breg’s LPR Ligament Knee Brace provides rigid support and extensive range of motion. The SlingShot3 Shoulder Brace, also launched in 2011, is the industry’s first shoulder sling to offload pressure from the neck, making it extremely comfortable.

Breg offers a line of premier post-operative braces with the patented T-Scope® hinge, and a full range of soft goods. Breg’s Orthopedic Practice Solution enables orthopedic practices to set up and maintain an in-office orthopedic bracing and supplies program.

CMA New Member- Toyota Lift of Los Angeles

From their website:

Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles in California has been the premier provider of new and used forklifts and material handling solutions in the industry for 20 years!  We are committed to offering a full selection of superior products and services.  Over the years our customers’ needs have changed, and we pride ourselves on adapting and growing to exceed their expectations.  We only offer the highest quality brands in material handling equipment including Toyota, the number one selling brand of forklift in the world.  Toyota-Lift of Los Angeles also offers Aichi scissor lifts, Hoist lift trucks, Konecrane aerial lifting equipment, and other quality brands of material handling equipment. Visit us for your forklift service or lift truck parts needs.

CMA New Member- Rosen Materials

From their website:

Rosen Materials is a leading distributor of residential and commercial gypsum  products and accessories, steel framing, insulation, stucco as well as other  specialty building materials in the United States & the Caribbean.
With locations strategically positioned in major  metropolitan markets in Florida, Illinois and Nevada,  Rosen Materials can service residential and commercial  contractors in addition to custom and high volume home  builders in many of the largest construction markets in  the country.

CMA New Member- Four Star Meat Company

From their website:

We are one of Southern California’s prominent Meat Processors and Wholesale Food Distributors catering predominantly to the Fast Food, Coffee Shop and Restaurant industries.

We are a family owned and operated business established in So. Cal. in year 1969.

From our humble beginnings in Wilmington, to our newer and modernized Production and Warehouse facilities in Long Beach, we have been producing 100% Pure Ground Beef Patties and catering to the Restaurant Industry with unwavering zeal, best quality products and excellent service for over 20 years.

CMA New Member- IAB Solutions LLC

From their website:

We are a nationwide service provider focused on the resolution, recovery and management of deductions and accounts receivable disputes.

Working independently and adapting our approach to fit each situation allows us to recover the maximum possible dollars, increase your cash flow and productivity, and maintain and promote the goodwill of your customers.

IAB provides accounts receivable and deduction resolution services to an ever increasing number of satisfied clients. Our future is built on the present satisfaction of our clients as well as the highest level of quality, character, and innovation.


CMA New Member- Extreme Pressure System

From their website:

In 2002 Extreme Pressure Systems, Inc. introduced their first completely portable surface preparation system. This system utilized up to 40,000 psi of water with simultaneous vacuum recovery.

While many companies try to copy the process, EPS continues to distance themselves from the competition by debuting their 4 th Generation waterblasting system. EPS waterblasting technology was originally designed for the removal of the lead based thermoplastic stripe and paint removal on the California highways and is still in use today!

Motivated through feedback from our customers, in 2006 EPS was transformed into a total surface preparation company – with a goal of having the right tool for each project. We rapidly became 4 companies in one. We now provide waterblasting, shotblasting, grinding, scarifying and scraping.

In 2008 after extensive research and development, EPS introduced their state of the art water recycling system. This system has taken EPS to the forefront of technology once again, allowing us to help our customers be more competitive and be environmentally green.

Today, after many years of development, testing, and learning, Extreme Pressure Systems, Inc. is now the leader in providing the right equipment for our customer’s surface preparation needs.

Now Accepting Honors & Awards Nominations

The Honors and Awards Committee of Credit Management Association is now accepting nominations for the following Member Awards:

  • CMA Credit Executive of the Year
  • CMA Instructor of the Year
  • CMA Mentor of the Year
  • CBA Designation of Excellence
  • CBF Designation of Excellence
  • CCE Designation of Excellence

This is an opportunity for you to recognize those Credit Professionals who have demonstrated outstanding leadership, exemplary commitment to the Credit Profession, and who have inspired or have worked to promote the advancement of the Profession.  Any nominations received by March 1, 2012 will be considered.  The recipients will be awarded at CMA’s Annual Meeting on April 12, 2012 held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, California. 

Nominees will be judged on the basis of professional experience, education, leadership ability and participation in CMA groups, committees and activities.

Download the nomination forms (511) Submit your nominations by March 1, 2012 to:

Kim Lamberty CAE
Credit Management Association
Fax: (818) 972-5301

CMA New member- Super Micro Computer

From their website:

Super Micro Computer, Inc. or Supermicro® (NASDAQ: SMCI), a global leader in high-performance, high-efficiency server technology and innovation is a premier provider of end-to-end green computing solutions for Enterprise IT, Datacenter, Cloud Computing, HPC and Embedded Systems worldwide. Supermicro’s advanced server Building Block Solutions® offers a vast array of modular, interoperable components for building energy-efficient, application-optimized, computing solutions. This broad line of products includes servers, blades, GPU systems, workstations, motherboards, chassis, power supplies, storage technologies, networking solutions and SuperRack® cabinets/accessories. Architecture innovations include Twin Architecture, SuperServer®, SuperBlade®, MicroCloud, Super Storage Bridge Bay (SBB), Double-Sided Storage™, Universal I/O (UIO) and WIO expansion technology all of which deliver unrivaled performance and value.

Supermicro combines 18+ years of advanced engineering experience with efficient production and integration expertise to develop first-to-market green computing solutions. The company is committed to protecting the environment through its “We Keep IT Green®” initiative. From motherboards and power supplies designed with the latest high-efficiency components to intelligent power management and cooling subsystems, Supermicro offers the most energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly solutions available on the market.

CMA New Member- Adolfos Contractor Corp

From their website:

We are a professional company, diverse in our capabilities, and unified in our goals. Adolfo’s Contractor inc. is highly focused on its reliable and caring service to clients, prospects and all who work with us.

Our Mission is be the company of choice for Construction in Southern California. We hold high standards in our field; constant refinement is crucial to meet the needs of today’s market. Large amounts of time and energy are spent keeping up with market changes. We set ourselves apart from our competitors by embracing these challenges.

Not Another Worthless New Years Resolution – Larry Convoy

New Year's Resolutions

A new year, time to once again resolve to fit into that suit I bought in 2007 or follow through on changing my car’s oil at least once this year.  Not exactly reaching for the sky but if history is any indication chances are good that neither of these things will happen in 2012.

What I will resolve to do this year is make sure that each of the 750+ CMA members that belong to an Industry group are aware of the responsibilities that are attached to being a member of a group and how beneficial this service is.

With the use of some of your own words, please commit to including these in your 2012 Resolutions.

REPORTING – In the words of one Las Vegas group member,

“I have saved my company thousand of dollars and have made very wise credit decisions because of the information I have gotten from the alerts, RFI’s and monthly group report. That is why I believe it is my responsibility to report every month.”

As members submit information, it builds history in the anscers data bank which benefits all members today, tomorrow or 6 months from now. Also, submitting your complete A/R to CMA can save you a great deal of time reporting.

ATTENDANCE – To quote a Northern CA Member:

“My efficiency rate has doubled and delinquencies have been reduced significantly since I started attending regularly. There is a great deal of knowledge and experience sitting at that table that I was missing.”

Sharing your industry and account knowledge, credit expertise on topics ranging from small claims court to Chapter 11 or just networking make attending your group meeting or conference call time well spent. Prior to the meeting, prepare by gathering any accounts requiring clearance or credit issues needing assistance.

PROMOTING – An out-of-state member said:

“No faxed credit request or call received gets responded to without a pitch for our credit group. If we are sharing this account, there are probably many more we can assist each other with.”

More members in a group mean more trade information, less need for costly third party credit reports or losing 20%-50% to a collection agency.

More members in a group mean more sharing of knowledge and Best Practices, less expenditure for attorneys or other professionals.

More members=less losses=more profits and hopefully more $$$ in your pocket.

If you promise to follow through on these three resolutions, I will resolve to change the oil in my car regularly. I think fitting in the suit is not an attainable goal in 2012.

Have a great year.


Larry Convoy, Supervisor-Industry Credit Groups


CMA New Member- B & B Surplus Inc.

From their website:

If you’re in the market for stainless steel/aluminum or carbon steel metal products – go no further! Purchasing carbon steel metals, stainless steel, aluminum products or various other products online from B & B Specialty Metals offers buyers one clear advantage over traditional metals sources: convenience. Internet metals sites never shut down.  Searching for Cold Metal Products Sheet Metal Hot Metal. Aluminum or Flat Bar metal products BBMetals has the products for you. This benefit can prove especially useful for managers saddled with shop floor issues, sales calls, and other duties that often find themselves processing metals quotes well after normal business hours when salespeople at metal service centers are at home relaxing. It also offers the convenience of purchasing stainless steel/aluminum or carbon steel metals from the convenience of your home pc. Logging on to B & B Specialty Metals is a fast and efficient way to process all your metals orders

CMA New Member- Imperial Western Products

From their website:

Imperial Western Products started as a small corporation in Coachella, Ca in 1966, with just a single location and only 9 employees until the mid eighties. The company originally traded commodities in the agricultural markets. Since 1966 Imperial Western Products has grown by leaps and bounds to become a very successful, broadly diversified corporation, always at the forefront of our industries. Lee Trawick, founder of Imperial Western Products, was always dedicated to producing quality products and providing excellent service to its customers. This same passion can still be found at Imperial Western Products, from the desk of the corporate executive in Coachella California to the blue collar laborer in Buckeye Arizona, always making quality and customer service their top priority. The expansion of the current multimillion dollar company includes twenty-eight divisions over eight locations and five production facilities throughout the Southwest.

CMA New Member- DJO Global LLC

From their website:

DJO Global, Inc. is a leading global provider of high-quality, orthopedic devices, with a broad range of products used for rehabilitation, pain management and physical therapy. We also develop, manufacture and distribute a broad range of surgical reconstructive implant products. We are the largest non-surgical orthopedic rehabilitation device company in the United States and among the largest globally, as measured by revenues. Many of our products have leading market positions. We believe that our strong brand names, comprehensive range of products, focus on quality, innovation and customer service, extensive distribution network, and our strong relationships with orthopedic and physical therapy professionals have contributed to our leading market positions. We believe that we are one of only a few orthopedic device companies that offer healthcare professionals and patients a diverse range of orthopedic rehabilitation products addressing the complete spectrum of preventative, pre-operative, post-operative, clinical and home rehabilitation care. Our products are used by orthopedic specialists, spine surgeons, primary care physicians, pain management specialists, physical therapists, podiatrists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and other healthcare professionals to treat patients with musculoskeletal conditions resulting from degenerative diseases, deformities, traumatic events and sports-related injuries. In addition, many of our non-surgical medical devices and related accessories are used by athletes and patients for injury prevention and at-home physical therapy treatment.

CMA New Member- Steel Edge Inc.

From their website: 


CMA New Member- Cascade Orthopedic

From their website:

Representing over 150 suppliers–including Aetrex, Becker, WillowWood and Trulife–Cascade distributes over 50,000 products to O&P professionals throughout North America. We maintain a competitive edge by offering overnight delivery on all in-stock items while charging only ground rates–a program unique to the O&P industry. With our expanded product line and superior customer service we have been a major supplier to the O&P industry for over 30 years.

Credit Group – End of Year Report – Larry Convoy

Thank You!

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden. Each New Year gives us the opportunity to start again.”

One could argue that for the Credit Manager, each new month is an opportunity to start again. The previous months problems resolved and a new batch requiring your attention. Last month’s unresolved issues are now being worked again this time residing one column to the right on your aging report.  You keep a glimmer of hope that last months new account becomes this month’s discount customer.

You are employed in a stressful occupation that requires the skills of an accountant, negotiator, lawyer, salesmen, customer service rep, psychiatrist and juggler. It is profession that demands excellence and allows little room for error. Successes are rarely attributed to you but loses always are.

Yet each month you show up at a group meeting or conference call willing to share your knowledge and experiences, both good and bad, with your peers. You take the time each month to enter alerts, respond to RFI’s or fill out a report knowing that this information is of value to someone else in your industry.

On behalf of all of CMA’s Group Secretaries, we thank you for the professionalism exhibited and friendship you have shown us throughout the year or as in the case of some, throughout the decades.  We look forward to 2012 with optimism that an improved economy will make all of our jobs a bit less stressful.

Wishing you Happy Holidays and a Healthy New Year


Larry Convoy
ICG Supervisor

Credit Groups – Stay Vigilant Through The Holidays

For many of us, the month of December means parties, both at home and at work, shopping for family and friends and generally happy memories. For others it means the last chance to sell product, satisfy vendors, attempt to make payroll and decide whether or not to continue the business.

For many Industry Trade Groups, it’s time to ignore the reports and pick up a glass of wine or simply cancel the meeting altogether. We have spent the previous 11 months sharing information, submitting alerts, RFI’s and reports that have made the granting and administration of credit easier and hopefully has saved your company money.

However, the past few years of economic decline has dictated that we put down the wine and make December a real working month. Many of your customers, especially those in retail, may not be back in January of 2012.  A common alert posted every January is “phone disconnected” or “mail being returned.”  Not the greatest way to start out a new year, with large balances on your aging and a customer who has disappeared.

One way to reduce the risk of this happening is for all members to increase their group participation for the next 30-60 days. Enter an alert at the first sign of trouble; submit an RFI if a customers orders or payments dramatically change. If geographically possible, drive by the business and confirm any suspicions for yourself.  If your group is meeting this month, attend and share. December may be just 1 month out of 12 on the calendar but to many businesses, it will determine survival or not.

A great gift we could all receive this year is to be gainfully employed in 2012.  Staying active in your group will go along way to putting that present under your tree.

On behalf of the entire ICG Department, we thank you for your support this year and wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons and a Healthy New Year.


Larry Convoy, ICG Supervisor


CMA Poll: Your thoughts on internal credit scoring systems

CMA Member Poll: Your thoughts on internal credit scoring systems. (148 responses)

  • • We use one and it is essential  15%
  • • We use one and it is helpful  18%
  • • We use one and it is inconsistent  4%
  • • We do NOT use one but would like to 14%
  • We do NOT use one and have no plans to 44% 
  • • Other:  5%

Jeffrey McLellan – We have developed our own credit worksheet that has become invaluable in approving credit and establishing credit limits for our new accounts. It is also a tool that is easy to understand for our sales staff as they analyze why/how we come up with credit decisions.

F. Scott Wilson – We use Equifax credit scoring and reports. With the size of our company and the number of different regions and businesses we sell into, creating a credit scoring system internally isn’t going to be as effective, and would chew up a lot of time and other scarce resources. I have set up credit scoring systems at other companies to good result, but it just isn’t a fit here.

You can participate in CMA’s monthly polls on

Now Accepting Nominations and Applications for CMA Board of Directors

The CMA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations and applications for service on the 2012-2013 Board of Directors. If you would like to nominate a candidate for service, or you are interested in applying for a Director position directly, please complete a Candidate Nomination or Application form and return it to CMA by January 13, 2012.

Board of Directors Qualifications and Responsibilities

As provided by the Bylaws of CMA, the Board of Directors oversees the general operation and sets policy for the Association. It is, therefore, essential that members of the Board understand their responsibilities and be willing to commit the time and effort necessary to do justice to this great organization.The responsibilities and qualifications of a member of the Board are as follows:

  • Read and be familiar with the Bylaws of the Corporation.
  • A Board member is required to be the authorized representative of his/her company to CMA.
  • Attend the Annual Meeting and Installation of Officers and Directors (or a similar – Chapter Annual Meeting)
  • Attend Board meetings, five times per year, typically held on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
  • Attend the Annual Board Retreat (two days usually in May or June).
  • Review and accept financial and operating statements of the Association.
  • Review and approve reports of committees, project teams and boards of governors.
  • Serve on various committees of the Association as assigned by the Chairman of the Board.
  • Show support for the Association and its programs by participating in CMA’s member services and by attending educational and social functions, and promote CMA’s services to other members and prospective members at every opportunity.
  • When possible, attend the annual NACM Credit Congress held each May or June, and/or the Western Region Credit Conference in September or October, sponsored by the NACM affiliated associations of the Western Region.

CMA New Members

G B Solutions- Burbank, CA

Unistar Foods Inc.- Pomona, CA

Five Star Systems Inc.- N. Las Vegas, NV

Bonanza Beverage Co.- Las Vegas, NV

Campus Foods- City of Industry, CA

Denver Mountain Boots- Paramount, CA

Focus Plumbing LLC- Las Vegas, NV

Dongbu USA Inc.- Torrance, CA

San Francisco Gravel Co. Inc.- San Francisco, CA

Underwood & Wong Produce Inc.- Los Angeles, CA

Pete King Commercial LLC- Las Vegas, NV

BMC West- Modesto, CA

Henry Bros Electronics Inc.- Fullerton, CA

Avanti Glass/Mirror- Las Vegas, NV

CMA New Member- Nova Ortho Med Inc.

From their website:

NOVA is a leading innovator and manufacturer of Mobility, Bathroom Safety, and Independent Living products such as designer canes, rolling walkers, transport chairs, wheelchairs, bath safety, cushions, and mobility accessories.

Started in 1993, Nova has grown organically with a strong foundation and fundamental values of service, quality and integrity. Nova’s goal and mission is to provide and service superior quality products with great function and fashion for physically challenged people to live a healthy, independent, and beautiful lifestyle.

Our commitment to caring and providing exceptional service is represented by our extraordinary staff, excellent warranty and product service program, consumer and dealer education, product innovation, and charitable contributions locally, nationally and internationally. Although our customers may have physical challenges, beyond their physical being is a heart with tremendous strength, a mind full of wisdom, and a spirit that is determined. We are dedicated to unleashing the potential of our customers.

CMA New Member- Interblock USA

From their website:

Interblock is a worldwide recognised trademark of multiplayer gaming machines: roulette, blackjack, dice, fish-shrimp-crab, craps, keno, bingo and video games. Electromechanical and electronic gaming solutions by Interblock guarantee casinos, arcades and gambling lounges worldwide superior product performance and their guests a gaming experience to be remembered!

CMA New Member- Entravision Communications

From their website:

Entravision Communications Corporation (NYSE: EVC) is a diversified Spanish-language media company with a unique group of media assets including television stations and radio stations. Our media assets are strategically located in fast-growing and high-density U.S. Hispanic markets where the Hispanic consumer base will accounts for approximately $1083 billion in consumer spending in 2014.

We own and/or operate 53 primary television stations across the United States. Our television assets principally consist of the largest affiliate groups for the two television networks of Univision Communications Inc., Univision and TeleFutura. We own and/or operate television stations in 20 of the top 50 U.S. Hispanic markets.

CMA New Member- Interstate Oil Co.

From their website:

InterState Oil Company was founded in 1970 by the Andrews family in Sacramento, CA. Over the past 40 years, we have consistently expanded our coverage area throughout California and Nevada, and brought on more than 200 friendly and professional employees so that we may provide the highest level of customer service imaginable.

InterState Oil Company remains owned and operated by the Andrews family, who believes that the true strength of the company comes from the people within, who are all considered part of the family.

InterState Oil Company is committed to providing the absolute best experience in the industry, and it shows in everything we do. We are committed to making your business a success, and we believe that the development of a partnership with our customers provides the strength and stability to mutually succeed.

CMA New member- Irritec USA Inc.

From their website:

Following the great and successful experience of  introducing its’ products into North America, Irritec&Siplast decided to directly serve the US and Canadian markets with their state-of-the-art products and solutions for irrigation. That’s why in August 2009 Irritec USA Inc. was established with the specific mission of serving the US and Canadian markets and satisfying  the needs of our valued Customers.
Irritec USA Inc., headquartered in Fresno California, is manufacturing and distributing irrigation products, including the popular Perma-Loc Hose and Tape Fittings and associated accessory items in addition to world-class drip tape, valves, air vents, filters, sprinklers and more.

CMA New Member- Decowraps

From their website:

Decowraps was founded in February 1999 in Miami, Florida, home of our global headquarters.  Decowraps’ objective has been to supply the floral industry with the most innovative packaging products.  

As a result of global sourcing, vertical integration, and superior personalized customer service Decowraps has become a leading supplier of distinctive packaging options for all levels of fresh flowers and potted plans.

CMA New Member- Olive Hill Greenhouses

From their website:

Olive Hill Greenhouses has been located in Fallbrook, Ca since 1973. Since then Olive Hill has grown rapidly into one of the largest interior plant producers in California.

Our two production facilities total 760,000 square feet, and our modern greenhouses features include galvanized steel exterior walls, inside insulation, computer control of misting, propagation, environment, and shade curtains.

We grow our bromeliads and orchids using Reverse Osmosis for increased water quality. Most of our growing tables are rolling in order to maximize the growing area and reduce aisle space in each greenhouse, and many custom trailers and handcarts are used to move plants.

CMA New Member- Jacmar Foodservice

From their website:

Jacmar Foodservice Distribution presently operates from two distribution centers and has been serving the complete needs of the restaurant industry in California and Nevada for more than fifty years. Built in 1999, our 82,000 square foot state of the art distribution center services customers as far north as Santa Barbara and as far south as San Diego. We also serve the Palm Springs and Bakersfield area.

Jacmar carries thousands of items for all types of restaurants. We service white tablecloth restaurants, delicatessens, fast food establishments and a rapidly developing Hispanic segment. We sell frozen, chilled and dry products, produce and dairy, as well as a complete line of paper products, many commonly used smallwares and janitorial products.

Giving Thanks For Credit Groups – Larry Convoy

Stop me if you have heard this before but “I can’t believe it is already Thanksgiving and that 2011 is almost over”.  I think I can finally throw out all the information I gathered on the effects Y2K is going to have on the business community.

Having just finished welcoming to CMA, 9 new companies and the groups they signed for, it occurred to me how thankful I am that I not only have a job in this economy but work for a company that provides a needed and beneficial service to so many others.

Hearing comments that information picked up at a meeting or through an alert saved a company thousands of dollars actually improves my day. Seeing 100% contributions every month on the past due report from the members of Central Valley Feed and Grain and Wholesale Roofing Groups shows the commitment these members have to their group. Witnessing the dedication of Kathy from Onesource who drives every month from San Diego to the Electric group or Tim Rabbit of Kensington Electronics who actually flies his own plane from Dallas to attend the Electronic Parts meeting every quarter means there is real value in this service. Having Dan Sproat of Wholesale Fuels show up to a meeting during his vacation tells me that Industry Trade Groups(ICG) are more then just a gathering to eat lunch on the company.

We are thankful that your management has made the business decision that membership in a credit group is a valuable resource that they support. We appreciate the effort you make to share your information and knowledge with your peers and the friendships that develop from this service

On behalf of the ICG team, Ana, Morena, Paul and myself, we wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Holidays!

Larry Convoy
ICG Supervisor

P.S.  I will not ruin this message by reminding you to enter alerts, respond to all RFI’s and make sure you contribute to your monthly report during the upcoming holiday season.

CMA New Member- Finis Inc.

From their website:

Founded in 1993 in Northern California, FINIS was founded by John Mix and Olympic Gold Medal Swimmer Pablo Morales. Understanding that improving one’s technique is the secret to swimming faster and enjoying the sport more, the duo went on to introduce truly innovative tools to the swimming community. Many of these products are currently used by US and international Olympic teams, elite Triathletes, and fitness swimmers worldwide.

Innovative research and design is FINIS’ highest priority. This dedication has resulted in truly innovative products such as: the Swimmer’s Snorkel which is recognized as the paramount tool to improve a swimmer’s technique, the SwiMP3 that uses bone conduction technology to play music instead of using ear buds, and the Z2 Zoomers fins which demonstrate intimate knowledge of swimming musculature, hydrodynamics and engineering.

CMA New Member- Rockview Dairies Inc.

From their website:

Our family-owned and operated dairy has been in business in Southern California since 1927. For three generations, the DeGroot family, owners of Rockview Farms® and Good Heart® Organic Milk, have been making the freshest, most nutritious milk possible.

In fact, we are one of the last dairies in the state to own our own cows and process, package and distribute our own milk. That’s why we say Rockview milk is fresh from our farms to you.

CMA New Member: Ultra Clean Technology

From their website:

Ultra Clean Technology succeeds in meeting customers’ requirements through a combination of careful product analysis, specialized design services and high precision manufacturing. The exceptionally skilled technical and engineering staff leads the industry in the design of complex sub-assemblies, critical modules and gas & liquid delivery systems. UCT provides an increasingly wide variety of services, ranging from redesigning and upgrading existing systems to the creation of completely new designs — all designed and built to meet customers’ unique process specifications. UCT forges a strong, relationship with their customers beginning with the design of every project. UCT design teams are highly integrated with the customer design team, and in many cases UCT staff are physically located at the OEM site. To ensure the final result meets or exceeds end-user process specifications, the customer is involved at every stage of the design process.

From start to finish, the specific needs of the customer are UCT’s first priority. After manufacturing and exhaustive testing has been completed, a comprehensive technical document is provided to support all functionality requirements and system operation. This documentation is included with every product shipped. Ultra Clean Technology is committed to understanding their customers’ unique process requirements and to building superior gas and liquid delivery systems, process chambers, frame assemblies, critical modules, high precision machined components and other specialized products.

CMA New Member- Advanced Media Tech Inc.

From their website:

About Us

AMT is a large stocking electronics distributor and your best choice for Motorola Broadband, RGB, EGT, KTech, Harris / Videotek and many other product lines.  With an unmatched inventory of stocked items, including digital, analog and IP headend electronics, DigiCipher® receivers, RF and fiber transport, digital encoders, ad insertion, line gear, modems, digital QAM and IP set – tops;  AMT is uniquely positioned to provide the shortest lead times for Motorola CATV equipment along with many other brands.

A corporate culture of new technology development has kept AMT at the forefront of RF transmission and reception technology, and the hardware supplier of choice among leading content providers.

CMA New Member- Taylor Guitars

From their website:

Taylor Guitars is a leading manufacturer of acoustic, acoustic/electric, and electric guitars, and offers an extensive Build to Order custom guitar program. Taylor guitars are renowned for their playability and great tone, and the company’s full-service outreach includes helpful customer service, informative online guitar videos, and its TaylorWare line of clothing, gear and guitar accessories. Many leading music artists play a Taylor guitar, including Dave Matthews, Taylor Swift, Jason Mraz, Zac Brown, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Doyle Dykes. The company’s headquarters are in El Cajon, California, with a European distribution center in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

CMA New Member- Absolute Flood Response

From their website:

 Absolute Flood Response and Construction is the premier disaster restoration company in the Las Vegas area. Specializing in water, fire and any other catastrophe cleanup and restoration needs, Absolute Flood Response and Construction is the authority on fast response and quick, professional disaster remediation. Got mold? We use 100% organic cleaners to ensure your home is green and clean! With our super fast drying times and extremely knowledgeable staff, we will get you back in your dwelling quicker than anyone in the valley! 
       Not only are we disaster restoration pro’s, we are also a General Contractor that can handle any drywall, carpet, tile, bathroom, paint or any other construction projects. Be sure to check out the gallery and see some of what we do!

CMA New Member- Prime Source Building Products

From their website:

PrimeSource Building Products, Inc. is the largest purveyor of fasteners in the world, and one of the largest distributors of building materials in North America.
Our proprietary product lines include the Grip-Rite® family of products and Pro-Twist® Construction Fasteners. Visit and to learn more about these exciting product lines.

CMA New Member- Sparkle Power

From their website:

Founded in 1993, Sparkle Power Incorporated (SPI) is one of the largest leading switching power supply manufacturers in the world. Highly focus on advanced Research and Development, in alliance with industry leaders such as Intel and AMD, SPI plays a dominant role in providing world-class quality power supplies. Our commitment to engineering and manufacturing excellence enables us to offer cost-effective products with superior performance. Emphasizing on standard and custom (ODM/OEM) products, SPI has build a strong reputation with proven solutions for the PC, Industrial PC, Telecommunication, and Consumer Electronics industries.


Today, SPI has significantly expanded its manufacturing capability with monthly production volume of 2 million units with expectation of surpassing 3 million units by year 2004. All manufacturing facilities are ISO-9001 and ISO-14001 certified. Furthermore, quality and performance are guaranteed by in-house safety testing labs, which verify compliance with worldwide safety regulatory agencies.


Service, Professional, and Innovation are the base principles of our continuous improvement strategy. Our business partners measure SPI superiority through innovative technology, quality manufacturing, product reliability, and prompt delivery. Driven by these principles, SPI has become the partner of choice for total power solutions.

CMA New Member- IPS Corporation

From their website:

IPS® Corporation is the leading manufacturer of industrial and commercial solvent cements, primers, sealants, plumbing and roofing products, as well as structural and assembly adhesives. We offer contractors, pipe fitters, plumbers, and fabricators a portfolio of proven, reliable, time-saving, professional grade products.

CMA New Member- Aspen Medical Products

From their website:

Aspen Medical Products, Inc., is a leader in the design, development and marketing of upper and lower spinal orthotics. The Company is in Irvine, California and has local sales representatives throughout the United States as well as representation worldwide. For over twenty-five years, the management team and employees at Aspen have introduced a continuous flow of pioneering spinal bracing products and services to the healthcare marketplace.

CMA New Member: Summit Almonds LLC

From their website:

Summit Almonds assists California almond handlers and growers in marketing high quality almonds at competitive prices to our partners and end users around the world.  We pride ourselves on providing knowledgeable, personable services in order to create long term, trusted relationships and success for all. Summit Almonds supplies daily market information to both handlers and buyers.  We provide crop and pricing updates to help you make the most informed decisions.  From order placement to delivery, we manage logistics, documentation, labeling, and shipping to all markets to ensure timely delivery and satisfaction.  Summit Almonds has relationships with over 40 top almond handlers in California to fullfill all your almond requirements.

CMA New Member- Ganahl Lumber Co.

From their website:

Over the years Ganahl Lumber Company has earned a reputation for high quality products and customer service. Our employees are clearly the company’s most valuable resource. Ganahl Lumber Company is committed to serving our customers by doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well. Our reputation is built on integrity – we do what we say and say what we do. Ganahl Lumber Company has many benefits to offer its employees and customers, such as a wide variety of quality products and services as well as up-to-date computer and information systems. While Ganahl moves forward to keep the business running smoothly in a high-tech world, employees and customers alike also appreciate the rich history in general and the Ganahl family’s efforts to build a high quality lumber company.

Kim Lamberty & Darrell Horton On The Radio October 29

Steve Sanson (left) Radio Host

Saturday October 29th on the Veterans In Politics Talk Show we are proud to introduce the following guests Kim Lamberty a Blue Star Mother and Vice President of Operations and Business Development for Credit Management Association. Also Ann Westpy, wife of a US Airman serving his country proudly in Afghanistan.

Hold on to your seat folks we also have Darrell Horton. He is the Revenue Manager for Shuffle Master and an officer on the Credit Management Association Board of Directors.

This internet talk show will be aired LIVE in studio on from 2PM-3PM Pacific Time; just click onto the LIVE link and listen to the show on your blackberry, home PC, lap-top, or any cell phone with internet access. If anyone would like to call in to the show with a question or comment dial 702-998-7532 or 702-998-7533.

DSO 7 – WRCC Intro Video

DSO 7 - WRCC Intro Video

This James Bond-style opener to the 2011 NACM Western Region Credit Conference features real credit managers tracking down fictitious debtors in a warm tribute to the credit profession. The video also features the original song, “The Credit You Deserve.” For more info about the conference program and the 2012 NACM Western Region Credit Congress, visit

CMA Poll Results – Last Update to Your Credit Application

When was your company’s Credit Application Form last updated?
(218 responses)

  • • Within the last year  30.73%
  • • Over 1 year less than 3 years ago  33.03%
  • • Over 3 years less than 5 years ago  13.3%
  • • Over 5 years ago  11.01%
  • • To my knowledge it has not been updated  5.05%
  • • We review and update our credit application every year  2.75%
  • • We review and update our credit application when laws change  2.29%
  • • Other: View  1.83%

It’s Not Too Late To Register For WRCC!

Tardy Birds - Get Moving!

Tardy Birds, it’s not too late to get a great conference offer  for the NACM Western Regional Credit Conference on October 5-7 at the Monte Carlo Hotel in Las Vegas. Register online and pay through Google Checkout and you can save $149 on the Full Conference and a Pre-Conference Session. Our Tardy Bird Offer is $545 for the full conference and one pre-conference session (regularly priced at $649). The Monte Carlo room block has sold out, but you can still contact them direct for a great room rate. The Tardy Bird Offer is the last conference discount that will be available, register today!

At the WRCC, we are offering more than 23 educational sessions, and 2 Pre-Conference full-day sessions. This broad range of educational opportunities ensures that everyone will find programs that are directly applicable to the work they perform.  The presenters have been selected for their knowledge as well as their ability to make information readily accessible to attendees. There are also plenty of opportunities to meet with other credit professionals and share or compare ideas, and learn new ones.
Our focus at the WRCC is on providing attendees with information and tools they can use as soon as they return to work. The goal of the WRCC is to help attendees to become more effective and more efficient credit professionals. We know that even small improvements can result in big benefits to your employer in terms of lower bad debt losses and fewer delinquent accounts.  Every educational event is an opportunity to get practical tips, tools and techniques about how to better manage customers and credit risks.
We hope to see you there!

CMA’s Newest Designees – Congratulations!

NACM Certification

Congratulations to CMA’s newest NACM Designees!



When you apply to participate in the Professional Certification Program, you are on your way to demonstrating that you are among the best. You’ll join a select group of individuals (like those above) who have made the commitment to excellence in credit management, career advancement, and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge. Throughout the process, you will be recognized for your achievements.

The certification program, sponsored by the National Association of Credit Management, has helped define and establish professional standards in this demanding and rapidly changing field, and fosters recognition of those individuals who possess special expertise.

Cheryl Hammond is the Education Counselor for CMA. It’s never too late (or too early) to get started, call Cheryl at 831-475-9482.

Download Certification Information (1219)
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CMA Poll Results – How Many Years In Business Credit?

Click to Enlarge

With 424 responses this months CMA Poll has the highest response rate and comment rate of any poll we have published. 53% of the respondents have been in business credit over 20 years.

How many years have you been in business credit?

  • Almost 2 years 2% 10 votes
  • 2 plus to 5 years 6% 25 votes
  • 5 plus to 12 years 15% 64 votes
  • 12 plus to 20 years 23% 98 votes
  • 20 plus to 30 years 33% 140 votes
  • 30 plus years 20% 83 votes
  • Other 1% 4 votes

Poll Comments

  • Thomas – 4 weeks ago

     lmao, Not too many old Credit Managers.

  • F. Scott Wilson – 4 weeks agoThis is interesting. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents so far have more than twenty years’ experience in credit, and a scant 5% have five or fewer years under their belts. It sounds like our profession could use some active recruitment of beginners, who will eventually get the experience to follow in our footsteps. Twenty years of experience, assuming you didn’t get into credit right after high school, is right around the mid-point of a career, just about halfway to retirement, and it looks like there isn’t a lot of bench behind us….

  • Deb – 4 weeks ago

    Thomas, Thomas, Thomas…that’s because only the good die young! I agree with F. Scott Wilson though. It’s an unusual bred who can be successful long term here at least with construction credit as the burnout rate with the last couple of years is pretty high! I’m always encouraging my folks to attend the seminars and/or webinars (or any other ‘inars ) 🙂 as well as take some business law classes if they don’t have that as part of their education. You can not be too well informed and today’s successful credit manager has to be a coach for their customer base as well. The better informed and educated we can make our customers, the smoother our job becomes.

  • Will – 4 weeks ago

    Very interesting indeed .. wondering what the results will be for years of service with the current employer.

  • Lee Clutter, CBA – 2 weeks ago

    I have been in the Credit Biz for 34 years. Very few of us dreamed of becoming a Credit Professional when we started working. Our unique characteristics (both +and -), our business ethics and our ability to work with all sorts of people resulted in a “win-win” for Sales and “on time cash” for the Company (collection efforts/DSO/Percentage Current).

    Will, I have been at SMART for 7 years.

  • Jackie – 2 weeks ago

    Never thought I would be in credit and here I am 8 years later. I am still happy with this field and starting my further education so I can continue in this field

  • Paul – 2 weeks ago

    I think the poll didn’t reach enough people doing actual collections, AR and credit analysis. My guess is that mostly managers received the poll, which skews the results. I have 30+ years experience and 13 with my current company.

  • jules – 2 weeks ago

    I have been in credit for 30 years and I love it. I have been with the same employer as well. Times have changed, technology has gotten better every year, and it makes our jobs so much easier these days. It sure beats the old days, we used to add up a green bar report to get a total past due list then type it on a typewriter.
    Never a dull moment, and I have the best staff anyone could ask for. I am a lucky dog.

  • Dina Amadril – 2 weeks ago

    Hi Paul – We sent this poll to all users on which generally includes more than the manager at the company.

    Not all CMA members have multiple users on anscers so we are going to have a skew in the results anyway – but the way we see them coming in there are not too many new (under 5 years) to credit.

  • Ralph – 2 weeks ago

    I find that there aren’t as many opportunities in Credit & Collections as in the past. Technology most likely plays a roll as it allows each of us to do more than in the past. My own experience is that our profession is not as valued or respected as it was in the past. Protecting assets and reducing losses isn’t as important as posting revenue at any cost and rationalizing the losses. This is the same mindset that caused the housing debacle and has led to the current state of the economy… And it doesn’t appear that any lessons have been learned!

  • Roy K. Carpenter – 2 weeks ago

    Looks like it’s time to start hiring again.

  • Steve S – 2 weeks ago

    I’m not jumping to the conclusion that not many new people are in credit based on this survey. It may suggest not many new managers as these emails typically go to a select/narrow view which are primarily managers and manager in most fields typically require experience.

  • Brenda H. – 2 weeks ago

    I agree with Ralph, I have a GM who won’t write off debt that is even 5 years old. I guess he wants the company to keep paying taxes on revenue that we will never collect. I have been in collections for 19 years and I have never worked for a company who won’t write off debt that you have exausted all sorces to locate people and companies that have gone out of business and / or you can not locate. It is fustrating and rediculas, but I can’t get him to change his mind…


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CMA New Member- Salter Labs

From their website:

Since 1976, Salter Labs® has positioned itself to approach both the hospital and home care markets with products reflecting both innovation and exceptional quality. From the designer‘s desk to the loading dock Salter people are satisfied with nothing less than excellence in the products we offer. We truly believe that Quality Care Begins with Quality Products.

This commitment has led to a new facility and the latest in high tech manufacturing equipment, all focused on keeping pace with the increased demand for products that not only excel in quality, but are unique in design characteristics.

At Salter, we engineer products to fit better and to last longer, while keeping a keen eye on helping contain the ever-rising cost of health care. We do it through creative design and use of superior quality and longer lasting materials.

We invite you in the sleep lab, hospital, or in the home care setting to benefit from our exceptional array of products, each of which reflects the same high level of quality that has always been synonymous with the name Salter.


CMA New Member- Design Concrete of NV

From their website:

DCI Companies was established in 1994, a Nevada based business. We are a general contractor that specializes in structural concrete and concrete tilt ups. All projects begin with high quality foundations and end in the completion of the highest quality workmanship.  DCI Companies has a bonding capacity of $4,000,000.00 which allows DCI to maintain control over quality, schedule and client relations. As an 8(a) Business Development Program certified company with the U.S. Small Business Administration as well as MBE, SBDE and NDOT DBE certifications is capable of completing all projects with high quality of solid service, management, reliability, honesty and personal interaction that ensure satisfaction.

CMA New Member- IMPCO Technologies

From their website:

IMPCO Technologies, Inc., a subsidiary of Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. and a sister company to BRC Gas Equipment, is the world leader in the manufacturing and marketing of advanced products and systems that allow transportation, industrial, lawn & garden, large stationary and power generation internal combustion engines to operate on clean burning, gaseous fuels.

Our company, headquartered in the United States, participates in the established and rapidly growing alternative fuels industry which is being driven by the global need for cleaner air, less expensive fuel and energy independence.

Together with BRC, we have a multitude of worldwide divisions and a vast distribution network that enables our products and services to reach all corners of the globe.


Announcing Our Fall Online Courses

Time away from the office these days is extremely difficult, so we’re bringing the training to your desktop!Benefits of on-line learning include:

  • Exposure to Instructors knowledge that can’t be taught in books Increased
  • Instructor Lead Lectures held weekly via webinar format
  • No travel involved
  • Course material accessible 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • skills in web-based technology
  • Facilitates team learning by offering Discussion Chat Forums
  • No geographic barriers

All of our courses combine the learning experience of a live lecture with the convenience of online participation. This is not a self-study program — get live, personal attention from an experienced, qualified instructor and learn from your classmates.

*Approved for the National Association of Credit Management Certification Program. However, these course does not meet the requirement for the CAP/ACAP Certificate.

Business Credit Priciples Course Presented by Paul Beretz, CICE

Upon successful completion of this course, you should understand the role of credit in financial management, the components of effective credit department systems and procedures, specific government regulations that pertain to business credit, credit and policy procedures, selling terms, negotiable instruments, the Uniform Commercial Code, credit investigations, financing and insurance, business credit fraud, factors associated with credit limits, out-of-court settlements, and bankruptcy.

Course begins: Monday, September 12, 2011
Course Ends: Monday, November 14, 2011
Live lecture every Monday evening from 4 – 5 pm (PT) 10 weeks of lectures

Mandatory Orientation:
Wednesday, September 7, 2011
from 4:00 pm-4:30 pm (PT)
Attendee must have simultaneous access to the internet and a telephone connection.

Course fee: $899 (includes text)

Successful completion of this class is one of three in a series that qualifies you to sit for your CBA.

Financial Statement Analysis Online Course – Presented by Paul Beretz, CICE

Financial Statement Analysis (FSAI) is a method of interpreting accounting data in an effort to understand the current financial performance of an entity and project its future health. FSAI keeps the evaluation process simple, but requires a working knowledge of basic accounting principles. The emphasis of the course is on analyzing financial statements issued by companies using fundamental ratio analysis techniques and analysis of the statement of cash flows. These evaluations can be used to determine the operating efficiency, profitability and financial risk of a firm.

Course begins Tuesday, September 13, 2011
Course ends: Tuesday, October 18, 2011
Live online lecture Tuesdays from 4 – 5 pm (PT)
Course is 6 weeks (not including Orientation)

Mandatory Course Orientation:
Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 4:00-4:30 pm (PT)

Course fee: $899 (includes text)

Successful completion of this class is one of three in a series that qualifies you to sit for your CBA.

Interpretation and Credit Risk Assessment Course – Presented by Jim Menard, CCE

This course provides students with an intermediate level understanding of how to interpret financial statements issued by corporations and recommend credit lines.

Program to include:
*Introduction to financial reporting
*Introduction to financial statements and other financial reporting tools
*Balance Sheet
*Income Statement
*Basic Analysis
*Statement of Cash Flows
*Cash Analysis Using an Excel program on an actual company


Orientation and Mandatory Online Lab
Thursday, September29, 2011
3:30 pm-5:00 pm
Thursday, Octboer 6, 2011
3:30 pm-5:00 pm

Lectures begins: Thursday, October 13, 2011
Course ends: Thursday, December8, 2011
Live lectures Thursday from 4 – 5 pm (PT)
1 Labs (3 hours)
8 sessions of lecture (8 hours)
No session the week of Thanksgiving
Attendee must have simultaneous access to the internet and a telephone connection.

Course fee: $899 (includes text)

Successful completion of this class is one of three in a series that qualifies you to sit for your CBF.

Log into anscers to register for courses.

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Chicken Parmesan Comfort Zone – Larry Convoy

My Comfort Zone


Every time I go to the Olive Garden Restaurant, I order Chicken Parmesan. I don’t even look at the other choices on the menu. It’s Chicken Parmesan and bring me the bread sticks and salad.

I mention this because I find that many of you go directly to your group page (which I certainly encourage) but fail to look at the rest of the menu on Like bread sticks and salad, there are other free items on the site that are just as informative and group members should be reminded about them. They add Value to your membership.

Encyclopedia of Credit-recently updated, easily searchable and written and edited by working credit people, not technical writers. As an example, click on Financial Analysis, then “Examining the Balance Sheet” How many credit people can make more informed decisions after reading this page?

Community Bulletin Board-With credit people wearing many hats these days, being up to date on best practices is time consuming. By posting your question on the Bulletin Board, you get the knowledge and experiences of thousands of your peers. Look over the current topics being discussed and see if you can assist.

Michael Dennis Weekly Blog-Every Thursday, this credit “guru” shares his years of experience on topics of importance to the commercial credit grantor.

anscers Credit Report-Only available to group members, trade data from over 50 Industry groups, this report should be your first stop when opening a new account. There is no limit to the number of reports you can access.

CMA News and Twitter-both provide free information on subjects that pertain to your profession including Michael Dennis blog, new products and services

So the next time you are “hungry” for knowledge, step out of your comfort zone and investigate these resources of information. You might be surprised how tasty some of the other dishes are.

Have a great August.


Larry Convoy

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Kudos to CMA’s Accounting Department

Recently, CMA’s office supplies vendor held a contest to recognize its clients’ accounting departments. Diana Escobar, CMA’s Operations Administrator in Burbank, submitted the winning essay describing why CMA’s accounting department deserved the prize. Here is a picture of CMA’s Accounting Department enjoying their reward – a free lunch provided by Ron Lasley and Cathy de Leon of Economy Office Supply (Cathy even brought home-made cupcakes!).

CMA's Accounting Staff - click to enlarge
Pictured from left to right: David Macomber, CPA (Vice President and CFO), Cindy Briceno (Accounts Receivable), Edgar Velasquez (Accounting Clerk), Michael Hansen (Systems Administrator), Clara Lucas (Accounts Payable), LaDeva Shaw (Adjustment Bureau Bookkeeper), Cheryl Lloyd (Senior Accountant), and Pratana Thammasatit (General Bookkeeper).

On behalf of the entire staff of CMA, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks in the Accounting Department for all they do to keep us running, and kudos to Diana Escobar for taking the initiative to write an essay recognizing their extraordinary efforts. Economy Office Supply published Diana’s winning story in their own online newsletter:

Winning Story for the Accounting Dept.:
Credit Management Association (CMA) is a non-profit association that has served business to-business companies since 1883. CMA helps credit, collection, and financial decision-makers get the information and support they need to make fast, accurate credit decisions.

CMA’s Accounting Department consist of 8 individuals including the CFO bookkeepers and IT personnel who handle everything and anything that has to do with money and programming. These 8 people have been the longest standing employees for CMA with more than 100 years combined and one person having more than 30 years of experience working for CMA. They handle all accounting for our other remote locations as well. Everything goes threw them and they are very strict individuals who work very hard for the company with very little recognition.
CMA is an association with a major focus on our members we hold a lot of functions, seminars and events for the members to network. Plenty of times departments are invited to join in on the events but unfortunately the accounting department hardly ever goes as there is always a reason to stay behind and run things smoothly.

I believe CMA’s accounting department deserves some type of recognition and know that we [everyone else at CMA] appreciates them for their hard work. I hope to hear from you that our Accounting Department has won as they deserve the lunch away from the office and especially deserve the recognition.

Diana E.

More pics from today’s lunch:

Accounting Department and Economy Office Supply
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CMA Poll Results – Business Credit Reports

CMA Member Poll: Your thoughts on business credit reports? (463 responses)

  • They are a valuable resource 18%
  • They are necessary but not always valuable 17%
  • They are not a valuable resource 1%
  • We carry a contract for reports 17%
  • We order reports as we need them 19%
  • We use more than one brand (D&B, Experian, Equifax etc.) of report 17%
  • We use only one brand of report 9%
Other comments:
“more valuable for private companies”
“Wish more companies would report more accts.”
“We find that D&B reports are totally outdated and wrong information. We belong to a local credit group which is very helpful.”
“We rely on our on trade data reports”
“We don’t use them hardly at all but probably should”






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CMA New Member- Hutton Companies

From their website:

Hutton Companies is one of Southern California’s leading real estate developers. Based in Orange County, CA, we have been building state-of-the-art mixed-use, government, multi-family residential, office, retail and light industrial properties since 1977. Hutton Companies and its affiliates have owned, developed and managed a portfolio of more than 3.8 million square feet of commercial real estate and 2,400 units of multi-family residential in Southern California.

As a long-term investment company, as well as a developer, we take a comprehensive approach to real estate development by acquiring the land, developing plans, securing entitlements, arranging financing and managing the construction of projects, primarily for our own account and at times in conjunction with select partners or institutions. We serve companies or public agencies requiring build-to-suit commercial or industrial property, prospective investors, and individual residential or commercial tenants.

At Hutton, we have built an industry-wide reputation for sustainable development, diverse product types, financial stability, and professionalism.

CMA New Member- Agri-Valley Irrigation

From their website:

Agri-Valley Irrigation, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Larry Rompal and Frank Ciano and has since developed into a large firm supplying unique irrigation services to the Central San Joaquin Valley agriculture community. Agri-Valley can engineer, design, fabricate, install and maintain your project regardless of size – large or small. We carry a large inventory of parts at each of our locations: Fresno, Five Points, Firebaugh, Merced, Bakersfield, and Visalia. Our field staff of installation and service personnel are radio dispatched and considered the finest in the industry. Our installations include mechanical sprinklers, drip irrigation systems, sub surface systems, PVC transport systems, solid set sprinklers and all aspects of aluminum pipe. Also, all of our aluminum is available as rentals. We even rent portable pumps when you need to get the water flowing fast. When you call Agri-Valley for your irrigation needs, you’re “investing in experience”. Our experience has been gained through a staff of over 100 dedicated professionals, which assure you of the best in irrigation service.

CMA New Member- Winning Moves Inc.

From their website:

With a talented group of game marketers and developers, our mission is to provide happiness in the lives of our consumers by offering Classic, Retro, Cool and Fun games for play with friends and family.

Winning Moves is a leading maker of classic card and board games, world renown puzzles, action games and popular adult party games. Since our first year of operation in 1995, we have forged a close relationship with the world’s largest game company, Hasbro, Inc., owner of Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games. As a result, many long-lived Parker Brothers and Milton Bradley games are now made exclusively by Winning Moves Games!

CMA New Member- Cargill Animal Nutrition

From their website:

Cargill is an international producer and marketer of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products and services. Founded in 1865, our privately held company employs 131,000 people in 66 countries.

We help customers succeed through collaboration and innovation, and are committed to sharing our global knowledge and experience to help meet economic, environmental and social challenges.

CMA New Member- St. John Knits

From their website:

St. John was founded in 1962 by Robert and Marie Gray. A knitting machine inspired Marie, then a young fashion model, to design simple knit dresses. Her entrepreneur husband, Robert Gray, recognized the strong business potential and began taking orders from specialty retailers. The brand found instant success among customers who appreciated the elegant, versatile knits. Marie Gray served as both the first face of St. John and the chief designer, as the Grays worked out of a 500 square foot factory in Southern California, with just 6 knitters. From the beginning, Marie was focused creating designs of impeccable quality. Constant innovation led to the discovery of the famous Santana® knit, St. John’s signature blend of wool and rayon.

CMA New Member- Alorica Inc.

From their website:

Trusted by leading Fortune 500 and government agency clients, Alorica is an innovator in outsourced Contact Management Solutions for both the Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sectors.  Alorica offers a wide range of call center services designed to help you create, cultivate and maintain your most precious asset—your customer relationships.


CMA Poll Results – When do you send to collections?

The results of the June 2011 CMA Poll regarding Collections are in. We had 436 total votes.

When do you consider sending a customer to collections? (check all that apply)

  • 37% – When they stop communicating with me.
  • 23% – When they are WAY beyond the term granted.
  • 20% – When they have broken promises.
  • 13% – When they are paying other but not my company.
  • 5% – Other
  • 2% – When they are just beyond the terms granted.

In the other responses there were many write-ins for all of the above and a combination of reasons.

2 comments were made on the survey:

  • Lorna O’Cana  We always manage to collect our debts, unless the customer files for bankruptcy protection.

  • Elva Lopez – 5 weeks ago We send out a final notice prior to sending to collections.

CMA Board Retreat – Behind The Scenes

Last week CMA held our CMA Board Retreat. The Board Retreat is a two day off-site planning meeting. We address strategic goals for the upcoming year and “big ideas” for CMA’s future.

Previous Board Retreats have resulted in the Encyclopedia of Credit, and RFI Service expansion. This years ideas were bigger and brighter than ever. Our next step is to flesh out these ideas in Committee and then move forward with implementing those that will benefit members the most.

If you are interested in serving on any of the following Committees please contact Diana Escobar at

  • Future Business Credit Leaders
  • Membership & Retention

Here are some pictures of the Board in action at the CMA Board Retreat.

Roundtable discussion
Baby Picture Introductions (FUN!)
Breakout Session
Battling it out in CMA Jeapordy! Game
Winners of the facebook post challenge

CMA New Members

M & M Distributors- Los Angeles, CA

Nevada Public Radio- Las Vegas, NV

NPG Inc.- Perris, CA

Clif Bar & Company- Emeryville, CA

Norman S. Wright Duckworth LLC- Fresno, CA

Plastymayd Holdings, LLC- Oregon City, OR

CMA New Member- Casestack Inc

From their website:

Founded in 1999, CaseStack is the industry’s leading outsourced logistics provider, offering complete supply chain solutions to companies selling products to retailers, distributors and other manufacturers.

Thousands of suppliers turn to CaseStack for innovative consolidation programs, efficient warehousing systems and streamlined transportation management, all of which are centered on our proprietary real-time inventory and order technology. Our customers reap the cost savings and achieve the performance levels of their larger competitors without the investment costs.

CMA New Member: Precision Dynamics

From their website:

With more than 50 years of experience, Precision Dynamics is the global leader in positive ID solutions that provide positive clinical outcomes. Our wristband and label systems are used in all of the leading hospitals worldwide and reach every touch point in the delivery of care — from admissions to discharge. PDC products also meet important patient safety guidelines of The Joint Commission, FDA, AHA, and HIPAA.

PDC also provides profitable outcomes for the leisure & entertainment and law enforcement markets. Non-transferable VIP Band® wristbands are available in the largest selection of colors and materials. And next generation Smart Band® RFID wristband solutions automate manual procedures and increase safety and security at today’s leading parks and hospitality venues.

As an ISO 9001 certified company, Precision Dynamics follows a systematic, world-standard approach to ensure superior product design, manufacturing, and customer support services.

CMA New Member- El & El Wood Products

From their website:

We specialize in exceptionally fine wood and urethane mouldings, door jambs, carvings, columns and interior doors. We also manufacture flexible mouldings and exterior door frames.

For nearly forty years, we have maintained a family owned and operated company that is committed to providing superior personal service and product quality, unparalleled in the wood industry today.

Our Website is divided into two separate geographical regions, Northern California and Southern California/Las Vegas. Depending on where you live, choose the region that best fits your area. We have developed a comprehensive line of millwork products, each designed to take full advantage of the architectural requirements and possibilities to each region we serve, with most delivery areas enjoying next day service.

CMA New Member- Pacific Fresh Seafood

From their website:

Established in 1941 as a small retail shop in Portland, OR., Pacific Seafood has become a leader in the seafood industry. Based around our Diamond Philosophy and commitment to, “Consistently doing your best and always striving to do better,” we can provide you the freshest seafood available.
With processing plants stretching along the Pacific Coast from Alaska to Mexico and distribution facilities in Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona & Texas, we are a vertically-integrated company dedicated to excellence and delivering to our customers both the best products and the best service.

CMA New Member- DDI Corp.

From their website:

Since 1978, DDi has helped thousands of companies successfully develop more than 100,000 new products. Through expert engineering, relentless problem-solving, superior collaboration, proprietary processes, and state-of-the-art technologies, we manufacture the industry’s finest, leading-edge printed circuit boards so that your products perform as designed.

Why do today’s most successful electronics companies make their first stop DDi? They understand the value in doing it right the first time.

They know that their engineers can work with ours to create a viable prototype well before production deadlines loom. They understand that we are continuously innovating new processes and technologies to increase product efficiency and performance. They realize we invest millions every year to ensure we have the best equipment available to achieve the best outcomes. And they know that when it comes to complex PCB challenges, no one matches our experience and resources.

Creating a quality product doesn’t have to cost more. In fact, we prove time after time that in the long-run, doing it right the first time can actually save time and cost significantly less.

CMA New Member- Native Grow Nursery

From their website:

Native Grow Nursery is owned by Peter Carlson and Julie Vandermost, who have decades of experience working with builders, cities, counties and school districts to guide them through the environmental regulatory process. Carlson and Vandermost also act as project managers on large scale entitlement projects, so we understand the challenges inherent with a development or public works project. Buying plants should be the least of your worries.

Our talented crew has decades of nursery experience. Their care and attention to growing high quality plants is unsurpassed in the industry and is what makes Native Grow Nursery so successful.

Our contract growing services are client friendly. We know that you can’t always control the timing of a project. So we are flexible. Let us help take the stress and frustration out of purchasing plants.

Our nursery corporate headquarters are in San Juan Capistrano. Our growing fields are located in Brea, California. We are a wholesale nursery, growing plants for clients throughout Southern California.

CMA Poll Results – Finance Charges

Does your company apply finance charges to customer balances?

  • No 44% 118 votes
  • Yes 46% 123 votes
  • We did and then discontinued 4% 10 votes
  • We are considering it 2% 6 votes
  • Other 5% 13 votes

Rajesh Prasad, CBA – It is not a good practice to apply finance charges to customer balances. Some customers come back and request refunds months later. We notify them if we are to apply any credit balance to the open or remaining balance.

Debbie Williams – We add sevice charges to their account monthly if they account is past due. We offer to negotiate the fees when the accounts becomes current. Usually we will split service charges 50/50 for good accounts.

D Marc – Yes, our customer agreement has a provision for service charges and the system automatically applies them after a certain grace period. It’s not right to penalize our good customers by raising pricing so we can cover the additional financing costs of delinquent ones and some of our divisions have very slim margins. If we had no intention of collecting service charges, we wouldn’t bill them. We do consider adjusting if it’s a 1x situation and we will occasionally negotiate a split but we try not to be discriminatory.

Steve Gardner – We apply finance charges to every overdue account and use it to encourage faster payback and use the fees to negotiate a final payment. If it is not forgiven, then we use it in the total when we turn it over for collection to get a higher payment that offsets the collection fees.

F. Scott Wilson – We are reinstituting finance charges for some of our customers. One of our companies uses a different software, so any products purchased from that company are not accruing finance charges; the rest are. We decided to do this because it costs *us* money to cover debts held for a long time beyond terms. If we don’t charge interest, there is little incentive for anyone to make sure they pay us sooner, rather than later.

17% Collection Rate Offer – thru July 15, 2011


17% Collection Rate

Spring into Summer and turn up the heat on debtors.

Studies show, debtors are more likely to pay once a third party (the heat) gets involved. After three months, the probability of collecting a delinquent account drops to 69.6%, after 6 months 52.1% and after one year 22.8%

It’s time to spring into action and turn up the heat on accounts that have cooled their payments. Let CMA collect those cold accounts at a special 17% collection rate now (a 3% to 8% savings on our regular rates).



All new domestic placements over $500, placed from May 16, 2011 through July 15, 2011, will receive a rate of 17% (Attorney referral 25%, litigation and lien foreclosures 35%).
Recovery fees are contingent upon collection, you don’t pay unless we collect.

CMA is bonded for your protection and certified by the Commercial Law League of America.

CMA is currently collecting $12,438,300 of past due debt for 290 clients.



Go to or call 1-800-541-2622 ext 166

Jocelyn Sims, CMA Collection Manager 702-259-2622 Ext. 4324

Learn more about CMA Collection – click here.




47% Increase In Account Collection – CMA Collection Division

Jocelyn Sims

Hi. My name is Jocelyn Sims. I am the new Collections Manager at CMA. I have been in the collections industry over 30 years. I am writing to invite you to put my experience and tenacious collection services team to work for you.

Now that the Collections Division is under new management we have implemented policies and procedures that include increased call attempts, skiptrace attempts and file maintenance requirements. Implementing these changes has increased inventory liquidation by 47% from the prior year. Improving customer service and accountability will continue to drive our performance going forward.  We demand more from ourselves and our attorney network to exceed your expectations.

CMA Collection Divisions offers: 10-day free demand, immediate collections, Mechanic’s Lien foreclosures, attorney referrals, skiptracing and online placements and claim tracking on…we do it all.

Let’s explore a new relationship where we treat your debtors as our own.




Jocelyn Sims, CMA Collections Manager
Direct 702-259-2622 Ext. 4324

Toll Free 800-841-5793

P.S. We offer volume discounts to CMA Members, please contact me direct to learn more.


Who does your credit department report to? Poll

The results of this months member poll where not all that different than expected. 65% of the 247 members answering report to Finance/Accounting. Click the image below to see the full results.

Click to enlarge

Close to 16% wrote in an “Other” answer and most of the write-ins were Finance related (Treasury, CFO, Controller).

Over 13% of members report directly to the CEO. These could be smaller companies or CEO’s that know credits’ effect on making the cash “flow”.

Thanks to all who answered the April poll.

CMA New Member- So Cal Industries

From their website:

Welcome to Southern California Sanitation. So Cal Sanitation provides temporary site services in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. So Cal Sanitation offers premium portable restroom rentals, fence rentals, and fence sales. We service commercial, industrial and residential venues. So Cal is equipped and experienced in servicing special events, construction sites, and emergency relief efforts. Our same day and weekend delivery service makes us unique and willing to serve your immediate needs.

Our vision is embraced with the principle of “Clean Quality Service”. These core values form the foundation of our company. It is our goal that each customer receives an effective solution to their temporary site service needs.

CMA New Member- Valley Slurry Seal Co.

From their website:

Road Maintenance is an increasingly important industry that spans a world-wide market.  Awareness of the need for a stable and sustainable International Infrastructure, maintenance and creative rural road technologies are taking a stronger role as viable sources for a cost- effective means of preserving, developing and prolonging the life of  roads without high-dollar re-construction. Agencies and local governments are utilizing preservation techniques more often in order to increase safety of the roads and to cut costs during trying economic times.

The VSS name is recognized around the world.  Through participation in international and regional conferences, agencies, contractors and engineers have come to know the value added provided by VSS.  With over 60 years of experience in the construction industry, Valley Slurry Seal Co. stays forefront of developing techniques, asphalt technology, and equipment manufacturing.  Valley Slurry Seal Co. is now one of the leading companies in road construction and maintenance.  From that success and ingenuity, sister companies, VSS Emultech and VSS Macropaver have blossomed as a prime material provider in asphalt emulsion and application technology and as a premier road maintenance and construction equipment manufacturer. 

VSS is a one-stop solution for all road maintenance needs.  With the knowledge and technology available with our Companies, VSS can provide education, technology, design, equipment and construction in all aspects of the road maintenance industry.

CMA New Member- Door Components Co. Inc.

From their website:

Door Components began in a rented space in a warehouse in Pico Rivera, Calif., manufacturing hinge reinforcements, stick sections, and channels. The industry began to take notice, and our customers started asking for additional supplies and custom hollow metal doors and frames. In 1986 we responded by moving into our own 11,000 square-foot facility in Irwindale, Calif., allowing us to expand our manufacturing capabilities. With the addition of some new equipment, Door Components upgraded from making sticks to making jambs prepped with hardware, welding the jambs, and making complete door frames.

Over the next 10 years we built a reputation as the service company that manufactures hollow metal doors and frames, and business was booming. In 1997 we moved again into a 45,000-square-foot facility in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and in 2000 we opened another 45,000-square-foot facility to accommodate the increased need for manufactured doors.

CMA New Member- VHA Corp.

From their website:

VHA is the leading prepaid wireless distribution company in America.

We focus exclusively on the prepaid wireless industry, which enables us to provide profitable turnkey solutions for you. Our proven processes make selling easy and hassle-free, and our team of wireless experts are always available to provide you personal service and guide you along the way.

We are the largest volume distributor of Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile in the United States.

CMA New Member- Mainstream Energy

From their website:

Mainstream Energy Corporation is a renewable energy company investing capital and expertise into developing products, projects and businesses that have the potential to help make photovoltaics – solar-generated electricity – a significant contributor to our total energy supply. We believe that rapid integration of solar and other renewable energy sources into the conventional electricity grid is both inevitable and absolutely vital to creating a more secure and sustainable world.

We envision the day when “going solar” is as simple and commonplace as installing a heat pump or air conditioning system; and we contribute to the realization of that vision by supporting the development of cost-effective infrastructure that delivers competitively priced renewable energy to homes and businesses across North America.

CMA New Member- Worthen Equipment

From their website:

We at Worthen Equipment, Inc. have been in business since 1984. Our company is comprised of two divisions. One division is an Allison Transmission Factory Authorized Overhaul and Maintenance Dealer. The second division specializes in selling, installing and servicing truck mounted equipment.

We are a factory authorized overhaul and maintenance dealer for Allision Transmissions and a rebuilder for Clark and Funk transmissions. Our customer base includes cities, counties, school districts, utilities, trucking, agriculture, refuse, construction and the mining companies. This division employs fourteen people with over 280 years of combined service and sales experience with automatic transmissions, mechanical repairs, servicing medium and heavy duty equipment throughout the industry. Our technicians have many certifications through various trade schools and the Allison E-Learn system keeping up to date on all new products.

2011 CMA Credit Executive of the Year

Presented by Michael Puccinelli, CCE (watch on youtube)

Michael Puccinelli CCE (left) - Roger Slaboch, CCE

CMA is celebrating 26 years of awarding the Credit Executive of the Year to an individual who demonstrates outstanding performance in the field of business credit management. Nominees for the award are considered on the basis of professional experience, education, leadership ability and participation in CMA committees and activities. The winner is carefully selected by a group of your peers, including former recipients of the award.

The nominees considered for this year’s award are:

      • Lee Clutter, CBA
      • Michael Dennis, CBF
      • Robert Simmons, CCE
      • Roger Slaboch, CCE
      • Ken Zanolini, CCE

We feel that it is a great accomplishment just to be nominated for this award, and so each of the nominees will receive a Certificate of Excellence in appreciation for all they do for the profession and for the Association.

The winner of the award will be presented with a separate plaque, and will be recognized on CMA’s website and in NACM Business Credit Magazine. A congratulatory letter will be sent to the management of his company, and this individual will be nominated by CMA as its official candidate for the O.D. Glaus Credit Executive of Distinction for 2012, which is NACM National’s Credit Executive of the Year Award.

The individual who was selected to receive this award has held management and director level positions for 33 of his 36 years in business credit. This individual earned the CCE professional designation in 2002, which he says has helped keep him at the forefront of the changing credit and collection environment, and has been a great asset in his career.

In addition to earning his CCE, this individual has shown his dedication to continuous education by attending nearly 100 continuing education courses and all of the NACM Credit Congresses in the last 11 years.

This individual has served his Hardware, Millwork and Glass Industry Credit Group as the Chair or Vice Chair since 2007. Through his leadership, he has proven himself a faithful and enthusiastic supporter of CMA and NACM, and continuously seeks new members for his credit group, encouraging participation, involvement and growth.

The impact of nearly four decades of credit experience, acquired knowledge, and leadership in the credit community is summed up in a letter of recommendation from the President of his company.

“Since he started working here in 2005, he has been instrumental in completely turning around an adversarial relationship between the credit department and our customers and employees. In fact, we are now receiving thank you letters from our customers for helping them survive the recession. His staff loves working for him. He is a great coach and advisor. He is respected by his coworkers and in particular is trusted and liked by the sales staff, which says a lot. He has turned a department that had once been considered a ‘necessary evil’ into an integral, vital, valuable, and helpful division of the company. I have never given a higher recommendation to anyone and cannot imagine anyone more deserving than Roger for the CMA Credit Executive of the Year.”

Now that I have given it away, please join me in congratulating Roger Slaboch, CCE of American Building Supply, for being the 2011 CMA Credit Executive of the Year.


April 2011 Group Newsletter

Most months, I spend hours agonizing as to what to write about in this newsletter. This month, the article wrote itself due to a challenge I made to a group member who has missed the last several meetings. She claimed her boss wanted her to stay in the office and make collection calls and not “waste” time at a luncheon.

Risking expulsion from the group, the credit manager was allowed to attend the March meeting by her superiors. I suggested that she bring the names of the accounts she would be calling if she was tied to her desk and see if the time spent gathering information at the meeting would be of more value then dialing for dollars. The results are as follows:

Of the 10 names inquired upon, 2 had already been placed for collection by other group members, 1 had a new a/p contact handling payments and 1 store was empty. The other 6 names brought information such as slowing within the industry, change in management and the cell # of the controller. In addition, she learned some new procedures she can implement when selling to businesses in chapter 11

My question to her and what I hope you will ask your group is “What was the best use of the hour and a half”, making blind calls or gathering facts to enable her to make quality calls. Working within the confidentiality restraints, will she explain the value of the group and the meetings to her management? Do you?

The April meeting is next week, I will know the answer then.

Thanks to all of you who have commented on these monthly updates. Please continue to be a leader in your group and call me if I can be of any assistance.


Larry Convoy
Industry Group Supervisor

CMA Q1-Q2 2011 Credit Confidence Scores

Every quarter, CMA Members participate in the CMA Credit Confidence Survey. 274 members gave us a great insight into credit trends for Q2 2011 and the realities of Q1 2011.

Our overall Credit Confidence Score for Q2 2011 is 7.16 out of 10. Click here for Confidence trends.

Q2 2011 Score

This quarter’s survey shows an increased confidence in orders, payments and applications for Q2 2011. Members in Construction are still not as confident as other industries, their confidence score rates 6.42. Most members who experienced slowing payments in Q1 also predict slowing payments for Q2.

Click to enlarge

Members in the manufacturing industry reported the greatest confidence drop, with their overall score for Q2 dropping from 7.73 (Q1) to 6.90 (Q2). Five (5) members in this wholesale trade industry category reported a credit confidence score of 10, the most we have seen in this category. The wholesale trade industry reported their highest confidence score 6.99 since Q2 2010.

Click to enlarge

The industries represented in our survey are abundant, making our overall Credit Confidence Score of 7.16 a great benchmark across industries. CMA members are slightly more confident than last quarter when our score was 7.11.

Click to enlarge

Thanks for your participation in the CMA Credit Confidence Survey. The Q1 2011 – Q2 2011 survey is now closed. Watch for the Q2-Q3 2011 Survey at the end of June 2011.

CMA Member Poll: Sales and Collections

The results and feedback from our March Poll are in:

CMA Member Poll: Does your company policy require Sales to participate in collections? (257 responses)

  • • 53%  Yes, Sales is required to participate in collection
  • • 33%  No, Sales is not required to participate in collection
  • • 13% Other answer…
  • • 1%  We are considering making it policy

The following comments were submitted:

David Vaiz
Most of the issues that need resolution, require buyer’s approval. Our customer’s A/P dept. is unable to make the call, they need approval from the buying department. Therefore, the Sales Rep is our connection with the buyer. We rely on them to help us collect.
Michelle Mooney
It is not a company policy but a good business practice. Many times the Sales Rep has an inside track that can push an invoice to get paid if it needs special approvals.

Raj Prasad, CBA
No, we do not require our sales to collect or pick up checks etc, however, when customers stop responding, we reach out to our sales force to help with collections. They give us a better insight about the company and verify if they are facing cash flow issues.

F. Scott Wilson
Sales has been an invaluable partner in our credit and collections efforts. We work closely with the sales reps and VPs, and inform them of major decisions that are in the offing for their customers. We don’t ask for their *approval*, but we make sure that no-one is blind-sided by a Credit decision, be it Sales, the customer, or the plant. Often, Sales is able to find people who can champion our getting paid, and help us overcome A/P’s reluctance to let our money go out the door. It’s not so much a mandated requirement as recognition that if Sales and Credit are on the same page, our customers tend to be more current and better customers.

Cliff Nehamen
We work close with our sales department. The majority of the account managers in sales have a difficult time wearing two hats; sales / collections. Every monday each account manager receives in their e-mail an aging of all accounts in their territory. Surprise, many have no clue what to do with it. By sending this each week, there should be no surprise when an account becomes past due and goes on “credit hold.” Placing an account and “credit hold” normally captures the account managers attention.

Lisa Woods
We work closely with Sales whenever there is a problem and/or billing issues. Often times we are stopped by the gatekeeper when trying to collect on past due invoices so we will ask our sales team to reach out to their contacts. Maintaining a good relationship with Sales is key to the success of any credit department and goes a long way in ultimately reaching the goal which is to have good paying, repeat customers.

Alvin Valle
You have to make the Sales People aware that no sale is a good sale until the Company is paid. In this current economy the you have to make sure that the Sales People are made aware of their responsibility to get involved in collection and write them up if they violate policies.

Arlene Aquino
We have a close relationship with our Sales Dept. We notify the Sales rep of the past due account and keep him updated on the status until it is paid. When the past due balance reaches 60+ days, the VP of sales is also notified. Our Sales Dept doesn’t want any surprises. They want to know the problem as soon as it happens, so they could provide any assistance needed to resolve it right away.

D Marcroft
If it is a dispute (ie pricing, freight, damage etc) the appropriate Sales rep or dept is notified immediately to resolve it.As far as collections, it depends on the division and the sales rep. Some of our Sales reps are excellent partners helping to get issues resolved quickly, others not so much. They all have access to aging reports (on demand) and some of them choose to stay well informed, others not so much.When an account gets put on hard hold I try emailing the rep so they aren’t blindsided (unless it’s a chronic problem account), I also inform them immediately of any nsf’s. When accounts age into 60-90 days my collectors must attempt to involve the rep in the resolution process. When they age into 91+ days, I attempt to bring the Division Manager into the process so they can determine if they will instruct the rep to pursue it.

Patricia Arias
Not a policy of ours,however, we do work closely with our sales group and will reach out to the them to help collect before taking legal action if needed.

Thanks to everyone for their participation.


CMA New Member: Enphase Energy

From their website:

Enphase Energy is the leader in solar microinverter systems. Our solutions improve the performance, intelligence, reliability and safety of solar systems.

The Enphase Microinverter System integrates state-of-the-art solar microinverters with advanced communications technology and web-based monitoring and analytics.

The Enphase System also provides a platform to connect solar generation with energy management technology, offering a simple and compelling solution to complex energy problems.

CMA New Member- Fisher & Paykel Appliances

From their website:

Fisher & Paykel Appliances designs, manufactures and markets a range of innovative household appliances developed with a commitment to technology, design, user friendliness and environmental awareness.

It includes three wholly owned subsidiary companies Production Machinery Limited that builds production equipment, and Dynamic Cooking Systems Inc a company in the United States of America that manufactures indoor and outdoor cooking products and Fisher & Paykel Italy, a company that manufactures European cooking products.

The company has manufacturing sites located in Auckland, New Zealand; Borso del Grappa (TV), Italy; Rayong, Thailand and Reynosa, Mexico.

Our heritage dates to the 1930’s with the manufacture of designs made under licence. The pioneering spirit established by the founders encouraged a culture that challenged conventional appliance design and production systems.

CMA New Member- Gaming Partners International

From their website:

Gaming Partners International (GPI), a full-service supplier of gaming furniture and equipment for casinos worldwide, was the vision of François Carretté, the first chairman of the board of GPI and president of Holding Wilson, GPI’s main shareholder. GPI was created from joining three of the world’s leading gaming suppliers, Bourgogne et Grasset (B&G), Paulson Gaming Supplies, and The Bud Jones Company. Gaming Partners International Corporation was formed in 2002 through a reverse merger between Paulson Gaming and B&G.

Featuring popular brands such as Paulson®, B&G® and Bud Jones®, GPI high-quality table game products range from casino currency with proprietary design and security features, to innovative new ideas in gaming table manufacture, to products developed specifically for the cost-conscious casino.  

With a sales force that spans the globe and manufacturing plants in Las Vegas, Mexico and France, GPI is equipped to serve casino customers in all major gaming regions including North and South America, Asia, Europe, Australia and South Africa.

CMA New Member- Reliance Metal

From their website:

Reliance Steel & Aluminum Co. (NYSE:RS) is the largest metals service center company in North America. Through a network of more than 200 locations in 38 states, Belgium, Canada, China, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea and the United Kingdom, the Company provides value-added metals processing services and distributes a full line of more than 100,000 metal products. These products include galvanized, hot-rolled and cold-finished steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium and alloy steel sold to more than 125,000 customers in a broad range of industries.

CMA New Member- Livescribe Inc.

From their website:

Located in Oakland, Calif., Livescribe has developed a new low-cost mobile computing platform that enhances productivity, learning, communication and self-expression for anyone that uses pen and paper. The Echo and Pulse smartpens revolutionize the act of writing by recording and linking audio to handwriting, so users never miss a word.

CMA New Member- Poly Pak America

From their website:

PolyPak America is an extruder, converter and printer of polyethylene products; mainly plastic envelopes, heavy duty bags, plastic film for agriculture and plastic packaging.

We are family owned and have been in business for more than 35 years. Our purpose is to champion a green future, by producing plastic products that are environmentally responsible. Our objective is to be a leader among responsible plastic companies.

We think outside the plastic box as we collaborate with others and explore new ways to develop plastic products that are recyclable, energy conscious and that create tremendous value to our clients. Our team is committed to quality, service and social responsibility.

Should Sales Help in Collections?

by: Michael C. Dennis

This was the question asked in a poll sent recently to CMA members.   In my opinion, the answer to this question is:  It Depends.  If the question was:  “Can the sales department help the credit department in its collection efforts?” I would have answered absolutely.   It depends on the kind of help the sales department is providing.   I believe the following to be true about the role of the sales department in supporting the credit department’s collection efforts:

1. If sales is involved, their role must be clearly defined in advance and ideally in writing
2. Sales should not be given authority to negotiate any extended payment terms agreement on behalf of the credit department
3. In addition, the sales department should be told never make commitments on behalf of the credit department such as this:  “If you pay the past due balance this week, we will release the orders pending and then we can go back to business as usual.”
4. The primary role of the sales department should be to convince the customer that the collection problem is serious and requires the debtor company’s immediate attention
5. The sales department should be involved in opening a “second front”  meaning that the salesperson can use their close working relationship with purchasing to put pressure on the debtor company for payment while the credit department pressures the A/P or finance department for payment, and
6. If there are legitimate disputes, the salesperson can gather the relevant supporting documentation or put their right individuals in touch with each other.

    Michael C. Dennis is the author of several books including “Credit and Collection Handbook.”  He can be reached by e-mail at:

    Your Thoughts on 2010 Write-Offs (Poll)

    Poll Results - Click to Enlarge

    Our poll for February 2011 regarding 2010 write-offs received 263 replies. Participants did not submit any comments to this poll as they have for previous polls.

    Overall the news was very good with 43% reporting write-offs that were less than expected and 33% as expected.

    10% of the respondents have not yet ended their fiscal year. 13% had more than the expected write-offs, in this unpredictable economy that is a pretty good number.

    CMA New Member- Trade Show Fabrication

    Show Design for Sony

    From their website:

    TSF provides turn-key solutions with full design, construction, graphics, installation and show services capabilities.

    Our clients span a wide range of verticals from fashion to security. Whether you’re a start-up or Fortune 500 company, our offerings are just as diverse as our clientèle. No matter how complex your needs are, our custom exhibit designers and engineers have handled it before. If you’re looking for something lightweight and value-driven, our dedicated portable exhibit department can deliver the perfect solution.

    With major hubs located in New York and Las Vegas and satellite facilities across the country, Trade Show Fabrications can handle any event, anywhere. Using our partner network, we’re able to offer the same level of quality our clients have come to expect abroad.

    CMA New Member: O’Neill Vintner & Distiller

    O'Neill Vinters

    From their website:

    O’Neill Vintners was founded in 2004 by Jeff O’Neill, former CEO of Golden State Vintners and third generation member of a California winemaking family with roots dating back to 1934. From grape supply through wine processing to bottling services, O’Neill is recognized as the preferred outsourcing partner for many of the world’s leading beverage alcohol companies and brand owners. Today, O’Neill Vintners has grown to become the 8th largest U.S. winery and has earned a reputation as one of the premier custom wine producers in California.

    Our mission is to continually exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the highest quality products and services at an exceptional value.  At O’Neill Vintners we share one common goal — to help the brands and ventures of our customers succeed in the marketplace.  Only through their success will our position as the wine industry’s outsourcing leader be assured.

    CMA New Member: Huntington Hardware

    Huntington Hardware

    From their website:

    Huntington Hardware Co., Inc. was founded in November 1954 by Andrew Oshay. Andrew immigrated from France in 1948, securing a job with a relative at Acme Hardware in downtown Los Angeles. In 1954, Andrew purchased a small retail hardware store for $11,000 – the price of the inventory. It was located in a 3,000 sq. ft. rented building in downtown Pomona. With himself as his only employee, Andrew opened the doors of Huntington Hardware on the corner of Huntington Street and Holt Ave.

    As Huntington grew and more space was required, the business moved to a new, larger building on West Holt Avenue. Since 1960, this location has grown to be close to a city-block in length at 30,000 sq. ft.

    During his working life, Andrew most remembers supplying 2,100 housing units at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in 1970. He also supplied the hardware for the personal residence of the King of Thailand. Andrew remained CEO and president until his retirement in 2000.

    Andrew was succeeded by his son, Mike, who is currently CEO and president. Currently, Huntington Hardware has 40 team members, representing all walks of life. Included in the staff are two of Andrew’s grandchildren, Andy and Kelly, who are committed to continuing the strong family values into the 3rd generation.

    CMA New Member: Weather Tec Corp



    Weather Tec

    From their website:

    Almost 40 years ago, at a time when many people thought all new ideas had been exhausted and new companies were not needed, Weather Tec Corporation was formed.  Less than three months after formation in 1970, the first sprinklers were produced and the company was in full production in October of that year.  Tens of millions of Weather Tec sprinklers have been produced over the years and many millions are in use today.

    Today we still manufacture in the USA a full line of brass impact sprinklers for the agricultural industry, ½” through 1 ¼”, Full circle and Part circle.  Engineering has always stressed durability, uniform distribution and product innovation.  Over the years these innovations have made good products even better.  The stainless steel spindle has always been an exclusive feature of the Weather Tec line of sprinklers.  Its use will smooth the rotation, cause less drag, and significantly reduce the wear factors connected with other similar products on the market.  Durability; the materials used in our sprinklers adds years of life to our products, as compared to others, and that means Value.  Working directly in the field, the engineers developed sprinklers for use on nearly every crop grown.  Every conceivable type of nozzle, Flow Control and High Uniformity, lever, bearing and sprinkler angle was designed to deliver the most efficient application of water to the crop and produce maximum yields.  This work is invaluable for growers as they provide food and fiber for the people of the world.  Most importantly, every sprinkler is individually water tested before shipment, a requirement of the company since its inception.  In addition, Weather Tec is a subscriber to CIT (Center for Irrigation Technology) at California State University, Fresno, the industry recognized leading test facility.  CIT conducts all the performance testing to furnish an independent endorsement for the entire product line.  CIT provides additionally confidences in our products for our customers.

    As we look to the future, Weather Tec will continue to focus on agri-business and will continue to manufacture right here in the United States of America, as we market to the world. We will design and improve existing products, design and develop new products to maintain our position as the “Preferred Choice of Agriculture” and stand by these important ideals; Quality, Performance, Durability , Reliability and Value.  We are proud of our history and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead as we deliver “Environmental Control Through Irrigation

    CMA New Member- ASC Profiles


    From their website:

    ASC Profiles, Inc. is one of the world’s leading manufactures of steel roof and wall products and structural roof and floor deck.

    In 1971, ASC Profiles began its operations as ASC Pacific with one manufacturing plant in Tacoma, Washington. By 1979 the company opened a second facility in West Sacramento, California, where the company is currently headquartered. Under the name ASC Pacific and later BHP Steel Building Products, five additional manufacturing plants were opened between 1980 and 1995. At present, ASC Profiles operates manufacturing facilities in West Sacramento, McClellan and Fontana, California; Tacoma and Spokane, Washington; Salem, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah; Anchorage, Alaska. In February, 2008 ASC Profiles became a BlueScope Steel Company.


    At ASC Profiles, Inc. we believe that our people are the foundation of our success. We are committed to maintaining a highly practical and safety conscious workforce. BlueScope Steel is an industry leader in employee safety and we are dedicated to providing workplaces where the safety of people comes before anything else.


    CMA New Member- National Construction Rentals

    National Crew

    From their website:

    Founded in 1962 in Pacoima California, National Construction Rentals is now one of the largest full service rental companies in the United States. Our 60+ locations in over 40 states give us an expansive national presence; we have the most comprehensive line of products and services in the industry. Moreover, we have superior resources, inventory and infrastructure to address any needs at any organizational level.

    Our product lines include National Rent A Fence, National Sanitation, National Mobile Storage, National Temporary Power and National Event Services. We service General Contractors in commercial and industrial construction, heavy construction, residential and non-residential builders, demolition and environmental services, sub-contractors of all types and everyone in-between. In events we provide expert service to concert promoters, auto races, sporting venues, community events as well as smaller more intimate gatherings such as carnivals, festivals and weddings.

    Beyond industry-leading products, services and capabilities, we take pride in the men and women who make up the National family. Our unrelenting dedication to world class service underscores the scope and size of our company. It is this focus on customers and their detailed needs that helps us transcend the competition.

    Your Thoughts on Bank References

    Small bank vault or strongroom from 1901.
    Image via Wikipedia
    CMA Member Poll: Thoughts on bank references when opening accounts. (376 responses) – Link to Poll
    26% Bank references are good to have but not necessary
    23% We request bank references
    22% Bank references are essential
    19% We do NOT request bank references
    6% Other
    4% Bank references are not necessary
    Comments entered:
    Jill Escoto
    We request bank references, but the majority of the time; do not receive a response.
    Susan La Morte
    We only request a bank reference for customers needing a high credit limit.
    Michelle Homan
    the problem we run into w/ bank references is the response time if any at all takes 1-3 weeks. which at a tight quarter end close is unacceptable. then you have the institutes which most of them are turning to or starting now is to charge a fee $15-$25 to make 3 check marks and a signature and still take 1-3 weeks to respond. this is the least preferred method for us but we have to offer it as an option.
    Christine McKenzie
    We request a bank reference, but most banks are unwilling to share information.
    Arlene Aquino
    We request bank reference, but rarely gets a response.
    Jane Smith
    We always request a reference from the bank. However, we rarely receive sufficient information, if at all.
    Rajesh Prasad, CBA
    Bank References are important to see how long they have been in business as well as identifying essential data such as their revolving credit lines and if they have had any NSF. Banks will require valid signatures that match their files and they will provide the information you need. Once your customer authorizes the release of information, the banks will furnish what you requested. I always call the bank officer before requesting information. By doing so, they usually respond. Hope this helps. Raj
    Dorella Beggs
    Some banks give limited information, some don’t reply at all, and others want you to pay for the information.
    The information is nice to have but not necessary, unless that’s the only reference provided.
    F. Scott Wilson
    Bank references are inconsistent. We can usually get this information in a credit report for most of our customers. As far as NSF’s and other derogatory data, banks don’t always release that to requestors, and at the same time don’t say whether they do or not. That means that significant derogatory information may not be revealed, or even acknowledged to exist, negating much of the reason for checking those references.
    The biggest problem for me is I don’t *trust* bank ratings, at least not without additional independent information that improves my comfort level with the bank. We flat out don’t request them if there is any fee involved.
    Natacha Navarro
    We request refs too from the bank but majority of the time don’t receive them back. You would think in this time of unstable credit that the banking facilities would be more helpful/forthcoming with this information. We operate on a credit line ourselves that is tied to our A/R and the bank audits us once a year, this would help us make better decisions on new accts. It would especially be helpful if they shared derogatory info like NSF’s or if an existing credit line had been suspended.
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    CMA Credit Confidence Survey Q4 2010-Q1 2011 – Results

    Every quarter, CMA Members participate in the CMA Credit Confidence Survey. 198 members gave us a great insight into credit trends for Q1 2011 and the realities of Q4 2010.

    Our overall Credit Confidence Score for Q1 2011 is 7.11 out of 10.

    Q1 2011 Score

    This quarter’s survey shows an increased confidence in orders and payments for Q4 2010 and Q1 2011. Members in Construction are still not as confident as other industries, their confidence score rates 6.28 with high marks for slowing payments, tightening credit policies, and placing accounts on credit hold.

    Survey Results

    Compare that to members in Manufacturing with a credit confidence score of 7.73 (the greatest variance we have seen between the two industries) experiencing increased orders, on time payments and no change in credit policy. 5 members in this industry category reported a credit confidence score of 10.

    Survey Results

    Members in wholesale trade are predicting a mix bag of economic fortune. A credit confidence score of 6.44 with increases in orders and payments for Q4, and a predicted increase in orders of Q1 2011. Yet payments slowed in Q4 and credit holds increased dramatically.

    The industries represented in our survey are abundant, making our overall Credit Confidence Score of 7.11 a great benchmark across industries. CMA members are slightly more confident than last quarter when our score was 7.00.

    Member Industries

    Thanks for your participation in the CMA Credit Confidence Survey. The Q4 2010-Q1 2011 survey is now closed. Watch for the Q1-Q2 2011 Survey at the end of March 2011.

    CMA Chairman Wishing You A Rewarding 2011

    Karen Schmidt

    As an eventful 2010 draws to a close, I would like to thank you for being members of CMA.   Hopefully the knowledgeable staff, and CMA services, provided you with the superior service you anticipated.  My invitation for a personal phone call still stands if CMA ever falls short of your expectations or you have something to contribute to our success.

    In short, we are committed to responding to your business needs and bringing you innovative ways to manage your credit responsibility as easily and effectively as possible. If you have any questions about how we can further help you, I encourage you to contact us either in person or by phone, and to check out the amazing number of resources we have online.

    Thank you, once again, for being valued CMA members, and thank you for believing in the power of membership to further your career and education.  Going forward, CMA remains dedicated to doing everything they can to make your career and membership more manageable and rewarding.

    Happy New Year 2011!!

    CMA New Member- Abrisa Industrial Glass Inc.

    From their website:

    ABRISA is a global supplier of high quality, fabricated glass components, optical thin film coatings, and custom glass designs and solutions for a wide variety of industries. We provide glass and coating products for industries such as electronics, optoelectronics, architectural and entertainment lighting, industrial, flat panel display, military, surveillance, biomedical, aerospace, scientific, R&D, and more.

    With multiple manufacturing facilities, Abrisa is uniquely qualified to deliver complete glass and coating products, from basic glass designs to complex, multilayered devices. Incorporating lean manufacturing standards at all our facilities, our innovative design engineers and expert production staff work hard to deliver cost-effective glass products and coatings that are optimized to your specifications.

    CMA New Member- Fresh Grill LLC

    From their website:

    At Fresh Grill, our industry leading quality and safety practices assure that every delicious vegetable shipped is top quality, pathogen free and ready to serve with pride. Every product is rigorously quality tested to the microbial level and a “Certificate of Analysis” is validation that each lot of each production run has passed this rigorous scientific testing procedure.

    Our proprietary even roasting and flash freezing technology assures that every piece of our product yields up to 50% more than traditional frozen vegetables by eliminating virtually all excess moisture. This means that both you and your customers get what you pay for – the highest quality, useable grilled vegetables possible – not water. Our unique process ensures that each piece of product is individually packaged, dramatically eliminating waste, and our long term sourcing and purchasing agreements ensure a consistent supply of the best “Supreme Core IQF” Roasted and Grilled Vegetables at very competitive prices year round.

    CMA New Member- Quinn Co.

    From their website:

    Quinn Company provides new and used equipment sales, parts, service and rentals on Cat® brand machines.

    Quinn’s operations span fifteen counties throughout Central and Southern California, including a portion of Arizona, covering over 50,000 square miles and representing 32% of the State of California.

    The Company serves its customers through a dedicated employee population of more than 800, based out of 22 locations.

    From Salinas to Foothill Ranch, Quinn is your one-stop-shop for all your earthmoving, agriculture, engine, lift truck and equipment rental service needs.

    CMA New Member- Inhouse IT

    From their website:

    We are the leading provider of IT Professional Services in Orange County.

    inhouseIT supports small and medium business by managing, maintaining and improving their IT environments.

    The inhouseIT solution combines the best of management, strategy, systems, people and process to deliver the best IT experience for companies.

    Founded in 1998, the company has grown to over 70 employees servicing our clients IT needs.

    inhouseIT is recognized nationally as the leading pioneer in Managed Services.

    Now Accepting Nominations and Applications for CMA Board of Directors

    The CMA Nominating Committee is now accepting nominations and applications for service on the 2011-2012 Board of Directors. If you would like to nominate a candidate for service, or you are interested in applying for a Director position directly, please complete a Candidate Nomination or Application form and return it to CMA by January 7, 2011. Board Nomination & Application (336)

    Board of Directors Qualifications and Responsibilities

    As provided by the Bylaws of CMA, the Board of Directors oversees the general operation and sets policy for the Association. It is, therefore, essential that members of the Board understand their responsibilities and be willing to commit the time and effort necessary to do justice to this great organization.

    The responsibilities and qualifications of a member of the Board are as follows:

    1. Read and be familiar with the Bylaws of the Corporation.
    2. A Board member is required to be the authorized representative of his/her company to CMA.
    3. Attend the Annual Meeting and Installation of Officers and Directors (or a similar – Chapter Annual Meeting)
    4. Attend Board meetings, five times per year, typically held on the fourth Tuesday of the month.
    5. Attend the Annual Board Retreat (two days usually in May or June).
    6. Review and accept financial and operating statements of the Association.
    7. Review and approve reports of committees, project teams and boards of governors.
    8. Serve on various committees of the Association as assigned by the Chairman of the Board.
    9. Show support for the Association and its programs by participating in CMA’s member services and by attending educational and social functions, and promote CMA’s services to other members and prospective members at every opportunity.
    10. When possible, attend the annual NACM Credit Congress held each May or June, and/or the Western Region Credit Conference in September or October, sponsored by the NACM affiliated associations of the Western Region.

    Your thoughts on lock-boxes

    CMA Member Poll: Your thoughts on lock-boxes (354 responses)

    • • 29% More good than bad
    • • 28% We do not use a lock-box
    • • 28% Can’t do without a lock-box
    • • 6% Wish we did not use a lock-box
    • • 5% More bad than good
    • • 4% Other answer

    6 Comments on the survey:

    With lockbox, customer payments are credited to our account the same day the bank receives the check. Having a lockbox also saves time because it eliminates the trip to the bank to deposit customer payments.
    Posted by Arlene Aquino on November 1st 2010, 10:46pm

    We are directing our customers to send all payments to our lock box. If invoices are matched with the correct amount, all items are applied automatically. Problems arise when short payments are made. Research has to be done and applied inhouse. All unapplied deposits have to be researched and applied accordingly. Biggest advantage of the lock box is that the dollars hit our account immediately.
    Posted by Raj Prasad on November 1st 2010, 11:37pm

    Having a lockbox saves time, money, and natural resources. First, I don’t have to visit the Post Office to retrieve payments, open the mail and make copies. I am spared the chore of endorsing each check, filling out a deposit slip, and making a trip to the bank. The cost of a lockbox service is not an issue compared to the savings it provides in time and money. Still, because we are all human and prone to error, you do need to watch for mistakes. Considering all the transactions bank employees process in a typical day though they do a good job. With it I can see what payments have come in from virtually anyplace in the world with good internet access. An alternative between the two is using a remote scanner. My preference though is eliminating the need to physically handle the incoming payments in any way. If you do go the locbox route be sure the service scans the check and the payment stub on the same page. That makes it simpler to extract the PDF image whenever a copy is needed. You don’t want them scanning page images that mix the EOP or check from one company with that of another. Naturally, any other explanations (for credits taken, etc.) should follow sequentially, prior to showing an image of another payment that came in that day.
    Posted by Rex Brady on November 1st 2010, 11:54pm

    We have multiple lockboxes for types of payments and the bank does the keying for us. We upload to our AR subsystem and review, confirm in balance and post or reseach variances. Money in bank same day and posting is done usually within an hour. Disadvantage is we are still not using imaging and rely on a courier to supply us with copies of checks, support or correspondence needed for research. Advantage is we are SOX compliant for delegation of duties and AR not physically handling checks. Overnights must have a physical address for delivery and may take an extra day to post depending on cutoffs.
    Posted by Michelle Aljilani on November 2nd 2010, 12:22am

    We have a lockbox located in a different major city to cuts down on mail time and get the money in the bank faster, courier brings the backup next day. This arrangement was set up many years ago with a 3rd party provider and the fees are still reasonable (that 3rd party couldn’t beat the rate themselves). We have explored other banks and found capabilites vary. Electronic files and keying data are available for a price which basically offsets the courier cost (but not by anything substantial). We also have a desktop scanner for local mail and checks that come in from our drivers or reps (it eliminated the need for photocopies). A mega bank eventually came to discuss the auto-posting possibilities. The hit rate wouldn’t have been satisfactory, plus we would have to have a costly interface written so the present volume doesn’t justify the cost yet, at this point my staff can still process cheaper and quickly.
    Posted by D Marcroft on November 2nd 2010, 1:03am

    We have a lockbox in central location within the U.S., which helps to cut down on mail time. The average number of days it takes to receive the mail, sent from throughout the U.S., is 3 days. We made the decision because somf of our larger customers are on the other side of the country. We have subscribed to the service where the lockbox personnel keys in the data and scan the checks along with the supporting documentation. We’re able to download the data from the bank’s website, then upload it to our transaction system. Our payment application module takes the information provided and tries to match it up with an invoice number, order number or PO number. Any numbers that can’t be matched our flagged. It works great! It allows us to handle the high volume of payments much quicker. We only focus on the exceptions instead of keying each check or invoice. Of course, it eliminates the risk and the time of making deposits at the bank. It also saves time when we don’t have pick up the mail at the post office. We are going to have to find other ways to get us of our bottoms and move around.
    Posted by David Vaiz on November 3rd 2010, 9:31pm

    CMA Welcomes New Collection Manager

    On November 29, 2010, Jocelyn Sims joined CMA as manager of our Collection Department. We are very excited about the depth of experience and passion that Jocelyn brings to our commercial collection operation, and we hope that you will join us in welcoming her to CMA. She will be based out of CMA’s North Las Vegas office and she will visit CMA’s Burbank office on a regular basis. You can meet Jocelyn at the December 9 and December 17 CMA Holiday Networking Events or contact her direct at 702-259-2622 ext. 4324 or

    About Jocelyn Sims:

    Jocelyn Sims is a licensed Nevada Collection Agency Qualified Manager with extensive experience opening new remote call centers and leading the expansion or correction of existing call centers.  She began her career with Payco General American Credits as a medical collector. Over the years she gained experience and additional responsibilities from exceptional performance and pursuing additional studies. During her 26-year career Jocelyn has held Senior Collection Management positions for several national collection leaders such as Sallie Mae, West Asset Management and most recently Estate Recoveries, Inc.

    Significant accomplishments include earning a fast track promotion at Sallie Mae from Team Leader to Department Manager after several months on brand new Department of Education Contract, one of the most competitive contracts in the industry. Development and implementation of Pilot Student Loan Rehabilitation Program that decreased participant fallout over 15% and significantly increased company revenue in all West Asset Management’s Department of Education collection offices. The Pilot Program became a permanent part of organization’s daily operation. In 2008, Jocelyn lead GE Collections at Estate Recoveries and received Probate Agency of the Year Award.


    Karen Schmidt

    by: Karen Schmidt – CMA Board Chairman

    The Western Region Credit Conference is behind us but certainly not forgotten.  I gained some powerful tools for my life and career.   I’m sure from the feedback and networking that every attendee feels they are a better person and credit professional.  It was a win, win with the educational value that was offered.   Although we experienced some interruption with a crazy power failure, don’t forget to makeup those classes.  You should have received an email from Debbie Mendoza to sign up for those upcoming Webinars.

    As the host, and largest NACM affiliate, CMA’s staff did an outstanding job managing the events; Opening, Educational Sessions, Luncheon, Vendor Exhibits, and….Thursday Night Live will go down in history as a production, dinner and dance that will never be forgotten.  Thank you to all the staff for a conference that indeed inspired “CREDIT RISING” with the experiences and education gained by all.

    The Thanksgiving Holiday is now upon us, and soon to follow, the December Holiday season.  Please join us at the CMA Holiday Networking Event on December 9th. This opportunity to celebrate and network with other association members should not be missed.  If you have not signed up yet you may contact Pat Garcia at (818)9725300-117 or Email: RSVP For CMA So Cal Holiday Networking Event (709)

    In the spirit of the upcoming season I would like to quote our WRCC closing keynote speaker, Debbie Lundberg, from one of her 10 strengths of an effective leader.  I think her words empower us to make the very best of our CMA membership and  credit experiences.


    “Being selfish enough to want the best and selfless enough to let others be a part of it. Knowing there is not just one leader, regardless of titles, and that results, victories and overall success in an effort of more than one. Sharing the opportunities and sharing of yourself by giving back in ways that work for you!”

    CMA New Member- Kendall Farms

    From their website:

    Kendall Farms is vertically integrated as a grower/shipper in sunny Fallbrook, California, supplying fresh  flowers and greens straight from our farm to you. We are one of the largest growers of eucalyptus and wax flower with many different varieties. Our water supply comes from our own wells – allowing us to produce low cost quality flower products.

    We understand that getting the best quality flower product at the best price is what the client needs on a consistent bases. Our experienced sales & management staff oversees the product daily, allowing us to correctly advise our clients on the flower product that will best suit their needs.

    CMA Credit Confidence Survey Q3-Q4 2010 – Results

    Every quarter, CMA Members participate in the CMA Credit Confidence Survey. 246 members gave us a great insight into credit trends for Q4 2010 and the realities of Q3.

    Our overall Credit Confidence Score for Q4 2010 is 7.00 out of 10.

    Another story is told when we break out the score by industry. The construction industry confidence in payment for Q4 is 6.29, while those in manufacturing rank a full point higher at 7.45.

    In Q3 2010, CMA Members saw an increase credit applications, orders and payments received – all great economic signs. Still most members identified payments as slowing in Q3 and continuing that trend in Q4.

    Survey Results - Click to enlarge

    Most members predict no change in their Credit Policy for Q4. In past surveys tightening the Credit Policy had ranked high and chances are many members have already adjusted policy to meet this economic market.

    Use of credit hold in Q3 increased noticeably. Since credit hold is used in times of slow payment, this corresponds to the trend in slowing payments.

    Survey Results - Click to enlarge

    The industries represented in our survey are abundant, making our overall Credit Confidence Score a great benchmark across industries. CMA members are slightly less confident than last quarter when our score was 7.10.

    Industry Results - Click to enlarge

    Thanks for your participation in the CMA Credit Confidence Survey. The Q3-Q4 2010 survey is now closed. Watch for the Q4-Q1 -2010-2011 Survey at the end of December 2010.

    CMA New Member- GBH Communications Inc.

    From their website:

    GBH Communications, Inc. is the leading provider of conferencing solutions, products and services to businesses, government and educational institutions worldwide. Since 1986, companies and organizations small and large have turned to GBH for answers and help with their communications and conferencing needs.

    From wired to wireless headsets, audio and video conferencing products and systems to network solutions, GBH ’s success and rapid growth is the result of our unmatched ability to help solve your communications and conferencing needs.

    CMA New Member- Hitachi High Tech America

    From their website:

    Hitachi High Technologies America, Inc. (“HTA”) is a privately-owned global affiliate company that operates within the Hitachi Group Companies. HTA sells and services semiconductor manufacturing equipment, analytical instrumentation, scientific instruments, bio-related products as well as industrial equipment, electronic devices, electronic and industrial materials, consumer electronic products, wireless mobile telephones, and hard disk manufacturing systems.

    Mass Merchandisers
 Credit Network

    Wal-Mart location in Moncton
    Image via Wikipedia

    CMA introduces the first quarterly conference call meeting of the 
Mass Merchandisers Credit Network.

    Date: Monday – September 27, 2010 Time: 12:00-1:00PM Pacific Time

    Participants will be given dial in and web information prior to meeting

    Cost: $79.00 for initial meeting

    Register: Go to to register, click on the Education tab and scroll to this event.

    Discussion: Vendor Compliance Agreement Deductions: A How-To Guide

    • What are they?
    • How to address them?
    • Best Practices for Resolution
    • Promoting a successful and profitable partnership

    Moderated by: Michael Napolitano, IAB

    Vendor discussion: Wal-Mart

    CMA has been approached by several members to create a Mass Merchandisers Credit Network Group.  This group would meet on a quarterly basis via conference call.  Topics of discussion would be about issues relating to selling to Mass Merchants followed by a specific vendor round table discussion.  The purpose of the group would be to open lines of communication between CMA members who are dealing with Mass Merchandisers and share best practices.

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    CMA New Member- Zanker Road Landfill

    From their website:

    Zanker Road Resource Management Ltd. is a privately owned solid waste and recycling company that began operations in 1985 by developing a landfill into a full-service resource management and composting/recycling facility. In 1998, Zanker expanded operations by permitting an adjacent landfill site as a construction and demolition (C&D) debris processing facility. These two facilities process more than 2,000 tons of mixed debris per day.

    Credit’s Rising – How About You?

    Karen Schmidt

    From Karen Schmidt, CMA Board Chairman

    Just when we thought we were saying goodbye to summer the weather is really heating up! I hope you have made some great vacation memories, and are now preparing for back to school, and planning for the fall.

    Do your October plans include the Western Region Credit Conference in Las Vegas?

    If not, the encouragement you need is presented in the exciting video created by Mike Mitchell, President of CMA. Click here to see the video.

    We need all the credit professionals we can get to inspire each other and deal with what we all hope to be a recovering economy. The WRCC is the perfect opportunity to network with your fellow members, professionals in the credit and finance arena, and many exceptional educational opportunities.

    If you plan quickly you will save $100 by registering before August 31st. If you are still sitting back, unsure of what to do, take a look at the Phoenix Bird logo and think of what it stands for. The Credit Rising conference will inspire and raise you up above other credit professionals.

    CMA New Member- Marquez Brothers International, Inc.

    From their website:

    Marquez Brothers International, Inc., is a family owned corporation dedicated to the production and distribution of authentic Mexican style dairy products, meat items, canned and dry goods, for over 25 years.

    Established in 1981 as a manufacturer of authentic Mexican style products under the brand name El Mexicano, our product offerings have grown to include over 1000 items that range from an extended line of perishables to a complete line of grocery items.

    With a distribution network that includes the United States, Mexico, Canada and Europe, Marquez Brothers International, Inc. and its affiliates have become the number one (#1) market leader in the authentic Mexican Food Segment of the Consumer Products Industry and a major importer of national leading branded grocery items from Mexico and Central America.

    Marquez Brothers International, Inc. and its affiliates are committed to provide our customers with the highest quality, authentic Mexican products at a competitive price; maintaining the high standards in service, product quality, flavor and authenticity, that have contributed to consumer’s preference for our products.

    CMA New Member- Talley Inc.

    From their website:

    Talley was founded in 1983 to serve the needs of wireless communications professionals in a wide range of industries — from local public safety to nationwide cellular and everything in-between. Today Talley is one of the nation’s largest distributors of wireless infrastructure, communications and mobile products.

    From the very beginning, our mission has been to help make your job of building wireless communications an easy one.

    Congratulations to our new NACM Designees

    The following CMA Members have advanced their credit education and received an NACM Designation.

    CBA: Credit Business Associate

    • Vivian Ross, CBA, Lehigh Hansen
    • D’wana Marie Chadwick, CBA, Penhall
    • Kurt Shotzberger, CBA, International Game Technology

    CBF: Credit Business Fellow

    • Leslie Hansen, CBF, Chevron
    • Linda Reiff, CBF, Chevron

    CCE: Certified Credit Executive

    • Shane Norman, CCE, Cashman Equipment Co

    CMA Makes Available Dun & Bradstreet’s DNBi® Solution

    In our effort to make available to our members the best credit tools available, CMA now offers you another option for credit decisioning … from Dun & Bradstreet.   D&B has been trusted for credit decisions for more than 167 years.

    D&B’s flagship credit risk management tool is DNBi.  It provides fast and easy access to making and completing credit decisions with D&B’s quality data on more than 160 million businesses. This information is presented in an easy-to-navigate, Web-based format that makes your work life easier.

    DNBi is live so each day all of your reports are freshly updated at no extra charge.  You also receive proactive monitoring and alerts so you know when there is a change that could impact your customers’ credit risk.  And DNBi is customizable so your workspace really works for you … based on your needs.

    To learn more about the DNBi solution, please contact Teresa Campos at 818-972-5361 or

    CMA New Member- Lintech International LLC

    From their website:

    Lintech International will grow in the Chemical Distribution market by providing a comprehensive line of quality raw materials, superior sales representation and with the highest level of service. We will expand our product line representation through superior sales and through greater market penetration. We are committed to our employees and to the values that will promote an excellent work environment conductive to personal growth, professional development, and the opportunity for success.

    CMA New Member- Rocker Bros Meats

    From their website:

    Rocker Bros. Meats & Provisions, Inc. is a family operated business with a combined 100 years of experience. Our father started Holiday Meat & Provisions forty years ago and the torch has now been passed to Shelly and David, who now operate Rocker Bros. Meat & Provisions.

    We still run our company the old-fashioned way:

    Service, Service, Service

    Our Midwest suppliers supply us with the finest USDA primal cuts, which we age and process to your exact specifications. We operate under USDA Establishment 1160 and follow strict USDA HACCP regulations. We feature a full line of all meat products, consisting of beef, pork, lamb, veal, poultry, and fresh seafood.

    In addition to our high-quality beef products, our specialty is portion control. We are proud of our unique variety of specialty cuts such as Kobe-style steaks, bone-in filets, and short rib osso bucco, to name just a few.

    Our company is designed to supply your establishment with the highest quality meat products available at affordable prices, in order to help keep your food cost low. Our customers are pleasantly surprised when they realize they can buy USDA Prime Beef at USDA Choice prices. We will come to you and design a program that will enhance your menu with new, innovative products with prices that will allow you to make money.