Walk Ins Welcome at Get On Track Conference

The 19th Annual NACM Western Region Credit Conference "Get On Track" is one week away. Starting October 4-6, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you have not registered for the Conference there is still time to register online, or even register at the door – walk ins are welcome.

Over 200 credit professionals have registered for this event. The Pre-Conference session on Basic Financial Accounting is almost sold out, and our Rocktoberfest Dinner & Dancing networking event is close to maximum capacity.

We still have room for you and would love to see you at the Get On Track Conference. Click here to find out more information or register for the conference.


DATE: THURSDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2006 TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)
The management of working capital, particularly accounts receivable, is an important measure of a company’s financial health. Historically, these operations have been highly inefficient due to a lack of automation and integrated systems for order-to-cash management. Attend this educational session to learn how companies are addressing these challenges through the use of automation and workflow technology. Learn how companies of all sizes are using an integrated approach that embeds policy, automates processes, and drives workflow with online portals for internal and external collaboration: · Increase Productivity of Credit Operation · Facilitate Collaboration Between Credit, Sales, Customers, A/P and Treasury · Reduce Dispute Cycle Time and Volume · Mitigate Corporate Credit Risk · Improve Customer Relationships

This program is part of the Performance Measurement Track and the session level is Intermediate/Executive.

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Effective Collection Techniques – WEBINAR


DATE: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10, 2006 TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)
This Webinar will examine a variety of topics linked to effective trade debt collection. Anyone charged with the responsibility for trade collections will gain value from this no nonsense practical approach. Participants will be presented with specific, proven, tools to improve the effectiveness of their collection efforts. This is of particular value to anyone who is new to the field or who wants to add to their technique arsenal. Topics covered include: · Common mistakes made in the debt collection process · How to avoid making bad deals · How to respond more effectively to stall tactics customers may use · How to prioritize your collection efforts · Ways to accelerate cash inflows · Dealing with special or unique collection problems · Ways to improve every collection call you make

This program is part of the Working Capital Management Track and the session level is Basic/Intermediate.

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Credit Career Counseling at the WRCC

If you want to make sure your Credit Career is on the right track, visit the Credit Career Counseling booth at the "Get On Track" Conference in the EXPO Hall.

Cheryl Hammond, CMA’s Professional Designation Counselor, will be there to help you determine where you stand on your roadmap to Certification and how to take the next step.

Find out more about Professional Designation and Certification by clicking here.

The 19th Annual NACM Western Region Credit Conference (WRCC), October 4-6, 2006 is being held at the Monte Carlo in Las Vegas. For more information on this years conference titled "Get On Track" click here.


DATE: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, 2006 TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)

This Webinar will cover the role and purpose of on-site customer visits in the collection and dispute management process. The topics covered are intended for all levels of the credit and collection organization. Have you ever wondered how to justify visiting a customer’s place of business? As a result of this session participants will have a greater knowledge of why customer visits can more than offset costs. We will explore issues that make the visit worthwhile including how to define your objectives, how to enlist the help of the sales organization and pre-meeting preparation and post meeting actions. Participants will be left with techniques to successfully obtain financial statements and how to solicit management’s discussion and analysis. Additionally we will discuss how you can use the customer visit as part of the dispute resolution process and to build ongoing goodwill. Specifically the session will cover: · The cost and benefits of the visit · Who should attend from your company and who you should seek to attend on the customer’s side. · The role of the participants · Rules of etiquette · Transfer of information and policy · Best practices and pitfalls of the meeting

This program is part of the Communication Track and the session level is Intermediate.

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DATE: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 2006 TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)

Are you buried in paper? Is it time consuming and difficult to get your hands on documentation needed to collect from your customers or to reconcile difficult accounts? Would it be useful to automate the retrieval and sending of invoice and proof of delivery copies to customers who seem to always need them to pay an invoice? Is all this having a negative impact on your collection performance or efficiency? If any or all of these situations is true at your company, you should attend this valuable Webinar. Jeff Haller, an expert in his field, will teach you how an effective document management workflow solution can achieve significant cycle efficiencies within your cash management processes. In this presentation, you will see the A/R document workflow process end to end. This session will walk you through the decision steps for integrating workflow management into your Credit and A/R processes. Learn some common points of efficiency for A/R processes and how to eliminate unnecessary negative impacts on your customer relationships of credit decisions made with less than complete information. Specific situations will be covered including proactive POD and the returns/adjustment process. Learn useful techniques for: · reducing DSO · shortening collection cycles · enhancing customer relationships

This program is part of the Communication Track and the session level is Basic.

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    TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)
Improving working capital is high on the agenda of most
CFO’s.  Since accounts receivable are a major working
capital component, savvy credit pros are in a perfect
position to leverage their knowledge of the quote-to-
cash process to improve working capital management
and increase their influence throughout the enterprise. 
This workshop will provide an introduction to the
principals involved in Financial Supply Chain
Management (FSCM), outline the value proposition for
improved working capital management, and identify
specific opportunities for credit pros to participate. 
This is an introductory course for anybody wanting to
gain a solid overview of FSCM and the role credit
management can contribute.  The following will be
· CFO Survey Results
· A Definition of FSCM
· Principal Components of FSCM
· The Cost of Paper vs. Automated Processes
· Expanding Credit’s Role in FSCM

This program is part of the Working Capital
Management Track and the session level is
Basic/Intermediate. This is the first of a three part
series covering all aspects of "Financial Supply Chain

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TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (PDT)

This Webinar introduces a six step process of value to
both novice and experienced collectors. The session
will cover how to develop a “psychological” advantage
over collectors from other companies trying to collect
money from your customer. In today’s environment,
when money is scarce, you need a competitive
advantage to get paid first.
Phone Power Collections details a six step proactive
process that will put you at top of the priority list for
payment. Specifically the session covers:
1) Re-collection Planning
2) Professional Conduct
3) The Collection Statement
4) Customer’s excuses
5) The rebuttal
6) The follow-up
Within each step there is an explanation of common
sense and psychological advantages to put you on the
top of the paying list. Don’t be an ordinary collector.
Be a collector that stands out in a positive way, so you
always get paid first in an environment of scarce cash.

This program is part of the Working Capital
Management Track and the session level is Basic.

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Basic Financial Accounting Classes

They start next week – but it is not too late to sign up. The 10 Week courses in Basic Financial Accounting meet once a week in two locations: Turlock, CA and North Las Vegas, NV.

This course provides students with a fundamental understanding of introductory accounting and procedures for recording transactions. This course provides the building blocks for understanding financial statement analysis.

CEEF to Award Two (2) Scholarships to the new Online Financial Statement Analysis Class

CEEF is the Credit Executive Education Foundation, the Education Arm of CMA
Business Credit Services.  We are pleased to announce that we will be
awarding two scholarships for the upcoming course which starts on Tuesday,
September 26th.

The Scholarship application is 500 words or less explaining the benefit you
would receive from participating in the course.  These 500 words can net you
the course for free.  The CMA’s scholarship committee will be reviewing all
scholarship applications.   Apply Today

Deadline to submit your application is Friday, September 8th.  You can print
out your scholarship application from the website and send it directly to
Bob Hoder – CMA – 40 E. Verdugo – Burbank, CA 91502 or fax it to
818-972-5301.  For consideration, the application must be received on or
before September 8th.

Please call Jodi Owens (510) 346-6000 ext 221 or Cheryl Hammond (831)
475-9482 if you should have any questions.

For more info on the Financial Statement Analysis Course click here.

FCIB Teleconference: Doing Business in China

FREE FOR FCIB MEMBERS  ($59.95 per line for non-members)

Learn how to thrive in the emerging Asian markets without taking undue risks.  This teleconference will examine the growing complexity of risks in China and discuss ways of dealing with the imperfect world of information and overcoming the information deficit.

Speaker: Julian Chen, Chief Operating Officer, FCIB China

Participants of this teleconference are eligible to receive 1/2 CICP Point and/or 1 Career Roadmap point. For more information about this teleconference, please visit: http://www.fcibglobal.com/events/teleConf/index.shtml