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Join the Credit Management Association Group on Linkedin

The Credit Management Association Group on LinkedIn is for business credit professionals. You must have a profile on LinkedIn to join the Group. This is a discussion group where you can ask any career or benchmarking related questions of other members in the CMA group. With more than 4,000 credit professionals from around the world, here is a great opportunity to network with other credit professionals and read about hot topics in credit management.

CMA Group on LinkedIn
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To join the CMA Group – log into and search for the Credit Management Association group and then Join the group.

Follow CMA on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has added new functionality that allows you to follow a company that is on LinkedIn. This is great for those of you who want to stay on top of what is happening for your major customers.

You can follow CMA on LinkedIn by clicking the button below.

Credit Management Association on LinkedIn

Follow CreditMgmtAssoc on Twitter

If you do not already have a Twitter account you would need to join Twitter to follow CreditMgmtAssoc. Following CreditMgmtAssoc on Twitter means you will see all of our Twitter posts as they happen. CMA uses Twitter to link you to articles and information that effects business credit. Our Twitter posts are also viewable on the main page and home page after log-in.

CMA on Twitter
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Our page on Twitter is

Like CMA on Facebook

If you like Credit Management Association on Facebook we can have a more interactive conversation about CMA and the information, events, education etc. that CMA is posting. You need to have an account on Facebook and then Like the Credit Management Association page.

CMA's Facebook Page
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