Here’s Why You Should Submit Data From Your AR to CMA

You should contribute and submit data to CMA. Here's why.
It’s easier than you think

With the help of technology, submit your full accounts receivable data, including your full accounts receivable data to CMA electronically, is simple, secure and best of all free.

Why should you contribute your A/R data and submit data to Credit Management Association?

Are you looking for additional help in getting your slower-paying customers to pay faster? Here’s one more: by submitting your accounts receivable data to Credit Management Association, you can positively (or negatively) affect your customer’s payment history, as the information is aggregated safely and securely to and to the CMA Credit Report.

In your busy workplace, credit requests are constantly coming in, and it takes time to do the research to fill them out. By submitting your A/R to CMA electronically, your credit department operations will be more efficient and you will benefit from the collective results of other like companies.

Within your vertical market, the more information you submit, the more complete the reporting, and in turn, the better equipped you’ll be to make business decisions based on extending trade credit. But to give you further incentive to submit your full A/R, here are some additional facts to consider.

  • When you submit data, the process is done over a safe and secure server, so you can be sure that your data doesn’t get into the wrong hands.
  • Hundreds of companies like yours contribute data to the database, accounting for a great source of data from companies in your industry with your common customers, creating a greater likelihood you’ll find information about the companies you’re looking for.
  • Your actions can help reduce fraud in your vertical market.
  • Your actions support the credit community.

We appreciate your support, as CMA aims to provide the most complete data to help guide your business decisions.

What are you waiting for? Call CMA’s Member Relations Department at 818-972-5300 and begin contributing now!