Are Your Trade Credit Emails Ending Up in Your Spam Folders?

Many of CMA’s members have reported that a growing problem in their companies seems to be their ability to receive trade credit related emails through their email spam filters. It seems that an increasing number of wanted emails from customers, creditors, trade groups such as Credit Management Association and others aren’t being received because IT departments filter out emails from bulk servers, or ones with words like “debt,” “collections,” “credit” and “past due” in the subject line or the body of the email itself. Such filters can automatically send wanted emails to your spam folder, or even worse, automatically deleted—unseen, unknown and unread by you.

At CMA, we filter incoming messages for malware and viruses, which can be embedded in commonly traded files via email such as Microsoft documents (Word, Excel), PDFs, and especially ZIP files. Similarly, as we communicate RFIs, meeting requests and information with our members, we routinely ask members to check their junk email if they should have received emails from our servers that they say they didn’t. On occasion, we make use of cloud storage transfer sites such as DropBox, Mega or WeTransfer to avoid emailing files to get through tough firewalls (even our own!).

Here are several things I recommend you do to ensure that you’re receiving emails from your customers and trade association.

  • Add your customers, associations and others to a safe “white list” to allow all emails from them to come to your main email inbox.
  • Check your Junk/Spam email box regularly to make sure that your important messages aren’t going there.
  • Talk to your IT department about how to “white list” or add your customers to an “approved list” to ensure you receive their emails.

How do you make sure that you’re getting important emails at your company? We welcome your feedback.