Meet CMA Board of Directors Member Pam Craik

Pam Craik, the Regional Director of Credit for McKesson Corporation, knows the value of being a CMA member, as she demonstrates by actively participating in CMA Industry Credit Groups and educational and networking events. A 20-year CMA member, Craik says that her experience with CMA’s Industry Credit Groups is the main reason her company is a CMA member. “The professional development and networking has helped my company by allowing team members to learn more about credit, how we approach credit, and how others do as well. It has allowed us to be rounded and considerate about how we go to market. It allows us to grow while also measuring and understanding risk. We have learned about new tools to help us advance. This includes technology and generally all types of enhancements,” she said.

Craik, who has been in credit for 30 years with McKesson, said that her time volunteering with CMA and participating in Group meetings and other events have helped her both professionally and personally. “Taking the time to serve as a volunteer board member has helped me to grow my own leadership skills and make sure my company stays relevant. Being on the CMA Board, I have met so many people I may not have otherwise known. I have learned about other industries and challenges in business. It has been one the most rewarding professional experiences I have ever had. I encourage others to get involved and make a difference.”

Craik holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Phoenix and an MBA from the University of Sacramento.

A self-described “practical joker,” Craik said that she is the quiet one that you need to watch out for, or you might become the subject of her pranks.

Craik lives in the Placerville, CA area with her husband.