Melissa Kobus Named 2018 CMA Mentor of the Year

Melissa Kobus, CCE, Assistant Director of Credit at Walters Wholesale, takes the word “mentor” to a new level. She’s a huge supporter of CMA, having been on the CMA Board of Directors since 2008, serving in several roles including Chairman and Advisor. On the Board and in her credit group, she is a great leader, leading by example. Her fellow Board members have described her as having a huge heart, always thinking of others first, always full of helpful knowledge, as she visibly goes out of her way to help and answer questions or find information. An example of her mentorship could be seen during a recent credit group meeting, where she stayed afterwards to demo a service her company uses that would help a number of members of the group, or her frequently chiming in to answer questions posed to the group from its members. She also participates in nearly all CMA events. She’s been at Walters Wholesale for nearly two years, following 19 years at Anixter.

Walters Wholesale Electric has been a CMA member since 1962.

The CMA Mentor of the Year Award was presented during the Membership Meeting portion of the CreditScape Spring Summit in Garden Grove, CA on April 5, 2018.

Melissa Kobus (left) receives the 2018 CMA Mentor of the Year Award from Tracy Rosenbach at the 2018 CreditScape Spring Summit.