Rosa Moody and Ahern Rentals Named 2018 CMA Member of the Year

As a CMA staff member, we hope that companies can at least understand the benefits that CMA offers, from Credit Reporting services to Industry Credit Groups to lien filing and collections assistance. Rosa Moody, and her company Ahern Rentals, is the type of member that CMA hopes that every company could be: they participate in all CMA-sponsored events, they have evaluated and used nearly all of CMA’s services, they actively participate in CMA’s Industry Credit Groups, and Rosa has even personally trained and encouraged her entire staff to understand and fully use CMA services. Ahern Rentals has been a CMA member since 1999, and we’re honored to have them under our umbrella.

The 2018 CMA Member of the Year Award was presented during the Membership Meeting portion of the CreditScape Spring Summit in Garden Grove, CA on April 5, 2018.

Rosa Moody of Ahern Rentals, left, accepts the CMA Member of the Year Award from Tracy Rosenbach