Coming Soon: How to Effectively Manage Change in Your Company’s Credit Department

The only thing constant in business these days is change. As the organization changes, how can credit professionals respond effectively to internal and external changes beyond their control? How can credit professionals proactively bring change to their organizations by changing process and policies to increase cash flow? How do you create a credit culture where people think about doing business differently and are purposeful about making and accepting change that they believe will make a positive difference?

Stop us if you’ve heard any of these scenarios before. Your boss comes to you and tells you that you need to start accepting credit cards (when your company hasn’t done that before). How about this: your company is repurposing someone in your already short-staffed credit department. Or, maybe your previously great-paying customer of many years tells you, “We’re changing your terms. You must accept in order to continue to do business with us.” Or, have you wished that you could have that proverbial “seat at the table” with upper management?

At CMA’s Industry Credit Group meetings, the majority of the best-practice conversations that were had in 2017 had something to do with managing changes like the ones mentioned above. As a response to these conversations, CMA has put together a program centered around managing changes like these, to help you do your jobs better. The program is geared towards practitioners with all levels of experience and expertise to leverage the knowledge and experiences of practitioners who can help you be ahead of the curve and effectively manage change.

The 2018 CreditScape Spring Summit, powered by United TranzActions, will feature a two-day workshop that includes a keynote address on change management, training sessions, expert practical and legal advice, and networking with other credit professionals. The goal of CreditScape is to provide an opportunity for credit practitioners at all levels of experience and expertise to come together to solve problems and provide solutions for their real-world issues they face at work.

Over the next few days, our keynote speaker Joel Block will be guest blogging about dealing with change in your credit operations, a topic he will explore at CreditScape.

We invite you to join us at the Spring CreditScape Summit, powered by UTA, April 4-5, 2018 at the Hyatt Regency Orange County (or view the website at, and to read the blogs, as the information you’ll receive can help you do your job better in the long run.

What changes in your credit department do you think are the most difficult to deal with? We welcome your feedback.

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