Lee Clutter, CBA, Honored with CBA of the Year Designation at CreditScape

Being nominated by your peers for an award is something special. It is an accolade just in the nomination itself. It gives you time to pause and reflect on your accomplishments.

Lee Clutter, CBA, the CBA Designation of Excellence winner for 2017, received over 15 letters of recommendation from his peers, coworkers and credit professionals. He has worldly knowledge of credit surpassed by very few. He has been in credit for over 40 years and truly demonstrates credit excellence. He is a second-time award winner, who is actively involved with CMA’s programs and services. Congratulations to Lee Clutter, CBA from Smart Modular Technologies.

The CBA Designation of Excellence Award was presented during the Annual Meeting portion of the CreditScape Spring Summit in Garden Grove, CA on April 12.