A Member Success Story, by Mike Mitchell

At CMA, we often hear stories about how credit group membership can save your company THOUSANDS of dollars by providing critical information that helps you avoid extending too much credit on high-risk accounts. Here’s a real example of how a multi-national company avoided a costly disruption when a long-standing critical supplier filed for bankruptcy.

CMA President and CEO Mike Mitchell

The member regularly attends credit group meetings, and at a recent meeting, he was surprised to learn that one of his company’s critical suppliers had recently filed for bankruptcy. He was surprised by the news because his company subscribes to various monitoring services that should have alerted him and his department to the bankruptcy filing. When he contacted his procurement department, he was further surprised to learn that the department responsible for the relationship with the supplier was not even aware of the bankruptcy filing. The member had sufficient time take the necessary steps to source the critical supplies from a different supplier so that production was not interrupted. Supply chain disruptions potentially can cause more damage to a company’s business model and reputation than the failure of customers to pay their bills, so this was a big deal.

Once the member had mitigated the risks of the potential supply chain disruption for his company, he contacted his supervisor, the Director of Corporate Credit, and let him know that the critical piece of information came from a discussion at a CMA credit group meeting. He gave CMA credit for providing the information that potentially saved his company millions of dollars in lost production time and goods.

We hear these stories all the time at credit group meetings. The real value of regular participation in credit groups is the money and time you save in getting the critical information you need in order to get out in front of situations that could cause significant losses to your company. The member whose story I highlighted above feels confident that the time and money his company spends to have him participate in credit groups is well worth the investment.

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  1. Even though I am no longer in the credit management sector, I always found trade groups to be one of the best tools in my box … the information exchanged was of value to all who participated. I always told new group members that if you hear just one thing that saves you from a credit loss or business disruption, you pay for your CMA membership for the year. We can all rely on multiple sources for reports and data, but nothing substitutes for the networking information at trade group meetings. I also have made life-long friends of my ‘competitors’ in these groups, and that’s why I stay in touch with CMA even though I am well removed from the world of credit and collections.

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