CMA January Member of the Month: Regina Howe, State Restaurant Equipment

The January CMA Member of the Month is a good reminder of how a Group dynamic (and the information exchanged in a Group) can be so different from month to month, and why it is important to try to attend as many Group meetings as you can.

Regina Howe of State Restaurant Equipment is a 27-year Credit industry veteran who has participated in several industry credit groups throughout her career. She’s used CMA’s collection services (when she worked in the construction industry) and has recommended CMA’s services to other companies because of the success that she had with collections, information, prelims and liens.

A new member of the Food Group in Nevada, she came to a Group meeting in October (which provided some good conversation but not a lot of actionable items she could bring back to her company), and then again in December. “In December, I was very impressed with the increased number of members in attendance, the information shared, and the conversations that we shared besides past due info. I do realize that membership, attendance and participation are very important to the success of the group, and I am very interested in participating regularly, seeing what I can bring to the group as well take away from the meetings,” she said.

We appreciate her positive attitude and enthusiasm towards making her company better, the Group better, and  using her membership to its fullest capabilities by participating in CMA.

Thanks again for being part of CMA!