CMA Member of the Month, October 2016: Dave Boudreau, Pacific Seafood

Dave Boudreau of Pacific Seafood
Dave Boudreau of Pacific Seafood

There’s an old proverb that there’s no substitute for experience. When dealing with an Industry Credit Group, as you may know, just because someone has experience doesn’t mean that they’re willing to share it for the overall good of the Group. However, if you’ve been to a Las Vegas Commercial Credit Group meeting over the past 8 years, you may know our October CMA Member of the Month, Dave Boudreau of Pacific Seafood of Las Vegas, an active participant in the group who is always willing to share his knowledge and best practices with them.

In addition to simply attending CMA Credit Group meetings for more than 50 years across several industries, Dave provides excellent contributions to the Group, especially on the topics of how to get paid, navigating internal customer channels and payment portals. He has always been one of the first members to show up for CMA meetings, he is always prepared with his reports and he always adds valuable comments to the Group discussions. He’s also a proud veteran of the U.S. Army.

An active CMA member since March 2008 with Pacific Seafood (and he’s been active with CMA with other companies before that), we commend Dave for participating, and we look forward to his continued support.

Members of the Month are nominated by CMA members, Group members, volunteers and CMA staff to highlight those members (or member companies) whose engagement with CMA has helped improve the overall credit profession for others.

For more information on how you can participate in any of the areas mentioned within this article, or to nominate any members for this honor, contact Diana Escobar at or 818-972-5300.

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