Extending Your Credit Information Reach, by Larry Convoy

One of the benefits of group membership is being able to access the anscers databank anytime and not only receive information from members of your group, but information from members outside of your group. Many groups share common customers, and being able to pull up an anscers.com report and see a trade line or alert from someone in another group could be the difference in opening the account or not. After all, the information in anscers comes from past-due reports, meeting review reports, RFI’s, alerts and companies contributing their aging each month. More current information does not exist.

Now, expand the anscers databank to include 40 other NACM affiliates and their 10 million lines of information and you have the NACM National Trade Credit Report, NACM’s own report exclusively from industry credit groups and data contributors. The report is available at a reasonable price, and can act as the perfect companion to the major bureau reports. Get this with the pricing: each report costs $14.99, but if you contribute your company’s A/R to the databank, the price goes down to $9.99, and you get your first 25 reports for free. And this report IS ONLY AVAILABLE to members of NACM.

If you sell nationally or your customer has vendors outside of California, there could be multiple suppliers at other affiliates that have trade information on this account. If you sell strictly in California or Nevada, there could be suppliers in the other 48 states with trade experience with your customer. The information pipeline does not have to stop at the border anymore: for example, if a member of a Group in Dallas or Tampa reports them, you will be able to draw a report and make a more informed credit decision.

CMA recently unveiled this report to all members. Compare with your current provider and decide if the National Trade Credit Report has a place in your organization.

We hope you like what you see.


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