I Am CMA, by Sherry Raposo

As a veteran credit manager of 30 years, Credit Management Association is an indispensable tool that I use for my career. As a Credit Manager, I believe you must always keep yourself and your staff educated in a constantly changing environment. I personally attend the CreditScape events, as well as other seminars and webinars throughout the year, as investing time in education is very valuable to my company and team.

When I get a new credit application, I immediately go to CMA’s Anscers.com website to obtain RFIs from other CMA members, which in my opinion is the best trade reference you can get. I participate in my industry credit group by reporting past-due accounts, NSF checks or bankruptcies, which is very helpful to all Credit Managers, and I read the reports to see if I recognize any of the late-payers company names from accounts my company may have sold. I submit my full aging data automatically through anscers.com as well so that I don’t have to upload them manually for the Group discussions. The hour a month that I spend attending Group meetings is possibly the best use of my time all month.

Through CMA I also run credit reports designed for my company and volume, and get better rates than I would have if I’d have gone direct.

Finally, as a company whose primary business is in the construction industry, CMA’s construction forms filing service has helped my short-staffed team to verify the information provided as well as produce the preliminary notice, and mail them out, allowing me to spend more time collecting.
CMA allows you to have the most valuable networking a credit professional could ask for, which is why I chose to serve on the Board of Directors, as well as other volunteer opportunities within the association. CMA and its staff are always there for me and have contributed to me being the credit professional that I am today. For that, I AM CMA.

Sherry Raposo
Credit Manager
VSS International & VSS Emultech