Josh Poli, Nannette Bringard Named 2016 CMA Students of the Year

Josh Poli, CBF, Intsel Steel
Josh Poli, CBF, Intsel Steel, accepts his award from Melissa Kobus, CCE, at the recent CreditScape Spring Summit

Congratulations to Josh Poli, CBF, of Intsel Steel West and Nannette Bringard, CBA, of Breakthru Beverage, who were named CMA Students of the Year at the recent CreditScape Summit and Annual Meeting.

Nannette Bringard of Breakthru Beverage, who received the CBA Designation of Excellence, has been in the credit industry for 25+ years, where she has served on a number of boards and committees for CMA. She encourages those around her to participate freely in credit industry meetings and to reach beyond their goals for success.

Josh Poli, CBF, from Intsel Steel West, who received the CBF Designation of Excellence, has been described as someone who goes above and beyond to support his company and his customers. His desire to learn more has been key to his success, and he frequently attends seminars, webinars and other educational events to expand his professional knowledge. His co-workers have been very appreciative to what he’s brought to the table.

Congratulations again to our winners Nannette Bringard and Josh Poli!