CMA Announces Member of the Month Recognitions

At CMA, we love our members, and want to recognize our engaged members, those who utilize our services, actively participate in Industry Credit Group meetings and answer RFIs, submit their data to the NACM database, inspire other credit managers by mentoring or even providing ideas about best practices their companies use, or furthering their own career potential through continuing education offerings. In an effort to tell some of their stories, CMA’s membership committee has created an opportunity to showcase these exemplary members through a series of monthly blog posts recognizing the CMA Member of the Month.

Members of the Month will be nominated by CMA members, Group members, volunteers and CMA staff to highlight those members (or member companies) whose engagement with CMA has helped improve the overall credit profession for others.

Among the criteria that will be used will be:

  • Mentor who has helped in your professional development
  • Exemplary Industry Credit Group Service
  • Exemplary use of CMA’s services
  • Professional development leader who attends and actively participates in courses, seminars and webinars
  • Outstanding community volunteer outside of the credit profession
  • CMA volunteer who give countless hours of their time to promote CMA
  • Outstanding credit industry leader
  •  …and more.

In January, we’d like to honor a special mentor that has helped in your professional development. Submit your entry either by email to your group facilitator or send an email to Diana Escobar ( with one or more reasons why the person deserves to be recognized.

Though CMA has many valuable tools and services for the credit professional, they’re only as good as the input that our members put into them. For more information on how you can become more engaged in CMA, including a tour of the products and services we offer, or ideas on where you can volunteer, contact Diana Escobar at or 818-972-5300.