I Am CMA, by Anne Mattson, Tropitone

Anne Mattson, Credit Manager, Tropitone
Anne Mattson, Credit Manager, Tropitone

“‘I am CMA’ covers a wide array of Why I will continue to support CMA with my membership and volunteer as a committee member.

CMA allows me 24-hour access to information on their website. I use their Encyclopedia of Credit as a tool for educating my staff on all aspects of credit, Bankruptcy laws, credit practices, document examples for collection etc. The teleconferences and Credit events held by CMA are educational, enjoyable and affordable for my entire department.

When assessing the potential risk of a new customer, some of the outside reporting agencies information may not be updated for 6-12 months. This allows for errors and potential high risk decisions which could lead to a bad debt write off. I am confident in using CMA’s RFIs and anscers reports, that the information provided is current and precise allowing me to make confident decisions lowering my companies’ risk.

My credit group through CMA has enabled me to continue invaluable relationships with peers in my industry. I have made friends for life who are professional, educated and respect the credit confidentiality as much as CMA does.


Anne Mattson
Tropitone Credit Manager
21 years
“I Am CMA” is a Membership Committee driven initiative to allow members to share the most valuable aspects of their membership with CMA members. The monthly series explores CMA’s different programs and services and how they have helped members. With a full range of business credit services from Industry Credit Groups to credit reporting to construction forms filing services to collections to business insolvency, we hope the series will inspire you to utilize CMA more to help provide information to reduce your company’s overall risk.

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