CMA Member Darrell Horton, CICP, Runs For NACM National Board of Directors

CMA member (and former Chairman of the Board of Directors) Darrell Horton, CICP, of Aristocrat Inc. has announced his candidacy for the NACM National Board of Directors. Ballots for the NACM National Board will be sent out to all CMA members beginning today Monday October 12. If you didn’t receive your ballot, contact us at CMA and we’ll send you another one.

Horton, who has more than 30 years in the Credit profession, has been an active CMA member since 1992, and has served on various committees and has chaired two Industry Credit Groups and was a founding member of a new industry Credit group. In addition, he has served on the CMA Board of Directors since 2007 in various capacities including Director, Treasurer, Chair Elect, Chairman, Councilor and currently as Advisor. In 2015, he was named CMA Credit Executive of the Year.


Darrell Horton, CICP
Darrell Horton, CICP


“I believe one of the greatest challenges facing NACM and its affiliates today is membership and getting new credit managers involved and connected to realize the value of being in an organization such as NACM. I believe we need to find ways to communicate through the technological methods they prefer to be communicated to. Once they are comfortable with the communication they receive, they would be more open to attending a face-to-face meeting. I will continue to engage the ‘up-and-coming Credit Managers’ to determine what they value, need and demand from NACM both now and in the future. If given the opportunity to be a Director for the NACM, I will do my best to listen to and be a voice for the membership at large, as I feel that this is the responsibility of each and every director, manager, employee and even member of NACM,” Horton said.

Directors are elected for a term of three years following the date of election. Ballots will be mailed to the primary contact for each CMA member company.

3 Replies to “CMA Member Darrell Horton, CICP, Runs For NACM National Board of Directors”

  1. NACM would be lucky to have you as a Board member and CMA here in California will be very proud to see you represent us.

    We will watch for ballots to cast our votes.

  2. Darrell is a very deserving candidate for the NACM Board. He is hard working, he has great experience, and he has shared his experiences for many years as a member and CMA Board of Directors. I also benefitted from him as he mentored me in the credit profession.

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