An Incentive When You Submit Your Full A/R Data, by Mike Mitchell

Dear CMA Member,

A few months ago, I requested additional support for the NACM national trade credit report (NTCR) in the form of accounts receivable data contributions from our members. I am happy to report that we have 8 new contributors and are working with other members that have expressed interest in contributing. Currently, there are 140 members that participate in the data contribution program. We have come a long way since we started this program 5 years ago, but we need to continue growing contributions to meet the increased NACM contribution requirements.

Remember, access to the NTCR has always been and will continue to be an exclusive benefit of your membership in CMA/NACM and we hope that you will continue to see it as a unique and increasingly valuable tool for investigating and managing your customer relationships. Our commitment to this resource means that we will continue to ask for data contributions. Please contact Lisa Wong at if you are interested in adding your contribution.

Beginning October 1, we would like to thank our members who support the NTCR program with their monthly accounts receivable contributions by continuing to offer 25 free NTCR reports annually. Data contributors also will continue to receive the discounted price of $9.95 per report when they need more than 25 reports annually. In order to continue to invest in this effort, we have decided to remove 15 free reports from the CMA membership package, and we will ask members that cannot support the NTCR program with data contributions to support the program by paying the standard $14.95 per report fee for all NTCR reports.

We understand that some companies are willing but simply unable to contribute data. If you do not contribute your full accounts receivable file to CMA or another NACM affiliate, and you currently use or think you might use more than 15 NTCR reports annually, we are happy to offer discount pricing on an annual commitment basis. For more information on CMA’s reporting services, contact Terry Campos at

Mike Mitchell, President and CEO

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