CMA needs Member Support for the NACM National Trade Credit Report, by Mike Mitchell



Most CMA members are familiar with the NACM National Trade Credit Report, or NTCR. CMA has been a proud supporter of the NTCR program since its inception, aggregating trade information from NACM members across the U.S. The result has been a unique credit report product that you can only access as an NACM member.

What you may not know is that CMA must meet data contribution requirements in order to continue offering access to the NTCR reports through I have been informed by NACM Affiliate leaders who oversee the NTCR program that CMA did not meet its minimum contribution requirement for the second consecutive year. CMA needs 25 additional full AR data files to contribute its minimum of 15% to the national database by the end of July.

Unless CMA can meet the minimum contribution requirement, we may need to suspend direct access to the report until we get support from enough members.

How easy is it to contribute? If you are already contributing to another agency, send us a copy of the same file, as most of them are compatible. If your AR is in an Excel file format, we can use it also. Not sure of what format you have? Send us a copy of the file and we’ll review it.

We believe that there are many companies that are capable of contributing full AR files right now. Let me remind you about good reasons to contribute your full AR to CMA. You can save precious time reporting accounts to credit group meeting reports. You can save money with discount rates on NACM NTCR reports. You can speed cash flow by informing your customers that you report all your accounts to NACM, and your company will participate in a national movement that better informs all credit decisions made by NACM members.

To contribute, contact our data specialist Lisa Wong at We need member support to keep bringing you this valuable resource. For those who already contribute, thank you!


Mike Mitchell, President and CEO

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