Gearing up for 2015: New Opportunities to Manage Risk, by Larry Convoy

CMA Industry Group Leader Larry Convoy
CMA Industry Group Leader Larry Convoy

November is a month to give thanks. One of the benefits of working in the Industry Credit Group department that I’m thankful for is the ability to help companies minimize their risk in new industries. In fact, many ideas and leads for new groups come from members who have changed jobs, know the benefits of belonging to a trade group and want to join or start a new one in their new industry. To meet this demand, here are several new groups that are in the works for 2015.

The most ambitious and challenging is Supply Chain Risk Management Credit Group.

One troubled customer can cost your company dollars;
One troubled vendor can cost you your Company.

Scheduled to hold its first meeting in January, CMA has engaged two supply chain experts to oversee the development of this group. Whether your vendors are domestic or international, whether you have a Vendor Analysis program in place or not, this group will provide you with the resources to properly assess and monitor the risks facing your company and add a skill to enhance your position in the organization.

Other new groups in development also include the following:

1. Court Reporting Credit Group
2. Transportation and Freight Service
3. National and International Hay
4. Spanish-speaking Food Manufacturers
5. Southern Calif. HVAC and Plumbing

If you’re in these industries or know of other companies that would fit into these groups, please let us know. Feel free to contact me should you be interested in starting a new group, or joining an existing one.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Larry Convoy
Lead Group Facilitator

3 Replies to “Gearing up for 2015: New Opportunities to Manage Risk, by Larry Convoy”

  1. Great article Larry! The benefits of industry groups is tremendous – saving companies thousands to sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars! $$$$

  2. Hi Larry,

    Is your new Hay group going to be regional (west coast) or nationwide in scope? We’ve got some (international) hay traders as clients in other parts of the country who might be interested.

    Gary Mendell
    Meridian Finance Group

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