“Which is the Greater Return On Investment,” by Larry Convoy

Over the years, I have attended dozens of trade shows in my role of Industry Group Secretary for CMA.  My travels have taken me to Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Francisco and Dallas, cities where food, travel and accommodations can be quite costly.

What always surprised me was the ratio of salespeople to credit people that the companies brought to these shows. In some instances the ratio was 6 to 1, but in many cases, there was no one from the credit department there. The sales team, all in matching shirts, wined and dined customers present and future, many of the company names I recognized from past-due reports and alerts.  Four nights’ hotel, meals, and transportation costs, what was the cost and what was the Return on this Investment?

I am reminded of this every time I ask if members will be attending CreditScape, the Western Region Credit Conference in Las Vegas from Oct. 15th -17th. The stock answer I get is “management does not see the value or we are not budgeted for it.” Take a look at 4 of the 18 breakout sessions offered and convince me that the ROI is equal to if not greater than the above scenario:

• How to Analyze Customer Liquidity
• How to Secure Transactions in Mexico and Latin America
• New Rules, Developments and Trends in Credit Laws
• What the Recent Data Security Breaches of Major Retailers Means to Vendors

Financial Strength, International credit, credit laws and security, are topics that will increase and protect the bottom line for many years. In addition, vendors displaying the latest in resources and technology make this a conference that senior management should insist their credit people attend.

It is time to change this ratio around not only at trade shows but in the opportunities available to credit managers to keep abreast of the latest developments in their profession.
Attending the Western Region Credit conference would be a wise investment for any company.

We’ve even written a letter that you can give to your boss to help convince them of the value of this conference. You can get it here: http://creditmanagementassociation.org/events/creditscape-conference/western-region-credit-conference-letter-to-your-boss/

For more information or to register, go to www.creditscapeconference.com or contact Jodi Owens at 888-887-7913 x221
Have a great September, and I hope to see you there.

Larry Convoy
Supervisor-Industry Credit Groups

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