Credit Management Association Expands Construction Forms Filing Services

CMA is excited to announce that it has published a series of enhancements to its Construction Forms Filing Services (CFFS) on CMA’s website, The site, which serves as a point of reference for those who supply materials or labor to construction projects, equips companies with the tools to protect their lien rights under the law. The service assists those customers who file or pursue preliminary notices, notices of intent, mechanics liens, releases, stop notices, bond claims, foreclosures, or other legal actions pertaining to construction.

A free service to all those in the construction industry, CMA’s Lien Provision Assistance Guide provides a summary of the provisions to meet individual state statutes in all fifty states. To view the guide, go to This guide will assist any company working public, private or federal construction projects. The guide identifies each state and the time requirements for each form in that state depending on the type of project.

CMA has upgraded its reminder system incorporating the Lien Provision Assistance Guide with the CFFS service module on The system allows users to create reminders that are web, email or Outlook calendar based throughout the lifecycle of a construction project. As users create reminders, they can review the lien provisions for each state to ensure they pick the right follow-up dates for their project.

This rounds out CMA’s other recent enhancements, which include importing multiple Preliminary Notice Requests using Microsoft Excel and providing access to detailed monthly usage reports, creating a state-of-the-art forms filing service from CMA.

“These new features greatly expand the benefits of our Construction Forms Filing capabilities,” said CMA president Mike Mitchell. “We listened to the feedback of our customers, who have requested changes that would help them file their forms online, and their suggestions have helped us deliver a better product,” he added.

CFFS services currently allow construction suppliers to request preliminary notices and record mechanics liens in all states and Guam; as well as request mechanics lien releases; lien warning notices; bond claims and stop notices. Other benefits of using CMA’s CFFS services include online filing and notice tracking; no set up fees or minimum orders; same-day service when rapid filing is required; automatic verification of ownership and parcel information; CMA member and quantity discounts; and the availability to send progress releases at no charge.

“Our rates have always been competitive with similar services, and these enhanced features improve an already good product. The site can be tailored to fit individual needs, and the pricing is more cost-effective than filing in-house. CMA is even licensed and bonded for our customers’ protection,” Mitchell added.

For pricing information, visit CMA’s website at or call CMA at 800-841-5793 for more information.

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