CMA Introduces Credit Management Association Quick News

In an effort to keep its members informed about issues affecting credit managers, Credit Management Association has created a new bi-weekly electronic newsletter, called CMA Quick News, to be distributed to members of the association.

The newsletter, which will be released every other Thursday beginning June 5 via e-mail, offers tips and tricks to make informed business decisions based on extending business credit, exploring opportunities and issues on the horizon.

“We understand that our members are very busy with their daily jobs, so we’ve created a news format designed to be read in a matter of minutes,” said CMA president Michael Mitchell, CAE. “The newsletter will focus on news pertinent to every credit manager…the latest trends that are available, new educational opportunities and reports that can help them make informed business decisions.”

To be added to the mailing list, subscribe at and select CMA Quick News.

3 Replies to “CMA Introduces Credit Management Association Quick News”

  1. This will quickly become a great resource for the CMA’s credit/collection professional community.
    Our business environment is so dynamic and challenging today that continuing education and updates on trends, events and best practices are an essential part of our work life.
    Thank you CMA

  2. Credit management is a discipline that thrives on information.
    Credit decisions must be based on information.
    Credit professionals need information, information, and information…
    Speed, relevance, and timely information are priceless!

    Information and CMA Quick News will put us IN the zone of decision making with deep insight and knowledge.

  3. Thank you CMA for constantly trying to improve the products and service you provide. Constant improvement is what we all strive for. Keep up the great work.

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