Meet the Graduates of the Credit Boot Camp, Winter 2014 – Glendale, CA

Graduates of the Credit Boot Camp
Graduates of the Credit Boot Camp

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA – In joint effort of the government and credit trainer/consultant Eddy Sumar’s dream to help disadvantaged young adults,  The Credit Boot Camp educational training took place from 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday, January 13 through Friday, January 17 at the Verdugo Jobs Center.  With professional support and facilitation from the Credit Management Association and funds from the Glendale Youth Alliance, the Boot Camp was made available for 10 underprivileged Glendale Community College students.   Funding for the program comes from the Workforce Investment Board, part of the federal Workforce Investment Act.

“We are delighted to team up with Eddy,” says Michael Mitchell, CEO of the Credit Management Association.   “His enthusiasm and commitment to helping disadvantaged young adults find employment is a gift we cannot ignore. The support of the Glendale Youth Alliance and the Verdugo Workforce Board suggests the importance to the community of training these young adults.  As a business in neighboring Burbank, CMA is proud to be part of this effort.”

 “This is my dream come true,” says Eddy Sumar, the creator and instructor for the Credit Boot Camp.  “Our goal with this boot camp is to assure that these kids have a solid chance at an entry level job.  No one needs a job more than kids who are disadvantaged and struggling.”

Mr. Sumar’s boot camp training started three years ago in Riverside County for peer level professionals and business owners.  Then a high school principal came to him and suggested he create a training program for continuation school students.  “These are the kids everyone’s given up on,” says Mr. Sumar.  “I took everything I know about the credit management profession and created the Boot Camp for young adults.”

He says some were appalled thinking the term “credit” was a huge negative involving credit cards and tough collectors.  “But I deal in business-to-business credit, not consumer credit.  Credit is the lifeblood of any company and a traditional, uniquely American way of doing business. Credit and collection training touches on every aspect of a business, from customer relations to international  credit management to understanding there is a company culture.”

Using his nearly 30 years of experience as a credit and international trade professional, Mr. Sumar’s training has resulted in several of his attendees getting entry level jobs.

“It’s critical they get that first job, even if it’s file clerk,” says Mr. Sumar.  “From there they can grow into a better job within the company using what they learned in our workshop.”

Mr. Sumar’s program also has earned the respect of the National Credit Management Association, which is offering four units of accreditation for those completing Mr. Sumar’s course.

Below is a picture of Eddy with the graduates (middle row, center right), Don Nakamoto, Executive Director of Verdugo Jobs Center, JUDITH VELASCO, Manager at Verdugo Jobs Center, and Mike Mitchell, President of CMA.

Credit Boot Camp, Winter 2014
Credit Boot Camp, Winter 2014