What prompt do you put on your Past Due invoices to customers?

Final Demand
Final Demand

CMA Poll Results:

  • Stamp “Past Due” 25% 81 votes
  • Second Reminder or Second Notice 14% 47 votes
  • Hand write a note 13% 42 votes
  • We do not send second copies of invoices 28% 91 votes
  • Other 21% 68 votes


mary Raynoha
We have the sales person contact past due customer within 5 days of becomming past due. This seems to work good for us as the sales person usually has a relationship with customers. I only contract if they cannot collect

Fay D’Amico
We have moved in a paperless direction so we not longer mail out statements, invoices or correspondence it is all done via e-mail.

Linda Reynaga
We either call, e-mail or send a past due letter at 45 days and follow up with a call in 1 week. If no response we send a statement with a “past due” stamp at 60 days. Of course, if an order is placed we hold util payment secured.

Barbara Giras
We too try to be proactive. We contact the account at 45 days. Send copies, POD’s etc as needed.

Linda Olsen
We do not sent out copies, nor do we send out statements. We try to be a proactive as we can up front. If an account goes beyond terms, we start contacting the account, the sales team and the GC.

Manny Geronimo
I do all of the above…if necessary. Certain customers require a call, but mostly I get paid as long as I knock on their door one way or another.

Jaime Figueroa
We send e-mails with copies of invoices, POD’s and any supporting documentation as needed. CREDIT HOLD on new orders pays hugh for remit resolution.

Maya deBourguignon
We send a past due letter & current statement or aging report when invoices reach 15+ days past due requesting pmt ASAP

Raj Prasad
For customers who are always paying late, we also notify them with a “Credit Hold” prompt.