With Apologies to Poe – Michael Dennis, CBF

Once upon a mid-day dreary,
While I labored bored and weary,
Came a knock upon my door,
Came salesman to implore,
Using words I’d heard before,
Ship the Orders, nothing more.

Pleased I was not by his tapping,
Wakened me from almost napping,
With a comment I abhor:
Ship the Product, nothing more.

To the salesman this I said,
The only words they fear or dread,
Ship the order I can do,
But mark these words I say to you,
Lest they pay and right on time,
In payment get you not one dime.

Standing at my office door,
Face a mask of hate and more,
Said the salesman in reply,
Angry or about to cry,
Perhaps you should consider longer,
Else my statement should be stronger,
I do think this deserve repeating,
While my heart is still a-beating,
Your action’s not what I would take,
Decision’s yours not mine to make.

Your answer now please be amending,
On your words I am depending,
The debtor’s fine, I know they’ll pay,
Late not sooner, that’s their way,
So my friend I do implore,
Ship the Orders, nothing more.

If I ship them at this time,
Paid us this month not one dime,
Higher slow pay I’d be fearing,
With lame excuses I’d be hearing,
From you and them now that’s my fear,
So please come in and listen clear,
You have an option from my end,
If payment now this debtor send,
then ship to them I will again.

Twas a time with payments turning,
Orders too were then a-churning,
Happy was my job back then,
Wish do I those times again.

Of hearing me he gave no token,
Heard no words that I had spoken,
So answered him I did once more,
And just to get him out my door,
When will things be like before?
My answer friend is Nevermore.

Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM
Michael Dennis, MBA, CBF, LCM

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